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Wednesday, 30 January 2013 13:46

Quarks again

Hi, Yog-Sothoth here again...

With a bit more on those pesky quarks...

Consider the flowing data in support of the idea that within baryons, u quarks may consist of superpositions of various amounts of u, c, and t quarks, and particularly that d quarks may consist of superpositions of various amounts of d, s, and b quarks. This idea offers an alternative to the conventional idea of attributing virtually all of the mass of the proton and neutron, and hence of virtually all matter, to gluons.

Free Quark Masses, in MeV.

u = 1.7 – 3.1    c = 1290    t = 173,000

d = 4.1 – 5.7     s = 100       b = 4,190

Baryon Masses, in MeV.

Proton = (uud) 938   Neutron = (ddu) 939

One Strange.                       uds = 1115 uds = 1192   dds = 1197 uus = 1189

Two Strange.                       uss = 1314 dss = 1321

One Charm.                         udc = 2286 udc = 2452  uuc = 2454 ddc = 2453

One Strange, One Charm.   usc = 2467 usc = 2575  dsc = 2470

Two Strange, One Charm.   ssc 2695

Two Charm.                        dcc 3581

One Bottom.                        udb = 5620 uub = 5807 ddb = 5815* (*bottom sigma)

One Strange, One Bottom.   dsb = 5790*  (*bottom xi)

Two Strange, One Bottom.  ssb = 6165

Baryons apparently non-existing. usb, ucb, anything containing a t.


1) The replacement of a d quark by a HEAVIER s quark changes a Bottom Sigma into a LIGHTER Bottom Xi, whereas one might have expected a considerably heavier one.

2) We should perhaps not expect baryons to contain t quarks because of their exceptional energy, nevertheless only the dsb Bottom Xi carries a quark of each generation.

3) We observe the ssb but not the usb or the ucb.

4) The dsb Bottom Xi thus appears to exhibit an unusual stability in the form of a lower energy.

Friday, 25 January 2013 13:46

EU and Snow

Firstly, Hail Dave!

Prime Minister UK, David Cameron, who has always seemed like a decent sort of chap and done nothing stupid so far, displays both statesmanship and tactical genius with his EU referendum proposals.

Vote for me and I’ll try and negotiate a more sensible deal with the EU and then we’ll have a referendum on the results.

He says he will campaign to keep us in, but of course he has left himself room and reason to change his mind if we don’t get a sensible deal.

He has wrong-footed the continental euro-federalists, for other nations will plainly join us in demands for reform.

So Britain can now either put the EU right or leave it. Splendid.

Cameron has also taken the wind out of UKIP’s sails for the time being. They have done a fair job of forcing this matter into the open, but they will probably always remain essentially a pressure group. Nevertheless I hope they stay in the game to prevent any backsliding on the renegotiation and the referendum.

The leaders of the illiberal dimocrats and the dreary spendthrift labour party don’t seem to have anything of substance to respond with. They effortlessly confirm their caricatures as a pair of whingeing twerps perhaps better employed as sociology lecturers at some obscure polytechnic.

We could end up with an EU that reverts to its original writ, as a free trade zone, in which case we should stay in it; or we could end up with an EU that develops into a full blown Non-Democratic Synarchist Totalitarianism, in which case we should not only leave it but also strive to destroy it.

In the meantime we need to prevent the vast influx of Bulgarians and Romanians into the UK that EU rules will allow next year. I’m sure they are all delightful people, but our housing stock, our benefits system, and our labour market cannot accommodate them. Neither can those countries afford to loose a whole generation of their younger, more mobile and ambitious people.  




Secondly, a Poem. Two years into Bardic studies and rhyme and rhythm still elude me, but here goes anyway……….



