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Pete Carroll

Friday, 10 January 2020 17:29

Arcanorium College - Department of Magic.

The Arcanorium College Department of Magic, Degree in Magic.

Few if any academic institutions in the known universe recognise the existence of Arcanorium College or the reality of Magic. The guardians of Arcanorium College wish to keep it that way. Arcanorium College forbids its Alumni from participating in academic parapsychology experiments. We have no wish to render ourselves open to persecution or to end up working behind barbed wire.


The transferrable skill of magic can lead to the achievement of any life objective. Merely dabbling with the paradigms and practices of magic will likely lead to both material and psychological failure.


We define magic as -

‘The Science and Art of Causing Change by the Exercise of Imagination.’


The Magical Exercise of Imagination requires a high level of dedication and discipline.


Arcanorium College levies no charges for tuition, but it will ruthlessly exclude those who make insufficient efforts.


The Arcanorium College Degree of Magic (BoM) course provides Alumni with the following opportunities:


a) To begin immediate work with practical magical techniques for the achievement of desired results, The College uses the Chaos Magic paradigm which considers the actual practical techniques of magic far more important than any specific cultural symbolism. The magician can adapt these techniques for use with any set of cultural beliefs and assumptions to taste.

b) To gain some familiarity with a variety of traditional and modern magical theories.

c) To gain experience in researching and writing about magical topics.

d) To make some original contributions to the study and practice of magic.

e) Perhaps to advance to a position within Arcanorium College. The Chancellor seeks project collaborators, apprentices, and eventually a replacement for himself.


The degree course will normally take at least several years to complete; Alumni may proceed at their own pace and take longer if required


Requirements for the award of a BoM Degree from Arcanorium College.

1) Applicants to become Alumni shall send an extensive letter of application to The Chancellor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for permission to begin formal study. If granted, an email dialogue will begin.

2) No person of Arcanorium College shall reveal the identity of any other member without their express written permission.

To qualify for a BM Degree from Arcanorium College, Alumni will need to satisfy the following requirements:

3) Work through the six modules of Practical Chaos Magic: - Enchantment, Divination, Theory, Evocation, Invocation, and Illumination, posting on progress and results as appropriate.

5) Create a dissertation on some aspect of the history or culture or current practise of magic.

(In place of the dissertation, another type of creative project may prove acceptable, at the discretion of the Awards Committee.)

Assessment and Certification

1) An Awards Committee shall consider each award application, recommending further work if necessary.

Module 1 - Enchantment

In Chaos Magic the word ‘Enchantment’ means making things happen by magic. It means getting what you want by casting spells or somehow making the world do what you want by magical means. In a chaotic and unpredictable world like this one, Enchantment usually proves a more useful skill than Divination. A willingness to persist with Enchantment defines a serious magician. It seems odd that so many people can believe in the possibility of Divination and clairvoyance but that, so few have the courage to attempt Enchantment, and to keep on going with it.

If only a fifth of your spells work you still have a real and useful power, but if only a fifth of your divinations work then you may incur a severe disability if you act on them.

In a chaotic universe the magician should ‘Enchant Long’ and ‘Divine Short’, in the first case to take advantage of randomness by nudging the hand of chance and in the second case to avoid getting lost in the astral forest of possible futures.

Enchantment usually takes longer than other forms of magic to produce results, so it appears first on the curriculum of this course. We will study some of the theory of enchantment and cast a wide variety of spells. We shall examine the theories of enchantment and hopefully before the end of the course some participants may have some positive practical results to discuss also. We should not of course ignore the negative results, because these can teach us something too.

Study the following items of text, and see what you can make of them:

(LN refers to Liber Null & Psychonaut; LK refers to Liber Kaos-The Psychonomicon, First Editions. LN and LK refer to Classic Editions.)

LN 20-23 Sigils. A versatile method of turning desires into spells. LN 12-14.

LN 31-35 Gnosis. A survey of methods for charging spells. LN 22-25.

LN 55-56 Enchantment. Some general points. LN 44-45.

LK 41-51 The Equations of Magic. The requirements of magic and its likely effects.            LK 35-42

LK 87-90 Sleight of Mind. Observations on technique. LK 71-73.

LK 107-140 Eight Magics. Some possible objectives for spellcasting. LK 87-114.

You may well detect changes of emphasis or even apparent contradictions between some of these texts. Enchantment remains a tricky and capricious art; it awaits refinement into a precise science, the magician needs to develop an intuitive feel for personal techniques.

When casting spells consider ’ensigillising’ for at least half a dozen separate desires. Having a whole bunch of sigils helps you forget what you made them for. (Keep a separate record concealed away for later). Try various forms of gnosis and concentration with them and wait and see what happens. Try for objectives that lie within credible bounds of probability. You can realize a good business deal far more easily than you can materialise gold bricks, for example. Do not forget to do everything possible on the material plane as well. If you enchant for seduction you will probably still need to make a move on the target.

Whilst working on this module prepare a magical Wand to draw sigils and symbols in the air, and hence in the mind’s eye. Small pocket wands have the advantage of portability. Larger wands can pass as walking sticks.

Module 2 - Divination

Of all the magical arts, Divination offers the most opportunities for really screwing things up. If an enchantment fails you can usually try again or try another approach, but poor divination may lead to bad decisions which you cannot easily undo. In the Chaoist view of reality, much of the future remains unfixed by the conditions of the present, we inhabit a universe with a lot of randomness in it, and the further ahead you look the more random it becomes. This offers great scope for enchantment, but it puts considerable limits on what you can do with divination. Thus, chaos magicians try to ‘enchant long and divine short’.

