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Monday, 28 July 2014 15:04


Welcome to the upgraded Specularium website, Anti-Social Media at its best, you cannot post replies here but you can email and initiate a discussion of serious ideas.

Those wishing to initiate serious discussions about esoterics and science, art, magic, politics, and religion in general may care to participate in Arcanorium College. Debate here proceeds according to the highest standards of civility and intellectual discourse, to maintain this we levy a minor subscription which frees us from spam, incivility, and nutters, yet we do allow a probationary free membership for a couple of weeks.

I haven’t the time for internet social media. I prefer the more measured and thoughtful interaction that Arcanorium College offers.


This Specularium site has 3 major sections and a blog. Many have wondered why a wizard chooses to devote so much effort to scientific speculations, a recent item in a debate on the Blog of Baphomet clarifies this issue: -

‘Wizards of old had to have a detailed working knowledge of religion, for religion formed the cultural and intellectual backdrop to their times and they would have fallen foul of it, or appeared stupid, without such knowledge. Today’s wizards need to familiarise themselves with science for exactly the same reasons.’

Plus any sort of esoteric or magical hypothesis implies some sort of Rebel Physics, some sort of extra component to reality that requires explication or refutation, and which may lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the profoundly peculiar reality in which we find ourselves incarnate. When you look at the sharp end of physics in the quantum and cosmological domains the standard conventional models look full of holes and contradictions and unresolved questions, leaving many metaphysical assumptions open to potentially fascinating debate. The Path of Knowledge needs to encompass all that we can know, including the contra-intuitive and the peculiar and the esoteric. Much of what now passes for science previously lay in the domain of wizard’s speculations. Let the titanic struggle continue!

Anyway, on a more mundane note, a few observations about Book Zero.

My contacts inform me that Ray Sherwin recently sold a handwritten manuscript of Psychonaut to an unnamed American collector for an undisclosed sum. Plus Ray, with whom I exchange approximately biennial emails, informs me that he has recently retired to the sun with a nice little villa in Fuerteventura.

Methinks these events may have a connection, if so, well done Ray, enjoy the proceeds. The manuscript in question had long ago faded from my attention. The natural products business idea I borrowed from you has made me millions, even though you in your inimitably laid back style didn’t go all the way with it yourself.

I do however wonder exactly which manuscript this concerns. Before departing for a couple of years in India and Australia I left a first Liber Null manuscript with the Morton wizard and eventually received a single copy of Liber Null with a White Cover whilst in Australia. This proved invaluable in setting up the Church of Chaos down under for the duration of my stay, the eight of us did tremendous work in the basement of the self-styled Lord Vegtam’s apartments. Ian Johnstone, do you still live?

On the way back I rewrote Liber Null in the foothills of the Himalayas and this manuscript became the basis of the Red Cover version of Liber Null which Ray and I made about 400 copies of and sold mainly to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Leeds during my 2 years in Yorkshire at Ray’s village in East Morton. We collated and glued the books together in Ray’s kitchen. This red version became the text adopted by Weisers and eventually rolled into a single book along with Psychonaut which I wrote on my return to the UK. I had thought that I'd given the Psychonaut manuscript to The Sorcerer's Apprentice for their initial Brown Covered A4 edition.


Ray always seemed vague and evasive about just how many White Cover Liber Null’s he made. The one I had eventually got lost or given away sometime after I moved to Bristol. I never saw another, rumour has it that only either 2 or 5 got made.  So this little tome, whimsically titled Book Zero, that sunk a hundred paradigms and launched a hundred more, actually came out in a sort of ‘zero’ edition limited to perhaps 2 or 5 copies. Does anyone know what became of them? 

Anyway in the longer term, having recently acquired sachet making machinery, in a few decades my executors will market my ashes, attractively packaged in 10g sachets, partly for the pleasure of esotericists of an essentialist persuasion, partly for use in occult art and science, and partly to offset the rapacious death duties on my estate. Prices on application, (probably in Chinese Yuan/Renminbi) when the time comes.

Supplemental : A correspondent just sent me a pic of a White Cover Liber Null. It bears the number 50 of 100 and contains what looks like a brief message from the author and a signatorial squiggle, neither from me methinks. What did the mouse do when the cat went off to the Himalayas?