I awoke a bit early, it seemed strangely bright

And quiet, so quiet, an odd muted hush

Its happened its happened

I can hardly believe it

The ground seemed too warm the previous evening

But my gardens become a fantasy scene

And I feel like a child again

Sparkeling whiteness and patches of gloom

Brightness vies with the shadows of doom

It looks so fragile in its parts

Yet so awesome in its extent

Blanketing the lawns, the sheds, the car

All up the trees, over the hills and far away

Its eight miles to work and I don’t have to go

What the heck, any excuse to go and see this

On Henbury Hill I begin to have doubts

Its cold with a full facial blizzard

Vehicles aslew and abandoned

Driver’s curses and screaming engines

Made soft whispers by the whiteness

Falcondale oh Falcondale

Thy slopes make mockery of transport

Shadenfreude, I have good boots

But they have lousy tyres

They slip and they skid

And they bash their panels and lights

Residents set up tripods and cameras

To immortalise the folly forever

Then up on the Downs its so very pretty

When its all black and white

You notice the things you didn’t before

And the pavements are full for once

With chatty people and their children

Saying hello and helping each other

Its Blitz Spirit time

And we’re all having fun

Then down by the uni

Post modernist snowmen

Traditional snowball fights

Then down Christmas steps

We cling to the shopfronts

‘Gainst treacherous slush and the ice

It feels like holiday at work

We few, we happy few, that made it in

Getting home was a bastard

Uphill in now greying mush

But the weekend awaits

A walk in the woods on Saturday morn

My dog seems perplexed

Maybe stuff looses its smell under snow

But the woods look pure magic now

Stark trees hold impossible burdens

With patient sombre dignity

In the cold still air

Even the birdsong goes strangely quiet

White silence pervades like holiness.

Thursday, 17 January 2013 13:45

Pactionis 2

Liber Pactionis, my original founding document of the Pact lies in the public domain as does its sucessor document 'The Book'. Thus I place this document in the public domain also, even though by doing so I effectively Excommunicate myself from my old order, so don't bother trying to discuss it with me, discuss it amongst yourselves, for reform seems long overdue. Choyofaque, Stokastikos.


Pact Structural Reform, some ideas for a ‘Liber Pactionis 2’.

Rationale.  ‘Liber Pactionis’, the founding document of The Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros contained some necessary compromises to allow an order to spring half formed across several continents from little more than a small temple in Britain and a couple of seminar meetings in Germany. The minor adjustments to structure introduced in ‘The Book’ do not seem sufficient to support a mature, vibrant, and expanding international order. See this paper:

In my view the Pact now needs to clearly define what its Magical Grades mean so that members can progress thought them and value them (I offer some suggestions below on how we could define them.)  To do this the Pact would need to separate the Magical Grades from the Administrative Grades which should be open to election. This would give all members a chance to work towards all of the Magical Grades.

The Proposed Grade and Membership Reforms fit on a single page and consist of a proposals for the separation of Administrative Grades (mandated by Election) and Magical Grades (recognised by Peer approval).


Provisional draft of revisions for a new ‘Liber Pactionis 2’ document.

Administrative Gradesall remain subject to Election by electoral colleges of active members (of initiate or higher grade) at appropriate local or national or international level. Members may hold more than one position.

1) Grandmaster. International coordination and administration. Chairperson of Council of International Section Heads.

2) General Secretaries to the Grandmaster. International communications and publications and administration.

(2b) Past Grandmaster(s). Offer consultancy and continue to promote the order in their works.

3) National Section Heads. Supervise national sections.

4) Magister Templi of local temples. Run local temples.

5) Insubordinates to Magister Templi. Secretary and critic to MT.

Magical Grades.All subject to admission by Peer Review by committees of those holding that grade or higher grade.

Establish the principle that a Magical Grade means Personal Work in Progress.

(Novice), cancel this grade as a superfluous obstruction.

4.Neophyte. MMM under a Mentor. Admission to temples and meetings lies at the discretion of Mentor and Magister Templi.

3.Initiate. Participation at Temple. Learn some set rituals, including The Mass of Chaos B, and lead them. Work through Liber KKK, or similar.

2.Adept. Further temple work. Work with all 8 planetary Magics, either privately or in temple and show records of it. Work on an agreed project which could include Priest/Priestess of Chaos or similar. Write up an original ritual and a piece on some aspect of magic and publish it somewhere, if only to colleagues. Mentor a Neophyte.

1.Magus. Work on Projects and Quests and activities which the Magus should periodically discuss with other Magi. The Order expects its Magi to Teach, to do Research, and to promote the Great Work of Magic.

(0.Ipsissimus. Normally left vacant as an aspiration, possibly awarded posthumously.)

(Elder), cancel this grade as superfluous. If people want to partially retire they can do. If organisers of events want to invite them to events they can do.


I would welcome comments on exactly what work should constitute the work of the Magical Grades, if anything a toughening of the specifications seems desirable.

I shall continue to argue against the idea that the work of the grades should remain very loosely defined, or largely defined by administrative responsibilities, for I consider this the main structural weakness of the IOT. 

Nevertheless it obviously remains desirable that higher administrative positions go to members with higher magical grades.

I would recommend that members holding grades that do not come up to the requirements that may become agreed, hold on to that grade for a period of one year to give them time to rectify the deficiency, or else consider dropping a degree.