The magician should try to develop divination in two ways, firstly by trying to become more generally psychic and open to intuition, and secondly by mastering one or more methods of deliberate divination. The second will prove useless without the first. Anyone can shuffle the tarot cards or the I-Ching sticks and mechanically read off the result, but this yields useful results only occasionally and purely by coincidence, if they do not use any intuition or psychism.

On the other hand, sortilege procedures such as card shuffling or crystal ball gazing can prove very useful for stimulating the imagination, the lateral thinking ability, and Apophenia - the ability to perceive connections between phenomena that others don’t usually notice.

To develop intuition, Apophenia, and psychism most people will find the inhibitory forms of gnosis the most useful way of blanking the mind into a state where such intuitions and psychism can manifest. Those who would become psychic should also strive to pay more attention to their dreaming and record whatever they can on awakening. They should also strive for inner silence when doing ‘nothing in particular’, or when simply walking or listening to others speak. It becomes far easier to intuit if someone has lied if you listen to them without a head full of thoughts of your own.

Read the following texts and see what you can make of them: -

LN 14-15. Mind Control. Techniques for stilling the mind. LN 6-7.

LN 23. Dreaming. LN 15.

LN 52-54. Divination. Methods and techniques. LN 41-43.

LK 90-92. Sleight of Mind in Divination. Technique. LK 73-75.

Participants should experiment with two deliberate techniques of Divination, a sortilege method like Geomancy, Runestones, Tarot or I-Ching, and a hallucinatory method such as crystal gazing or scrying in a black mirror or a dark pool of liquid. In divination according to the Chaoist model, look for events which may have become secretly fixed already, rather than those which probably remain completely open to chance.

Whilst working on this module prepare a ‘Cup’. The magical instrument of The Cup need not necessarily resemble a drinking vessel, although chalice like objects can have uses in sacramental rituals. The magician’s ‘Cup’ could also take the form of any divinatory instrument.

Module 3 - Theory

Anyone who practices magic or believes in magic has a theory of magic, even if they don’t think that they have. Such theories may range from informal sets of assumptions to organized sets of ideas about spirits and other planes or levels of reality or even quantum physics. Some magicians proclaim a disinterest in theory and assert instead that they just believe in anything that works. I do not actually believe them, because I notice that they all have assumptions about the subject which define what they consider possible or impossible, or worth attempting or not worth attempting.

Thus, I have spent many years contemplating the assumptions and the theories of magic that have come and gone over the aeons, to see what sense I could make of them, and to see to what extent belief structures reality.

It has become a sort of axiom of Chaos Magic that ‘nothing has ultimate truth’ and ‘anything remains possible’, and Chaoists like to proclaim the meta-belief that ‘belief structures reality’.

However, some beliefs plainly work more effectively than others and you can rarely use two contradictory beliefs simultaneously without creating a third.

I have peppered Liber Null and Liber Kaos with ideas and assertions and beliefs about the theories and assumptions of magic. Some of these pieces have rational flavour and some appeal more to the romance of sorcery. Herewith follows a selection, read them and see what you think and feel about them. My ideas about magical theory have evolved considerably over the decades. I began with a rather loose set of assumptions which I have tried to refine ever since.

LN 28-30. LN 17-20. LN 97-98. LN 83-84. LN 191-200. LN 171-179.

LK 3-40. LK 3-42.

Consider also looking at the theoretical section of The Apophenion and The Octavo for more hardcore quantum-based models of magic.

For those who would like to try some practical paradigm shifting try Random Belief,

LN pages 72-75. You can try them in order, one per day, or get a six-sided dice.

Note that ‘the book of chaos in its entirety’ mentioned to in option 5, alludes to an as yet unfinished library by many authors.

Module 4 – Evocation

Whilst working on this module prepare a Grimoire. A small notebook may suffice, you can always transcribe what you have written into a vast leather-bound jewel encrusted tome later. Note in the Grimoire any magical ideas or principles which seem particularly significant or important. 

Evocation means interacting with ‘spirits’ or servitors to make them do things for you or to find out things for you. Most Chaoists wouldn’t buy a second-hand spirit from anyone else, (you never know where it’s been), and thus they usually prefer to make their own.

 Some magicians of a traditional persuasion still insist on looking up tables of spirits in ancient grimoires to find something suitable, and some will insist on trying to find a suitable one by some sort of clairvoyant process. However, in my experience, you usually get a better result if you can summon the beliefs to allow yourself to start afresh with a homemade one.

 This calls into question the whole nature of exactly what we mean by ‘spirits’ or servitors. The Chaos Magic description runs something like this; we all have a sub-conscious mind that does all sorts of complicated things for us more or less automatically. Thoughts and feelings have something of a mind of their own. Magic allows things in the mind to interact directly with the world. Thus, it does not matter if a spirit or servitor starts life inside your head, it can still interact with the outside world.

Thus, the chaos magician tries to bundle up a nexus of thoughts feelings and ideas in the personal subconscious, into something that will act automatically and with a certain degree of antonymous intelligence. By analogy with a computer, the magician writes a sub-program to execute certain wishes on command. To achieve maximum sleight of mind the magician will often command the servitor using the name or the visualized sigil given to it during its construction, or an abstract image or a physical representation of it. I have an elaborate physical analogue of an important servitor that I fashioned from half a pound of silver and semi-precious stones, another consists of a wooden carving that took me months of work and chanting, but some magicians simply use modelling clay.