Monday, 02 June 2014 13:59


Eurosceptic parties of the left and of the right have made a good showing at the elections for the sham ‘EU Parliament’, and UKIP have done exceptionally well in the UK. The response from the unelected EU commission and the Germans appears to consist of: - ‘we will make a pretence of listening to the protest but we will basically ignore it and hope that it will go away when the economy improves’. The ‘ever closer union’ faction of the euro political class remains in power but the tide has started to turn.

The EU economy seems unlikely to ever improve now because energy and raw materials become ever more scarce and expensive, and dynamic emerging economies with cheap labour look set to dominate future markets. An over regulated synarchist managed, undemocratic and creatively inhibited europe hamstrung by political correctness and gigantic social security bills seems set for decline. The EU will reap a hurricane of revolt next time if it continues to ignore calls for a complete rethink of its function or for its dissolution. UKIP has done the British a huge favour by providing a Eurosceptic alternative to the BNP, the French eurosceptics had little alternative but to vote for the National Front.

UKIP’s triumph seems a fitting kick in the teeth for the Guardian reading classes and the illiberal dimocrats. The party of little more than ‘neither of the above’ has become trounced by a party with serious alternatives. (It just seems a pity to me that UKIP’s environmental policies seem very poorly scientifically informed.)

The widespread attempt to accuse UKIP of racism has backfired spectacularly. Whilst the party (like any other) probably does include some individuals with such opinions, its general stance appears Culturalist rather than racist. Most Brits don’t feel too bothered about skin colour but they do object to militant multiculturalism and believe that some cultures have stupid and ineffectual ideas and inhumane value systems.

Since the sixteenth century the foreign policy of the British has centred upon denying anyone hegemony in Europe. Thus they fought the Spanish, the French, and the Germans for centuries and then opposed the Russians throughout the cold war simply to prevent anyone dominating continental Europe. The strength of Europe lies in its diversity and the ability of its various separate nations to try experiments with different approaches. Britain reinvented democracy and taught it to the world, now it must struggle again to prevent Europe descending into an undemocratic Soviet or modern Chinese style hegemony led by an unelected and unaccountable synarchy of the  political classes hiding behind a vast faceless bureaucracy.

I do hope the Scots see sense before their independence referendum. If they want more independence then trying to throw their lot in with the EU will have exactly the opposite effect. They would do better to negotiate more independence for themselves within a UK free of the EU. Tartan romanticism would eventually become heavily regulated by the EU you know, expect 5,000 pages on the health and safety and political correctness of kilts and sporrans and bagpipes, and you can forget about those sock dirks.

The Epoch seems to have received rapturous reviews from everyone who has read it


The basic Platonic-Pagan-Monotheist paradigm which has dominated esoterics since the first centuries of the first millennium until quite recent times has finally met its fully formed nemesis and replacement in the Quantum-Neo-Pagan paradigm. The new map of esoteric reality looks disturbing and challenging………. and strangely beautiful.


Sunday, 18 May 2014 13:59



Ah, Beltane has passed, the sun shines, ten thousand toadpoles graze the pond at Chateaux Chaos once again, and the gardens sprout their glories. The mandrakes however have gone to sleep again, methinks I must have the autumnalis variety.

EPOCH, The Esotericon and Portals of Chaos has received a rapturous reception, we have dispatched them to every continent except Antarctica, and the Americans have ordered them by the hundreds, have a look at the reviews and customer comments: -

This Thursday we have the elections to the sham European parliament. I’d recommend voting UKIP in the UK, or for similar alternatives in other parts. Don’t worry, the UKIP nutters will never come to power in Britain, but one may as well exploit the opportunity to protest at our continued membership of a grossly undemocratic, unelected, unaccountable, corrupt, and incompetent European Union, if only to encourage an eventual referendum about leaving it.

Matt Kaybryn and I will deliver a talk on EPOCH in Bristol on June 11th, in support of Sef Salem’s Visible College. (Flushed with the success of his Glastonbury Occult Conference he has decided to have a go at more widespread conference organising, and despite our err, ‘metaphysical differences’ we shall make the ecumenical effort.)

