Background   About   Cosmology


This exhibition of paintings relates to a Cosmological theme I have been working of for many years.

Using traditional painting materials to explore the cosmos.  I am fascinated by what other worlds might look like and how to record them with paint.

Light, space, time, colour and the unseen are almost impossible to express within the limits of pigments but this has not deterred exploration. The results are symbolic of a striving humanity.

Being interested in representing other worlds and phenomena in pictorial terms.  Each painting is a record of an interaction between pigment and time.

Scientists are engaged in the search and understanding of antimatter. This idea has fascinated me and is represented by works such as, “Antimatter” and “Antimatter Diptych”.

Other works such as “Cosmic energy” attempt to record an infinite source of energy. The crosses serve as a measuring device that has also been employed in other works.

These are fragments and mementos of a journey upon which I have found myself travelling, much of which is beyond and incomprehensible.


Martin Hewer 2014


 Selected Works