 For a selection of ideas on Evocation, read the following extracts and see what you make of them: -

LN 36-40. Evocation. LN 26-30. LK 92-94. Sleight of Mind in Evocation. LK 75-76.
LK 163-164. Sorcery Evocation. LK 134. LK 168. Shamanic Evocation. LK 137.
LK 173-174. Ritual Evocation. LK 141.

The practical work of this module consists of the Evocation of a general-purpose Servitor. Use your imagination and intuition to adapt the ideas to your needs. You may need to re-access the childlike ability to anthropomorphize images and objects. Remember that evocation demands long term commitment, do not expect instant results.

 Please do not mess around with the material in medieval grimoires at this stage, all sorts of murk and horror has got mixed into these texts and it may contaminate your results.

 Whilst working with this module prepare a ‘Groundsleeve’ for the general-purpose servitor. Such instruments usually consist of a portable figurine of some sort of fantastic creature, executed in wood, metal, clay, or some sort of composite modelling material.

Module 5 - Invocation

 The Chaos Magic approach to invocation depends on the principle that we have, or can have, many different selfs, and that none has any more reality than any other. Given the appropriate preparation, anybody can change into someone capable of almost anything.

Most people’s preconceptions about who they really ‘are’ holds them back from accomplishing extraordinary things (and it also usually keeps them out of trouble).

Our identities arise largely as social constructs and we present slightly different identities, or sometimes very different identities, in different situations.

Chaos magic theory asserts that because we have seen other people behave in extraordinary ways and because we have imagination, that we all have the resources to do such things ourselves, if only we could let go of our preconceptions about ourselves, or at least make radical additions to them.

In its most extreme form, Chaoist theory asserts that we all have multiple personality (although few suffer from the selective amnesia that characterizes the clinical manifestation of this condition). The ancient Pagans felt quite at home with this experience and sensibly had whole pantheons of gods to explain their desires and impulses and abilities.

Invocation, in Chaos Magic, means summoning the mindset you need to do something that you would not otherwise feel capable of. Its mildest manifestation consists of a kind of ‘method acting’ in which the player pretends very hard to actually become the desired character. In deeper forms of Invocation the magician seeks complete abandonment of the ordinary self and full-blown possession by an alternative mindset. In either case the magician will usually either try for some form of results magic (enchantment or divination) or some kind of direct action in the world, pertinent to the abilities of the invoked form, whilst invoked. Afterwards the magician should complete a banishing of the invoked form. Here Chaos magic differs radically from religion and mysticism.

The magician treats alternative states of mind and self as tools, not as ends in themselves.

The magician practices Psychonautics and Neurotheology to manipulate belief, not merely to create belief and faith for its own sake.

Read the following texts and see what you can make of them:-

LN 41-44. LN 31-34. LN 66-67 (darkside approach). LN 56-57.
LK 75-79. LK 61-64. LK 94-97. LK 76-79.

Consider performing more than one type of Invocation in the same week. This decreases the chances of obsession. See LK 107-151 for some possible objectives. Above all, do not omit a proper banishing ritual afterwards. See LK181-185, the GPR, for an effective banishing.

The Esotericon and Portals of Chaos contains a substantial resource of god-forms for Invocation.

 Whilst working with this module prepare suitable paraphernalia for several Invocations. Masks, head-dresses, robes or special clothing, and instruments of office always help in invocation and the magician should learn how to improvise such things.

Module 6 - Illumination

If you want Illumination then turn more lights on, as some wit once quipped, but she did have a point, if you cannot define your terms then remain silent. Personally, I loathe the term ‘spirituality’ because anyone who utters it just means ‘behaving as I think people should behave’. People often confuse two separate things in Illumination; mystical experience and wisdom. If you want mystical experience try any of the techniques of gnosis or a good lungful of nitrous oxide or some of the newer neurotheology electromagnetic headsets or fall in love.

Wisdom however has a higher price, and nobody in these times of information overload can hope for the Renaissance ideal of knowing everything. Nevertheless, magic does offer a few sleight of mind tricks for making anyone outstandingly brilliant at something in particular. The first half of the trick consists of discovering or inventing the field in which you have the motivation and capacity for excellence. In traditional occult parlance this had the odd title of ‘finding your true will’ with the strange implications that it resided in the spirit realm as a sort of holy guardian angel and that no two true wills could find themselves in conflict, but that smells like a leftover idea from monotheism to me.

The second part of the trick consists of making it happen by enhancing the motivation and the capacity with suitable magic and ritual.

As Chaos magicians tend to classify all other operations to add extra motivations and abilities to their repertoire of selves as works of Invocation, they tend to reserve the term Illumination for works that expand and enhance their magical abilities and personalities.

The Chaos magician thus performs Illumination for enhanced wisdom, power, knowledge, motivation, and ability in the field of magic itself.

 Read the following texts and see what you can make of them:-

LN 49-51. LN 39-40. LN 66-67. (darkside interpretation). LN 56-57.
LN 164-167. LN 146-149. LK 97-99. LK 79-81.
LK 108-113. LK 87-92.

When conjuring for Illumination attempt to define exactly what form your self-improvement should take, or if it seems difficult to define, then try divining for it. Seek modest and necessary improvements rather than grandiose ones. Enchantments cast upon oneself may effect some useful changes, Invocations of Ouranian or Octarine god-forms may assist in the magical quest of The Great Work.

Whilst working on this module the magician should prepare the magical instrument of Illumination, variously called a ‘Lamp’ or a ‘Lamen’. This device represents the magician’s quest, what inspires the magician, and what the magician aspires to. It can take almost any form, a candle holder, a ring inscribed with something significant, an engraved or painted plaque or sigil, whatever has personal ‘sacred’ meaning for the magician.