For details see here: -

For details of our metaphysical differences see this ongoing debate: -

Thursday, 24 April 2014 13:59


The Esotericon and Portals of Chaos has landed!

Delays at the printers held things up for a while but they have done a splendid job in the end and made a magnificent collectable impression of this bold and disturbing full colour hardbound masterpiece and its fifty five accompanying cards of the Portals Deck by Peter J Carroll & Matt Kaybryn.

We have just arranged for Weisers Antiquarian to distribute in the USA, they should have copies by end of next week, this should make them available without a lot of the horrendous transatlantic carriage fee. (The book and cards weigh 2kg with packaging!)

Friday, 28 March 2014 13:58

EPOCH Launch

UPDATE 24th April 2014.The Esotericon and Portals of Chaos has landed!

The Glastonbury Occult Conference & Epoch Book Launch provided an interesting challenge as I had a mind-numbing head cold,……. and no book.

The printers have delayed things yet again because of a backlog and queue of other peoples screwed up and amended publications, however they now promise us delivery of books and cards by 10th April so we should start dispatching them from my depot on about the 14th April to bookshops and individuals.

See for details as they emerge.

Nevertheless the artwork that Matt brought along in both graphic and electronic display form drew gasps of admiration, an auction of a couple of prints from the Portals raised a splendid sum for charity, and the bound proofs of the book at least provided something for readers to thumb through, plus Prof. Ronald Hutton gave a splendid introduction to the work before I delivered my own snot-dribbling ramble about it.

Other highlights of the weekend included meeting the new style OTO at Glastonbury, now projecting a sort of Scientological glamour of suits and haircuts, tight and faultless organisation and fresh Thelemic fervour. A friendly debate entitled ‘Thelema & Chaos’ between myself and Sef Salem will commence on the Blog of Baphomet in a couple of weeks.

No visit to Glastonbury would seem complete without a night spent at The Covenstead B&B, a veritable museum of rare, exotic, and downright strange esoteric artefacts from many traditions and cultures, particularly witchcraft. Followed by breakfast in its Illuminati style dining room served by the host, the extraordinary Adele.

And just in case the recent minor flurry of excitement about cosmic inflation has got anyone worried I append this.

The recent announcement of the detection of anisotropies in the polarisation of the cosmic microwave background radiation by the BICEP 2 group hardly merits all the hyperbole that it confirms the principle of cosmic inflation which exists only as a phlogiston-like repair patch on the questionable 'Big-Bang' theory, and that somebody deserves a Nobel for it.

Along with an inflaton field, the BB theory also requires dark matter and dark energy to keep it afloat and we seem to have no credible mechanism or other observational evidence for these seemingly imaginary phenomena.

The anisotropies in the CMBR seem equally consistent with the hypothesis that the CMBR consists of trans-antipodal starlight that has become redshifted by the small positive curvature of a hyperspherical universe finite and unbounded in both space and time, and that the anisotropies do not represent the 'seeds' of galaxies yet to form after a big bang, but rather that they represent the heavily redshifted traces of galaxies that already existed to emit what we now observe as the CMBR.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014 13:58


UPDATE 24th April 2014.The Esotericon and Portals of Chaos has landed!

Herewith a bit more detail on its contents: -

The Esotericon & Portals of Chaos. By Peter Carroll and Matt Kaybryn.

This superbly produced large hardbound book, 212 pages, 240mm x 270mm contains extensive text by Peter J Carroll and over 50 large full colour illustrations from Matt Kaybryn. Carroll’s text begins with a historical resume of magical and esoteric thought, where it came from and where it may go, and then it moves on to the presentation of three complete grimoires.

The first grimoire of Elemental magic deals with modern practical magical techniques and the classical and modern interpretations of the traditional elemental symbolism.

The second grimoire of Planetary magic deals with the Pagan and Neo-Pagan magical archetypes or ‘god-forms’, their contemporary roles in the human condition, and how the magician can access them for their inspiration and to borrow their abilities.

The third grimoire of Stellar magic deals with the ‘Elder Gods’, those foci of awesome and dangerous extraterrestrial knowledge and power that await us in the vast deep reaches of the cosmos. It constitutes the latest upgrade to the ever evolving Necronomicon.