I see my own role as that of Past Grandmaster, offering consultancy and continuing to promote the order in my works. I would like to offer myself for election to this post. I may even consider taking up invitations to attend Pact events if, and only if, suitable reforms become implemented.

Monday, 14 January 2013 13:45

BB or Not BB

Oops the universe appears to contain something too big, in apparent violation of the Cosmological Principle that it should appear homogenous at this scale.

I don't think standard cosmology has got the size far wrong but it has got the time wrong, in  Vorticitating Hypersphere Cosmology time appears 'Finite and Unbounded', and thus effectively unlimited, despite the temporal horizon, thus allowing such structures as the above to form.

The Pontifical Sexagesimal Nativity Address 2013.

From His Pestilence Stokastikos the First; upon the eve of his 60th birthday.

Fellow earthlings, firstly let me say to the majority of you who haven’t got there yet that 60 seems far more agreeable than I had anticipated. Perhaps as a result of self-employment, walking everywhere (acute Apophenia suggests I don’t drive), occasional punishing exercise, and a couple of books a week, I still have my own hair and teeth, a 32 inch waist, and still enough IQ to understand the limitations of IQ. I will perhaps live till 84, for a Uranus return. So the brief time remaining leaves me a hell of a lot to do, what with the global situation looking pretty shite, the Big Bang delusion still infecting cosmology, particle physics still in a state of confusion, a coherent theory of magic still in its infancy, my country still ensnared in the corrupt and undemocratic EU synarchy, EPOCH, the Esotericon and Portals of Chaos to complete, starships not yet invented, Svalbard and New Zealand amongst many places as yet unvisited, and grandchildren perhaps on the horizon in maybe 3 years time and maybe 10 years time.

You may have noticed that the world failed to end on the recent winter solstice. As a precaution I sent someone down into the vaults of Arcanorium College to dust off the old Achroniser and give the faintly glowing ruby reset button a good whack, this sent the entire universe exactly 63,081,429 years backwards in time, yes, the entire universe, lock stock and barrel, normal service of course resumes instantly, we usually only do this when the Jehovah’s Witnesses start playing silly buggers, but seriously..........

The survival of human civilisation, as we know it, for the next 24 years seems far from certain though. During my lifetime the world’s human population has almost trebled, a critical dependency on fossil fuels has developed, westernised economies have become addicted to growth, developing nations with huge populations now embark on the same course, and the climate has begun to go awry with the strong possibility that it will go much more seriously awry sooner rather than later.

The older westernised economies now seem likely to have few growth prospects for the next decade at least, and little appetite to invest wealth in remedying the medium term ills of the global situation. Everywhere the pressure to maintain if not increase fossil fuel and resource consumption remains paramount.

All in all, the situation looks very fragile. A modern city may look very solid and grand but its continued existence depends on inputs of resources from singular or highly interdependent sources.  Any interruption to its supplies of power, or fuel, or food, or information, would now reduce it to smoking rubble in a week.

Unless economic consequences force policy changes first, mega-deaths may have to occur before the socio-political will to address the problems of overpopulation, overconsumption, and climate change arises. A few billion untimely deaths would not in themselves matter much to the survival of our species, but a substantial loss of knowledge and technology could set the human adventure back several centuries or millennia into a new dark age. This planet lies littered with failed human civilisations and abandoned cities, but in the past failure tended to remain local, recovery from global failure would prove far more challenging. Save some real books, don’t commit everything to electronic media. Consider joining The Knights of Chaos, First Earth Battalion, we conjure actively against global catastrophe.

On a brighter note, two new courses begin on Arcanorium College in the 3rd semester of out glorious seventh year.

Semester 3.  16t January – 27th February 2013

Dave: The Dragon-Eagle Working: Northern Magic models of energy and ecstasy.

Kite: Oracular Magic: Divination, Enchantment, Evocation

My own course, ‘Physics for Mystics and Magicians’ draws to a close after an intensive look at the questions implied by such established and speculative phenomena as holographic universe ideas, quantum-neuroscience, panpsychism, and the Drake equation.

Amongst the many books I received during the festive season I can recommend:

The Starry Rubric – Seventeenth Century English Astrology and Magic. By Alexander Cummins (Head of the Department of historical Magic at Arcanorium College) and Doctoral researcher at Bristol University.

This book really gives the reader an insight into how people actually used astrological and magical ideas practically in the 17th century, and how much such ideas and practices affected people’s personal lives and even the destiny of the nation during the turbulent period including the English civil war. Deeply researched and brilliantly narrated.

Hadean Press. ISBN 978 907881 21 3.