But remember

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy,
No business plan survives contact with the market,
No political plan survives contact with the human condition,
No ‘true will’ survives contact with reality.

Thus, always remain prepared for an act of High Magic, the destruction or redesign of the Lamp or Lamen.

Applicants to the AC BoM should apply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Citation. 23/03/2021.

The Chancellor of Arcanorium College confers the degree of Bachelor of Magic upon Jacob Edward Sipes, BoM.

This represents the first degree awarded by Arcanorium College since its inception.

Many have started on this demanding course, but few have had the determination to persist with the exceptionally demanding work.

Jacob Edward Sipes has completed the Required Conjurations of Enchantment, Divination, Evocation, Invocation, and Illumination and submitted an eleven-thousand-word thesis on magic.

In his own words: -

"Hello I am Jacob Edward Sipes, also called Bredan. I am completing a PhD degree with Warwick University. My professional specialty is 'Philosophy of Mind.' 

I am also the man behind the metal music project Nadae. Nadae just released it's first EP named "The Hidden Hare." Check the album out on Spotify! 


Citation. 14/08/2023.

The Chancellor of Arcanorium College confers the degree of Bachelor of Magic upon Jozef Karika, BoM.

This represents the second degree awarded by Arcanorium College since its inception.

Many have started on this demanding course, but few have had the determination to persist with the exceptionally demanding work.

Jozef Karika has completed the Required Conjurations of Enchantment, Divination, Evocation, Invocation, and Illumination and submitted a fourteen-thousand-word thesis on magic.

In his own words: -

"I am a Central European author of twenty-two published books (fifteen fiction, seven non-fiction) of which 600k copies have been sold. Two of my novels have been adapted into movies so far. I have been applying Chaos magic techniques to enhance my creativity, intentions, and imagination since 2006 when I attended courses led by Peter Carroll at the Maybe Logic Academy and later at Arcanorium College. The opportunity to work directly with the Chancellor on the Bachelor's degree has been extremely stimulating for several domains of my life. A few years of this BoM adventure have been challenging, but certainly rewarding, thanks Chaos. I wonder how far we can proceed on the Way of the Wand."

Friday, 10 January 2020 17:26

Arcanorium College - Department of Science.

The Arcanorium College Department of Science, Research and Collaboration Facility.


‘Nobody understands Quantum Physics’, as Richard Feynman observed, and Conventional Cosmology has become riddled with path-dependent Phlogiston theories.


The Department invites Physicists who feel dissatisfied with the current situation to collaborate on alternative theories.


The Department offers complete discretion, you may communicate pseudonymously if you wish, to protect your academic tenure or reputation from the priesthood of the current scientific orthodoxy.


The Chancellor, as a private self-funded researcher, has nothing to lose, and has published numerous speculations upon Hypersphere Cosmology and Three-Dimensional Time.


To open up a confidential email exchange please present your interest and credentials and identity of convenience to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Tuesday, 17 December 2019 21:15

Type 1A supernovae and Hypersphere Cosmology

Lensing, Redshift and Distance for Type1A Supernovae.

All data input from Perlmutter et all,

The measured Apparent Magnitudes of type 1A Supernovae become converted into fluxes measured in Janskys and these fluxes become converted into Apparent Distances on the basis of the inverse square law taking the Absolute Magnitude of a type 1A supernova as -19.3 at 10 parsecs as the basis of calculation.

The Lensing Equation  then gives the Actual Distance for each supernova.

The Redshift-Distance Equation  then gives the Antipode distance of the Universe which comes out at ~13 billion light years with only minor divergences, in every case.

The physical principles underlying the Lensing Equation and the Redshift-Distance Equation lie here in sections 8 and 5 respectively.

This analysis suggests that the small positive spacetime curvature of a Hyperspherical Universe can account for the apparent discrepancies between observed redshifts and observed apparent magnitudes of type 1A, and the hypotheses of an expanding universe with an accelerating expansion driven by a mysterious ‘dark energy’ become unnecessary.

Friday, 13 December 2019 19:50



There seems much to celebrate this year: -

Esoteric Horticulture

Herewith for a Christmas card, a picture of The Three Witches of Chateaux Chaos.

These three Mandragora Autumnalis have taken seven years from seed to finally all flower at once for Solstice. They usually sprout around Samhain, last year the largest one produced a single flower for the Solstice season, this year they have produced more than twenty between them. They don’t seem to enjoy the British climate and would probably prefer their native Greece. Telepathic communication with them gradually develops, they request water and baby-bio when they want it. We don’t have many pollinating insects at this time of year, so I’ll do the sex for them with a tiny paintbrush. Hopefully by Beltane I’ll have seeds to distribute to my Druid friends.


Our eldest daughter up in the Highlands has this year produced a third grandchild for us, this time a boy. They plan to feed him oats and venison and have him learn Gallic; I hope he doesn’t end up voting SNP.


We have a splendid and epochal General Election Result, the British always do the right thing and vote Conservative in a crisis. Now we can finally extricate our country from the ghastly undemocratic synarchy of the EU political project.

Well done Boris you loveable old rogue. Well done Jeremy Corbyn, the finest leader of the opposition the Conservatives could hope for, it just seems a pity you probably won’t lead the opposition to the next heroic defeat of the lunatic left. Well done Jo Swinson for exposing the illiberal dimocrats as hectoring busybodies and splitting the traitors vote. Above all thanks to Nigel Farage who made independence possible and did the right thing in the final battle. We should elevate him to the highest echelons of the peerage, for no man hath done more for his country, perhaps Marquis or even Duke of Dover?