Various other chapters deal with the history of symbolism, the creation and / or the evolution of gods and goddesses, and the physics of parapsychology and extraterrestrial communication. All in all this book contains enough to keep any wizard, magician, esotericist or natural philosopher entranced and busy for quite a while. A fuller description of the contents of the book appears below**.

The Portals of Chaos. By Matt Kaybryn and Peter J Carroll.

The Portals of Chaos consists of a deck of fifty four large 230mm x 143mm full colour altarpiece sized cards created by Matt Kaybryn working in conjunction with Peter J Carroll. Unlike conventional Tarot decks, these larger cards which resume all the Elemental, Planetary and Elder God forms in the Esotericon book, have extensive uses in Invocation, Enchantment, Evocation, and Illumination as well as in Divination. Matt spent thousands of hours creating these images using high technology combined with meditation, invocation, and great artistic skill. Some have said that the result makes the Lindisfarne Gospels or the Sistine Chapel look rather dull by comparison. A fuller description of the contents of the card deck appears below*.



**EPOCH - The Contents of The Book

The Esotericon & Portals of Chaos. By Peter Carroll and Matt Kaybryn.

Contents, Dedications, Prologue.

Ch 1 Introduction to The Esotericon and Portals of Chaos.

Magic over the Aeons, Elemental, Planetary, & Stellar Magic. – An examination of the origins of the esoteric and magical traditions in late classical antiquity and their revivals in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, followed by an analysis of current and possible future developments, with mentions of the known seminal philosophers and magicians involved.

Ch 2 The Portals of Chaos Deck.

Tarot History. - The Tarot has a history quite different to that which many magicians think.

The uses of the Portals Deck. – Not just for Divination, but as a more extensive toolkit for Evocation, Enchantment, Invocation, and Illumination as well.

The Esotericon Tree, Chaobala. – The Tree of Life (& Death) upgraded with wider cosmological perspectives than previously available to the wizards and natural philosophers of the past.

Ch 3 Elemental and Elementary Magic. The 1st Grimoire.

The Realm of the Elements and a Basic Magical Primer. – The origins of the ideas of the four (or five) classical elements and modern interpretations and extensions of these ideas, plus how to do practical magic, explained in the simplest terms.

Baphomet. – A modern conception of ‘The Spirit of the Earth’, the Egregore of this our home planet, and its development from Shamanic times to the present Aeon.

Ch 4 Theometry & Aeonics.

A History of the Gods and Paradigm Shifts. – The co-evolution of humanity and its gods and goddesses and its archetypes and philosophies, and the directions in which we have, and in which we may well take each other.

Ch 5 Planetary Magic.The 2nd Grimoire.

The Planetary and Bi-Planetary God-Forms. – A Pantheon of 36 ‘god-forms’ drawn from many sources and cultures to create a more complete neo-pagan psycho-cosmology of the human condition for the 21st century.

Ch 6 Cosmology.

Strange Physics Interlude 1. Alien Life & The Perfect Cosmological Principle. – The universe now looks immensely larger than all but a few ever suspected, and it contains vast numbers of sources of higher intelligence.

Ch 7 Omnality.

Strange Physics Interlude 2. Quantum Omnality in a Non-Local Universe. – An examination of some cutting edge quantum hypotheses which suggest that the higher knowledge of advanced alien intelligence remains potentially available to us.

Ch 8 Stellar Magic.The 3rd Grimoire.

Stellar Metaphysics. Necronomicon Prologue. Necronomicon Commentary. The Necronomicon. – A Chaos Magic based approach to accessing the awesome and potentially terrible knowledge and power held by Alien Entities which appear to us as The Elder Gods.


1) Alien Elements. – An example of how some Alien Intelligences conceptualize basic reality in a self-consistent manner that looks rather different to ours.

2) Elements, Geomancy, Planets. – An upgrade to traditional Geomancy to include the whole solar system and beyond.

3) The Hypersphere Equation. An addendum to The Octavo. – Apophenia appears to have withheld this simple, beautiful, and elegant solution as some sort of a reward for finishing THIS work – She seems a tease as well as a Muse.