By some strange coincidence I also received a 1783 copy of a Cornelius Agrippa and Peter de Abano book of 1555, in English, resuming the Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy, Geomancy, and The Arbatel of Magic, still in readable condition; this has proved a fascinating accompaniment to Al Cummings book above.

Also I must recommend ‘Antifragile’ by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, published by Random House (USA), Penguin-Allen Lane (UK) ISBN 978 1 846 14156 0

The Sunday Times called him ‘The hottest thinker in the world’; they may well have a point.

In English, ‘Intellectual’ has strong connotations of ‘effete arts based leftie with head in clouds or up own arse, probably French, and best ignored by sensible pragmatic thinkers’. Taleb does not fall into this category. Rather he comes across as a muscular renaissance style polymath who has seen a lot and done a lot, and put his money where his mouth is, making a personal fortune in the process. Readers may remember his Black Swans and Fooled by Randomness books. He writes of living in a world of fundamental unpredictability, but a world in which we can at least respond, not by attempting to predict events, but by creating structures at all levels that improve rather than break under stress. He provides an illuminating swathe of examples of fragility and anti-fragility in everything from biology and evolution to personal and societal health, through engineering to economics and politics, with enlightening asides from classical philosophers to modern ones, and from a couple of characters that may well represent poles of his own extensive personality. He extols the virtues of chaotic inputs to various systems and pours vituperative scorn upon the ’fragillistas’ who end up wrecking things by trying to create false stability. All in all he has produced some thoughts of great practical value; some of them might just get the world beyond a number of its current crises.

Despite my attempts to remain animageous in the public domain, (I do not wish for disturbance whilst reading on public transport, or neighbors with brands and pitchforks, so I decline to confirm or deny that any of the confusing array of images purporting to portray me actually do so.), yet someone found a copy of a video interview I gave in the nineties in LA. Well it’s about 20 years old now and I’ve since redesigned my facial topiary, so I’ve let it pass. Perchance that the video interview contains any errors due to the jet lag under which we conducted it, I gave the publisher of it a long e-mail interview for edition 5 of his Chaosphere magazine, see magazine and video at:

May I wish you a survivable Pandaemonaeon, as we move into the ‘interesting times’ of globalization and hyperscience, and towards perhaps some largely unpredictable mixture of enlightenments and catastrophes.

Pete, 7/1/13.

Thursday, 13 December 2012 13:44

Seasonal Greetings

Seasonal Greetings for the Mayan end of the world on 21/12/12, and for the festive season thereafter on 25th December to mark the birthdays of Horus, Jesus, Mithras, and various other minor deities.

I have made no plans to immolate my children and livestock with an obsidian knife atop a pyramid in the grounds of my estates, and I note with relief that the Druids here plan to celebrate Solstice here on Sunday 23rd, as we prefer weekends. As an act of faith I’ve also booked a trip to Guatemala next year to see what all the fuss WAS all about, hopefully it will be completely tourist free by then.

Nevertheless I have prepared an e-Christmas card entitled Miskatonia for the edification of any aliens visiting this planet post-apocalypse. It shows all the most popular interstellar tourist destinations and saucer landing sites: - Thule, Stonehenge, The Great Pyramid, Arkham, Agarthi, Shambala, Atlantis, R’yleh, Puma Punku, The Mountains of Madness, Uluru, Dogon-ville, and Mount Shasta in relief, all connected by appropriate planetary ley lines. Acrylics and mixed media on canvass. Note that for aesthetic reasons I’ve shown the long route from R’yleh to the Mountains of Madness in the trans-Antarctic range

It seems unlikely that we shall have either immediate apocalypse or enlightenment on 21/12/12. Overpopulation and Anthropogenic Climate Change seem to offer a far greater threat to civilisation and the survival of humanity than anything currently in view of our telescopes. However we can perhaps hope that enlightenment about this slow burning apocalypse will become universal after 21/12/12. If you must immolate something on this day then stick some pins in the images of family planning opponents and climate change deniers.

It looks like the mouldy old C of E has done a deal with the government, women bishops in return for gay marriage exemption. It won’t last you know, sooner or later someone will mount a challenge in the infernal European courts where the State Religion of Political Correctness trumps all other forms of belief. After that, activists will solicit a refusal of marriage from a Mosque and go to Europe over that and win. Then we shall have some entertaining and invigorating riots in our northern cities. We can only make our own laws stick if we quit the blasted EU.

A gay has held the Britannic Archbishopric of my old order, and a woman currently holds it now; for true liberalism and theological flexibility choose Neo-Paganism.