Null points for Nicola the Loch Ness Sturgeon, you can still play the Oppressed Scot card to screw more subsidy from Westminster, but you no longer face the terrifying prospect of another Indyref which you would loose because the Scots would now face a choice between a UK that gives them a big say and a big subsidy and an EU which would offer them neither.

When I first joined the fight under the UKIP flag many years ago this outcome seemed a very remote possibility, but somehow the British have finally managed it, conquered their fears and thrown off the shackles. I hope it will prove an example to other nations who will follow and that the EU will eventually revert to a simple group of freely trading friends as originally advertised. We taught the modern world democracy, and now we have shown how to maintain it.

Alternative Physics

This summer’s breakthrough in Hypersphere Cosmology leaves only dark matter to eliminate. The newly discovered mechanisms and equations of the Distance-Redshift relationship and Hyperspherical Lensing have eliminated the expansion hypothesis and dark energy entirely. The Big Bang hypothesis itself will not last much longer.

See and look at how much attention its getting.

Work on the hypothesis of Three Dimensional Time has taken second place to HC for a while but evidence seems to pile up in support of one of its main predictions, the existence of a Duon Boson: -

PREDICTION: - This model describes the photon as consisting of a particle that carries a superposition of plus and minus one units of electric charge spin, and the Z boson as a particle that carries a superposition of plus and minus three units of electric charge spin. A third boson of this type should exist which carries a superposition of plus and minus two units of electric charge spin. This boson may have already appeared in the anomalous decay of Beryllium 8, and it seems to have a mass-energy of about 17MeV.”

Try googling ‘X17 Boson’ and see all the excitement.

This strengthens my conviction that the Higg’s Boson does not actually exist, the Higg’s mechanism does not apply, and the miniscule 125GeV blip on the graphs from CERN probably merely consists of a fleeting ZZ diboson.


The Arcanorium College website will close at the end of January 2020. For more than a decade it has provided a fertile and productive forum for the exchange of magical ideas. However, it has fallen prey to the vices of the internet, zero length attention spans and a relentless demand for novelty for which it does not cater. Plus, Chaos Magic seems to have become a victim of its own success, it has become the prime esoteric paradigm of western magical thought and you can find hundreds of books and websites about it.

Don’t forget to treat the Wizard in your life to a copy of The Esotericon and Portals of Chaos, for this festive season or the dark nights ahead.

Have a good one. Pete.

Breaking News! A visiting friendly giant with mathematical skills just put all the type 1A supernovae data through a massive calculation for me and herewith the result: -

It works for  ALL data points. Appropriately enough the giant himself comes from the Antipodes (Australia).


Thursday, 07 November 2019 13:43

Nov Blog

Election Address.

The address for the 12th December UK General Election follows near the end of this blogpost.

In the meantime, herewith a couple of  more important matters of Cosmic and Global Significance: -

Progress continues with the quest to replace the current apocalyptic scientific creation myth with a more realistic and more philosophically satisfying model. 

The Hyperspherical Lensing Equation

Derives from a Stereoscopic Projection of the 3D surface of a Glome into Euclidian 3D space.

When multiplied by the Actual Distance to a far distant luminous body it gives its Apparent Distance as measured by its flux. Perlmutter’s paper confirms this up to Z = 1. The equation predicts that as redshift Z rises towards infinity at antipode then so will the apparent distance as the flux decreases towards zero and the absolute magnitude climbs towards infinity.

New. When multiplied by the Actual Diameter of a far distant luminous body it gives its Apparent Angular Diameter. Conventional Expanding Acceleration theory predicts a minimum apparent angular diameter at Z = 1.25 and then an increase, in some cases a continual increase in others to a maximum followed by a decrease. The equation predicts a minimum at Z = 1 and then a continual increase climbing towards infinity as Z climbs towards infinity at antipode. Observations currently seem scant and technically difficult. Hopefully confirmation will emerge eventually.

Both calculations depend on using the Redshift-Distance Equation

A combination of the Redshift-Distance Equation with the Hyperspherical Lensing Equation applied to find Actual Distance d as a fraction of Antipode Distance for any distant luminous object yields a constant antipode distance L of almost exactly 13 BLY. Hypersphere Cosmology looks increasingly likely to replace the Big-Bang theory.

Just published 2019-11-4: the universe is closed.

"Planck evidence for a closed Universe and a possible crisis for cosmology"


A miraculous cure for Climate Change, and the salvation of civilisation?

I have often wondered why we haven’t thrown much more effort into developing an ‘Artificial Photosynthesis’ that could sequester CO2 from the atmosphere and produce fuel, particularly ethanol which could replace most liquid fossil fuels very easily. Now it looks like a team has done it, and with catalysts that work even in dull sunlight.

Election Address.

We seem to approach the decisive battle of the Brexit war.

For the better part of a decade I have participated in the struggle for Britain to regain its Independence, and to regain control of its legal system and its borders, and its overseas trade arrangements.

I have also persistently maintained the hope that the Political Project of the EU would collapse through the eventual revolt of the nations ensnared within it.

For centuries Britain has resisted the attempts by the Papacy, the Hapsburgs, the Bourbons, Napoleon, the Hohenzollerns, and most recently Hitler, to impose hegemony on the continent of Europe.