4) The Joy of Texts. A humorous poem by Ronald Hutton. A sort of banishing by laughter. – Simply so good we had to put it in.

Endpieces. – Platonic-Pagan-Monotheism or Quantum-Neo-Paganism?

References. – Some other seminal works you should read if you haven’t already done so.

Dramatis Personae. – Notes on the lives and works of Bruno, Mathers, Crowley, Lovecraft, Grant, Carroll, and Kaybryn.

Afterword. – The futures.



*The contents of the Portals of Chaos card deck.

The Portals of Chaos. By Matt Kaybryn and Peter J Carroll.

Fifty four cards, plus a title card, resuming images of the following Elemental, Planetary and Bi-planetary, and Elder god forms: -

The Elemental forms

The ‘Archangels’ of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Aether.


The Planetary and Bi-Planetary forms


Ouranos, Odin, Ma'at,Athena, Lucifer, Apophenia, Thoth, Isis, Saturn, Osiris, Choronzon, BaronSamedhi, Kali, Anubis, Hecate, Jupiter, Thor, JHVH, Juno, Vulcan, Dionysus, Mars, Horus, Eris, Loki, Ishtar-Astarte, Sol, BVG & Child,

Bob-Legba, Asherath, Venus, Pandora, Babalon, Mercury, Pareidolia, Luna.


The Elder God forms, an Evocation form and an Invocation form for each


Nyarlathotep, Cthulhu, Shub-Niggurath, Hastur, Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth.


Have a look at the Epoch post 3 blogs back for more details of launch.

Wednesday, 01 January 2014 13:57


Things which may or may not happen in 2014.

Some musings on a wet bank holiday New Year’s Day.

January. World Future Energy Summit, Abu Dhabi. Delegates decide to burn the whole lot, oil, coal, shale, fracked gas, tar sands, methane hydrates, you name it, it’s all going on the global pyre now.*

March. Epoch launched in Glastonbury UK. The advent of the Quantum-Neo-Pagan paradigm and the phenomenisation of the Necronomicon therein initiates a worldwide esoteric and metaphysical upheaval.

May. European ‘Parliament’ elections and local elections in the UK. The United Kingdom Independence Party wins all the seats. The Illiberal Dimocrat-Tory coalition collapses after a vote of no-confidence. UKIP wins a snap general election. Nigel Farage summoned to the palace. Britain quits the EU. Tobacco taxes reduced to sane levels. Smoking restored to pubs. The nation at last seems at peace with itself (except in Scotland and Northern Ireland of course), but fat people become the new social pariahs.

June. *IPCC Fifth Assessment Report on climate change is scheduled to be published. But all available venues now lie underwater.

September. The Scottish independence referendum narrowly passes. Forty two percent of people in Scotland refuse to give up British citizenship. King Alexander the First closes the border to prevent a mass exodus and a refugee crisis. A huge mob levels the ghastly Scottish Parliament building. The Rifles Brigade secures Glasgow and the Faslane submarine base. First Armoured Brigade takes Edinburgh and corners the rebels on Culloden Moor. Alex Salmond taken in chains to Tyburn Hill in London and pelted with rotten haggis for high treason. A new more modest Scottish assembly sensibly decides to raise the voting age to 25.

October. Islamic New Year, and for them it’s only 1436. In our 1436 Vlad Dracul became Duke of Wallachia. Assad or someone worse will probably remain in power in Syria.

November. EU Court of Auditors presents its audit of EU accounts for 2013. Billions missing as usual. German patience finally cracks and it forms a new EU consisting of just East and West Germany. Belgium finally abolished to everyone’s relief, with half going to France and half to The Netherlands. A semblance of Democracy finally restored to Europe.

We live in interesting times. Happy New Year.

Sunday, 22 December 2013 13:57


UPDATE 24th April 2014.The Esotericon and Portals of Chaos has landed!

To celebrate the Midwinter Solstice Matt Kaybryn and I have released into the public domain the website for the forthcoming Esotericon and Portals of Chaos which we will publish early in 2014. Try the  link: -

Our four years of Herculean labour nears completion, we have found a printer of sufficiently high quality to do justice to the artwork in the Esotericon and in the accompanying Portals deck of altarpiece sized cards.