Since WW2 a cabal of politicians and businesspeople has conspired to build a European Super-state based on French inspired ideas about political Synarchy and German ideas about social discipline and financial-industrial might. Democracy has of course become side-lined within this structure. It has only a sham-parliament that cannot initiate legislation, or raise or spend taxes, nor does it have much oversight or scrutiny over the EU’s unelected shadowy executive branches and their vast bureaucracies. Big business revels in the EU because it co-opts big business to define a regulatory culture which favours big business. The political classes revel in the EU because it provides a gravy train from which they never face democratic deselection.

Only Germany has profited from this enterprise. The other nations of Europe would have done better staying out, but they now feel trapped financially.

The desperate argument that - “at least the European Union has prevented its member states from going to war with each other as they did so frequently in the past” - appears completely vacuous today. No two Democracies have ever declared war on each other, and besides, modern military technology would make it economically unviable. The nations of Europe no longer go to war with each other because they have become democracies and no possible profit lies in it. Yet the EU becomes increasingly dismissive of democracy within itself.

The argument that the nations of Europe must become a single political entity to stand up to the military or economic might of other super-powers sounds superficially convincing. However offensive military might has become increasingly impotent and useless for technical reasons and small wealthy nations can now easily render invasions catastrophic for any aggressor. Small nations tend to become wealthier than large ones. Only one large nation on earth has a high per capita income, whilst many smaller nations do.

The various arguments that the EU forces certain standards of environmentalism and social policy upon us which we would otherwise lack seem doubly disingenuous. Why should we pay the EU for the non-privilege of outsourcing our own democratic decisions on such matters?

Globalisation has not favoured the UK. Manufacturing has become outsourced and capital has become invested offshore rather than in British enterprises. Immigration and multiculturalism have driven down wages and eroded social cohesion. A large proportion of the UK population now subsists hopelessly in a low wage service economy. Continued membership of the EU will soon result in the erosion of the UK as a major financial centre.

Only by freeing itself from the EU can the UK devise its own responses to globalisation.

Thus, I urge my UK readers to vote for whatever will Get Brexit Done.

If Brexit fails, Britain will end up ruled from Berlin via Brussels.

The real negotiations over trade with the EU will take place only after we have left. Any deals made before leaving can only hamstring the UK’s negotiating position.

Voting for UKIP or the Brexit Party now becomes probably unnecessary. They have done their job well, but few voters want Nigel Farage in Westminster, although he deserves a Peerage for his Services to the Realm.

The Remain inspired vote seems split between the ambiguous policy of the Labour party and the unambiguous policy of the Liberal Democrats, whilst a terror of Corbynist-Trotskyite-Marxism chills most voters.

Let us hope that the Brexit party and the leftover rabble in UKIP do not split the Leave inspired vote.

And lastly; Drugs & Magic.

Crowley defined Magick as "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will”.

Dion Fortune defined Magic as “the art of causing changes to take place in consciousness in accordance with will”.

After a long career I edge towards defining Magic as “the art and science of causing change to occur in consciousness and in reality, by the exercise of imagination”

(I do a lot of results magic, I didn’t get born rich, and I think Will only arises from sustained imagination.) 

So, what point lies in using drugs in magic one may ask? Crowley used rather a lot; Fortune appears never to have bothered. I tried them but eventually dismissed them as a waste of time.

Yet if you look at The Blog of Baphomet and the stuff coming out of various ‘Psychedelic Institutes’, you might get the impression that hallucinogens and euphoria inducing substances hold the key to mystical enlightenment, magical powers, and mental health.

The ancient Greeks thought that when they first discovered how to make wine. It remains as false now as it did then.

Hallucinogens, disinhibitory substances, and euphoriants send the imagination into overdrive.

This state of overdrive might feel ‘magical’ but it proves illusory and transient and it fails to compare to what a carefully trained imagination can achieve.

Rarely does this overdrive create anything useful, more commonly it just leads to obsessive fixation on whatever drifts into attention, addled by a general loss of control of attention.

Thus, drugs prove utterly useless and counterproductive for any kind of active intent-based results magic, and in divination they tend to yield extravagant nonsense by the bucketload, unfiltered by critical thought.

Do drugs provide inspiration? Well perhaps they can stir up the otherwise unimaginative, but very few of humanities masterpieces seem to have arisen from their use. (I discount mad religions from the list of human masterpieces.)

Can drugs offer Enlightenment? I have to laugh here. I know a number of people who have taken hundreds of doses of psychoactive substances and they all have exactly the same human failings they started with, plus in most cases, additional problems and delusions.

Any new psychoactive drug that a culture discovers seems to go through three phases:

At first it seems amazing and mind opening to an elite few.

Then it becomes passé as many become familiar with it out of curiosity.

Thirdly it becomes widely abused, and by some strange sort of morphic field mechanism it no longer seems amazing and mind opening to anyone, and it just does damage.

Thus, such substances should remain firmly illegal. The elite will always manage to obtain them whilst they remain interesting.

You cannot solve Spiritual, Psychiatric, or Psychological problems with drugs (or scalpels). 

Massive Upgrade to Hypersphere Cosmology

Wednesday, 23 October 2019 19:56

Samhain Blog

Arte & Magic

Herewith a Wendfire Chalice for inauguration at Samhain.

At the Midsummer Solstice make a Wendfire of nine woods well dried, Silver Birch, Yew, Oak, Wild Cherry, Ash, Apple, Hawthorn, Hazel, and Holly. Finely sieve the resulting ash.

By the mixing of four parts of a bracken and sheepswool compost, and four parts of Portland Cement, with one part of Wendfire Ash and a modicum of water, make a pliable clay like material.

Fashion this clay by thine own hand into a Chalice. Do this by degrees, for the wet material will not support much weight till it hath hardened for several nights.

Build the base over the stub of a candle, and at the end excavate it. The Chalice then inverted may serve as a Candlestick also.


The previous two blogs, Augblog and Augblog2 between them kill off both the expansion hypothesis and the accelerating expansion hypothesis of the current scientific creation myth.

This universe does not suffer from a recession velocity or from an infestation of dark energy.

Instead the glorious vision of a Hypersphere arises from the ashes of the phlogiston-riddled corpse of the Lambda-CDM Big Bang theory.

We present a brief poem to mark the passing of a paradigm.

Magic & Mind

Chaos Magic initiated a revolution and a complete paradigm shift in esoteric thought when it abandoned the Platonism and Neo-Platonism that had underlain most magical thinking for the last two millennia. Put simply, Phenomena do not have Essences, we merely imagine that they do as a sort of mental shortcut, but it rapidly leads to nonsense. Phenomena have associated quantum wavefunctions and these can better explain occult and parapsychological effects.

Yet Chaos Magic retained much of the old psychological lore which found its way in various forms into twentieth century psychology. Thus, the ideas of ‘self’ or ‘selves’, the subconscious or unconscious mind(s), mental archetypes, and even the archetypes of the collective unconsciousness became retained, along with the general model of the mind having ‘strange depths’.

Now along comes this extraordinary and perhaps revolutionary book

I challenge anyone interested in Magical Thinking and Esoteric theory to read it and if they find it persuasive, to try using its ideas as experimental beliefs. I suspect that the ideas in it may further the revolution that Chaos Magic initiated.

According to the book, our awesome (and usually unacknowledged) powers of Imagination arise from the very shallowness of our minds, not from the imaginary ‘depths’ of our minds.

We Imagine rather than Perceive most of what we call reality.

We do not have a subconscious at all, the entire mind remains ‘subconscious’ and available to an alarmingly miniscule focus of attention.

Memory works entirely on the neural connections that our imaginations have formed between our imagined experiences.

Now the Chaoist insight that the mind tends to provide some confirmation for any map we project onto it should perhaps suggest caution here, yet this book makes strong case that the topology of the mind does not resemble an iceberg with the conscious tip poking out of the water and the rest submerged, but rather it functions like a vast labyrinth of interconnected tunnels that reconfigures itself as a tiny spark of awareness runs around it.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019 11:37


The above provides the Geometry and Physical Principle for the Algebraic formulation of Hyperspherical Lensing shown in the previous Augblog.

Hypersphere Cosmology seems to evolve towards the exact inverse of the LCDM- BB theory, both seem to fit most of the major observations but in radically different ways. In HC the universe does not expand, rather it explains redshift and brightness decease in terms of a small positive curvature which leads to time dilation and hence a redshift dependant on distance and a lensing effect which dims distant light sources instead of an accelerating expansion driven by dark energy as in LCDM.

In HC the small positive spacetime curvature appears as an acceleration which accounts for the anomalous galactic rotation curves without recourse to dark energy.

HC predicts an antipode which will appear as apparently redshifted and dimmed to unobservability. This contrasts with LCDM which predicts an initial BB singularity of apparently unlimited brightness.

Observations alone may prove insufficient to distinguish between the two models as they both account for the same phenomena, albeit in radically different ways. However, the HC model does contain less Phlogiston, instead of singularity, dark energy and dark matter it has the mechanism of positive spacetime curvature.

The evidence concerning cosmic evolution remains debatable, some of it seems to fit with LCDM-BB, some does not. In particular we seem to observe structures that look far too huge and developed at vast distances for them to have evolved in the early history of expansion. HC asserts that the universe will look broadly homogenous and isotropic at all points in space and time.  



Thursday, 01 August 2019 09:47


I think we did it. This explains Perlmutter's results without recourse to the hypothesis of Dark Energy. It also gives the correct distances for redshift and it gives the antipode distance.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019 19:34




Io Bojo! Boris Johnston becomes our new leader, in our darkest hour for some time.

If we fail to separate this Nation from the EU decisively and soon, we shall become assimilated into the undemocratic bureaucratic EU synarchy forever.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man?

Let us hope so, Boris has studied Churchill and written a book about him.

Boris will need to make some bold strokes fast. A deal with Nigel Farage and a general election in which the conservative constituency parties have deselected all the remain traitors could just alter the parliamentary arithmetic in time for a clean break with the ghastly political project of the EU by Halloween.

Boris, Trump, and Brexit all form part of the great culture war which rages partly in response to globalisation.

For the last few decades the political consensus of the west has moved increasingly towards cultural leftism and economic rightism. Hyper-liberal political correctness and economic inequality have grown to offensive levels and the peasants have started to revolt.

The fightback to a rather more cultural rightness and a rather more economic leftness has begun. It won’t go as far as full National Socialism unless it becomes thwarted.

Your average Revolting Peasant in the west wants less multiculturism and more effort expended on its own culture. It doesn’t want LGBT behaviour actively promoted as normal and acceptable to its schoolchildren. It doesn’t want the absurdities of political correctness enforced by law and punishment.

Your average Revolting Peasant in the west doesn’t want the deregulated capitalism that outsources its manufacturing to the lowest bidder, migrant or third world, and then offers downmarket service work instead of proper employment.

Your average Revolting Peasant would prefer to celebrate the history of the Nation rather than have liberal cultural lefties continually try to find the worst in it to recruit supporters through a sense of fake victimhood.

The UK Labour and Illiberal Dimocrat parties seem dominated by a clique of cultural ultra-leftists. The UK Conservative party still nurses too many vested interests in deregulated capitalism.