The contents appear here: -

Two additional appendices will also appear giving the geomantic key to the Octaris and an addendum to The Octavo.


We shall also make the work available through specialist esoteric bookshops and online. Details to follow.

Monday, 16 December 2013 13:57

Seasonal Greetings

Seasonal greetings, good tidings I bring, the end is not nigh............ not ever!

Note correction to the third Equation 16/1/14

The state of the universe has bothered me for some time, according to the majority view its full of black holes and every black hole will eventually develop a singularity in its core and these will eventually gobble up everything and either coalesce into one big one or slowly drift apart forever, either way it looks like curtains for all life eventually if singularities form. Anything falling into a singularity gets pulped down to zero size. A nasty end for life the universe and everything.

However conventional theorists seem to have ignored the radius excess which develops inside massive objects. The formula for radius excess comes from Feynman's work on Einstein's General relativity, it appears as the second equation here. It makes things bigger on the inside than on the outside like Dr Who's Tardis. However we only tend to notice the effect for very massive objects.

From this second equation I derive the third, which gives the radius of a hypersphere for any mass. An object meets the hypersphere (3-sphere) condition when the radius excess makes the internal radius swell to one quarter of the external circumference. the formula gives the external radius and it comes out at about one third of the event horizon or Schwarzchild radius, see the first equation.

Now a hypersphere will resist any further implosion under its own gravity as its angular velocity already equals lightspeed according to my neo-Gödelian formula for its vorticitation ('rotation' through its fourth dimension), see the fourth equation.

It doesn't matter too much at first if you fall into a black hole if its a really huge one that doesn't curve spacetime too sharply, the problems start when you begin to fall into a central singularity.

However the third equation shows that black holes will actually contain hyperspheres not singularities, and it doesn't matter if your planet or spaceship falls into one of these so long as its sufficiently huge not to give rise to the sort of spacetime curvature that would shred matter near a singularity or a small black hole.

In fact our universe consists of just such a very huge hypersphere with a correspondingly gentle spacetime curvature that we barely notice on the small scale.

Thus the universe cannot end in singularities (and neither did it begin with one, buts that's another story I've told elsewhere).

So DO NOT PANIC, black holes will form, but without singularities. If life can keep itself out of the way of the smaller ones and wait till a really vast one becomes available to enter then it can survive indefinitely for hyperspheres will eventually merge into ever vaster ones refreshing the universe by becoming the universe.

Well I hope that cheers everyone up this season, my apologies to Penrose and Hawking for destroying the singularity theorem, but they really should have taken Feynman's radius excess into account.

Merry Xmas.

Sunday, 08 December 2013 13:57


Free Trial Membership for two weeks.

Arcanorium College has Staff and Senior Members drawn from Adepts in the Magical Arts from all over the world, all of them have distinguished themselves by their publications and their leadership in significant magical orders.

Arcanorium College has recently decided on an experimental change to its Modus Operandi. Instead of the usual six week semesters it has decided to try a rolling program of ongoing workshops and forums without time limits. However the vast archive resource of past courses remains open for study and research.

The range of archive topics currently embraces Sorcery, Divination, Tantra, Runes, Neurolinguistic Programming, Chaos Magic, Thelema, Enchantment and Results Magic, Alternative Physics, the History and Culture of Magic, and Magical Software Design.

Members may attend as many of the ongoing working groups as they wish.

The College also features an extensive Library of Archives with links to many rare tomes, Common Room areas for news, debates, and socialization, and workshop facilities with online magical tools which remain open at all times.

Membership follows quickly after registration. The College does not accept members under 18 years of age. The College levies a modest registration fee which covers expenses and the cost of maintaining the online facilities and which discourages frivolous applicants. Arcanorium College works not to make a profit, but to provide a forum for the pursuit of The Great Work of Magic.

The Chancellor, Peter J Carroll, BSc, BM, KoC, may grant a free two week trial membership to suitable applicants. Apply by email to pete’at’ but replace ‘at’ with @.

Write a note about your interests and intentions, in support of your application. Include the email you wish to use for membership, the user name you wish to use, and a password of 8 characters.


Arcanorium College conducts its discourse to the highest standards of civility and will delete any trial members who abuse the privilege of membership.

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