At the Brexit vote more than half the electorate basically said this country has become fairly shite and we don’t like the way it’s going.

With Brexit we can Make Britain Pretty Good Again.


Physics. Corrections and updates to Hypersphere Cosmology: -

GM/L2  = c2/2L = A/2. v2 = 2dA/2 = dA. In the Pioneer Anomaly, measured decelleration = A/2.

p - photon momentum.

HC now becomes fully compatible with both SR and GR. The effects of Acceleration and Gravity become exactly Equivalent.



Retirement from trading has brought me time and leisure, so I thought to fashion the ultimate swiss-army multitool of a magical instrument:

Herewith the Mk127 Purba. Pearwood grown in my own gardens (sadly the wind took the tree over a while ago). Sigils of the Elder Gods on one end, Sigils of the Eight Colours of Magic in the middle, Sigils of the conjurations of Enchantment, Divination, Evocation, and Invocation on the other, Chaos Star to follow.

Monday, 24 June 2019 22:45


Some recent correspondences seem to have led to some thoughts perhaps worth noting for posterity in an extended ramble: -

Hippy or Punk?

I spent my formative years on the late hippy scene, 1974-1980. Subcultural trends in the UK tended to run on social class, the hippies mostly came from the upper middle and middle classes (I came from the upper working class but going to university promoted me to lower middle class). Hippy-ism had a strong mystical component and a relaxed attitude to material success because the economy had plenty of slack in it at the time. The Punk movement came later, mostly from the upper working class and the middle working class, and it seemed angrier and more violent, partly because of social and political conditions at the time, views had become polarised and economic life had become more competitive. Thank Margaret Thatcher.

The antinomianism of Chaos Magic did attract a fair bit of interest from the Punk generation, though - they liked its rebelliousness. 

Looking back, I now realise that the part of traditional occultism I rejected in forging Chaos Magic comes down to one main thing - Neoplatonism, and I rejected that because of my scientific education. I don't find the theory of earth, air, fire, and water useful, and I don't believe that gods and entities exist independently of the human mind, however I do believe in the psychological and parapsychological power of intent and imagination. Thus, we can make gods and demons to assist and serve us. I attempted to supplant the Neoplatonic-Pagan-Monotheism which had underpinned occult thinking for two millennia with a Quantum-Neo-Paganism.  

Chaos magic also developed by defining itself as against Crowley and Thelema. We can do better I proclaimed, (but few of them did). 

I would agree with the observation, that you need to keep your feet on the ground with a well-crafted Solar persona whilst pursuing the Ouranian quest. I never gave up on the day career and 'normal' life; or on the weird quest either. I think that benefited both.

Conservative or Radical?

The enlightenment and radicalism of the age become the oppression and conservatism of the next age.

Now history happens so fast, and people live so long, that this can happen twice in a single lifetime.

(Social liberalism and political correctness went toxic and authoritarian in my own lifetime, vociferous minorities now seem to set the culture war agenda.)

They used to say that human progress happens one funeral at a time.

Today your ideas can die before you do.

Consequently, I have given up following fashions in ideas and in science, art, and morality.

Does that make me a conservative or a radical?

‘Orthodox Chaoism’ now dominates all magical thinking in the westernised world, its influence seems pervasive, the remaining pockets of Neoplatonism seem untenable. I don’t deserve all the credit for this, I saw the way the wind blew and simply hoisted more sail and puffed into it. I don’t feel the need to promote or defend Chaos Magic further although I use it constantly. According to Aeonic Theory it will remain the prime esoteric paradigm until something of a yet barely imagined transcendentalist way of thinking supersedes it. (Some form of mystical ecology might do just that.)

For the remaining part of this incarnation I have two esoteric quests, to replace the conventional cosmological model of a big-bang origin for this universe with something more credible that better fits the unadulterated observational data (like Hypersphere Cosmology, in progress), and also to make some sense of the quantum and particle domain underlying reality, using perhaps 3D time (progress slow, I may not live long enough to finish this).

I find the apocalypticism of the current scientific creation myth as metaphysically unsatisfactory as the apparent lack of an underlying reality in the quantum domain. 

I seem to have become an esoteric conservative and a scientific radical, with leanings towards social conservatism as I observe the increasing social decay in my environment. Whilst the upper echelons and intelligentsia of western societies could usually cope with some indulgences in recreational sex and drugs, the effect on the lower orders and the ignorati appears increasingly catastrophic.

Racist or Culturalist?                            

Humans tend to adopt the culture that nurtures them because our high intelligence also brings with it a hyper-suggestibility. We tend to end up believing what we do rather than doing what we believe. Politicians and priests have always known this, make people do something or make people use some form of thought-speak and their beliefs will follow sheepishly behind.

Personally, I do make value judgements about cultures; some religions and polities do seem to spawn quite ghastly, ignorant, and inhuman behaviour, irrespective of the ethnicities involved.

So does the following assertion count as racist or culturalist?

Yes, I have encountered many people who find working for German bosses odious - one of the reasons I think we should exit the EU before we all end up working for them!

Alternative Physics.

The further we investigate the recent history of cosmology the more apparent it becomes that the baroque mess of the currently dominant Lambda-CDM model has its roots in assumptions made back around AD 1930. Today it has become difficult to even find observational data that hasn’t undergone deformation by the expansion hypothesis before presentation.

A extract of Hypersphere Cosmology in progress follows, Section 9 which shows an upgrade to the hyperspherical lensing which eliminates dark energy (Lambda).



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