Heaven only knows why women and gays want involvement with the ghastly genocidal tyrant of the monotheist god anyway; He hates women and gays, just read His appalling book. It all went terribly wrong for Him when He split up from his missus, the Israelite goddess Asherah.

Well I’ve had a tumultuous year, married off my eldest daughter to a fine highlander, acquired a factory and moved operations there, started converting the old commercial premises into a block of flats, visited Italy, un-solved the Pioneer anomaly, given a couple of courses on Arcanorium College, wrote half the Esotericon, and surfed rather badly as usual in Wales. It’s amazing what you can do if you don’t watch television.

All the best for a chaotically creative 2013. Regards, Pete.

Note that this blogsite uses the pioneering new protocols of anti-social media, you cannot reply to it. The last time I tried an open site it attracted over a thousand mad people within a week. Send serious enquiries to the email address in the contact section.

Wednesday, 07 November 2012 13:44


A few oddments.

Obama Wins, Apocalypse probably Averted. Let us celebrate the triumph of the lesser of two evils, barking mad religious nut case backed by financial- military-industrial faction fails to become POTUS. My thanks for all supporting conjurations from all KoC First Earth Batallion Sorcerers.

Scottish Independence War rages in my household. My eldest has married into the highlands and gone native with all the passion of a recent convert. Little but tartan romanticism makes some Scots want 'freedom' from the UK and err, independent EU membership, this sounds patently barmy. Scotland would gain more freedom as part of a United Kingdom that freed itself from the non-democracy of the EU Totalitarian Synarchy.

All arguments for the EU seem either defeatist of fatuous. The argument that it will end wars in europe seems the most absurd of all. We no longer have wars in europe because european countries have become democracies and democracies do not fight each other. However the apallingly non-democratic EU seems designed to create internal strife.

The previous 'Pioneer Anomaly Un-Solved' post here two posts ago seems to have hit a nerve and attracted a great many reads. The Nasa team could have saved themselves a great deal of work on those telemetry tapes if they had simply looked at experimental photon thrust research.

Commencing 12th November I shall lead a course entitled 'Physics for Mystics and Magicians' on a course by Sorror Res, entitled  "The message of the medium: Exploring the magick of memoires through the aeons" , will accompany it.


I went on a cultural tour of Italy a couple of weeks ago. The Medici stuff in Florence impressed me greatly but the Vatican struck me as the most grandiose pile of bad taste on this planet, I felt moved to write a little poem......


Vatican Willies

I went to the Vatican

To see the Pope’s art

It was all very grand and over the top

An orgy of marble and porphyry and paint

The Christian material looked really quite ghastly

All simpering saints and suffering sinners

And bits of dead people in gaudy gilt boxes

But the classical stuff looked heroic and grand

Warriors and gods and legendary beauties

Strutting their stuff as nature intended

But their willies were missing; the popes cut them off in the past

The guides speak guardedly

Of occasional mysterious restorations

So maybe there lies in some secret chamber

The Pope’s private penis collection.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012 13:43



Our current understanding of the atomic nucleus looks pretty incomplete and messy. In particular the explanations of why u and d quarks with a mass of just a few MeV each combine to form protons and neutrons with masses of nearly a thousand MeV don’t look particularly convincing.

The HD8 hypothesis suggests that particle generation arises from a particular type of higher dimensional ‘spin’ or vorticitation.

Now we commonly observe particles that appear to have come from a state of superposition immediately prior to the observation or measurement that kills the superposition. (HD8 assigns these superpositions to extra time dimensions.)

We have observed that neutrinos appear to fluctuate between three generations whilst in flight, or alternatively that any one generation of neutrino could perhaps consist of a superposition of various amounts of all three generations.

Thus perhaps, whilst confined in nucleons what we call d quarks actually consist of a superposition of various amounts of d,s and b quark, and that u quarks actually consist of superpositions of various amounts of u,c, and t quarks.

The second and third generations of matter would then appear not as bizarrely exotic and apparently unnecessary components of the universe but as entirely integral to it, for without some contribution from the generational spin components of say bottom and top quarks, protons and neutrons would not have much mass at all.

Conventional provisional hypotheses of light valence quarks surrounded by heavy clouds of virtual quarks and gluons seem rather baroque.

At the moment this remains a bit of a handwaving idea, the maths may follow eventually.

Aha, I just noticed that the Bottom Sigma baryon (ddb) has a mass of 5815 MeV, whilst the Bottom Xi baryon (dsb) has a mass of 5790 MeV.

How come the replacement of a down quark by a heavier strange quark lowers the mass?


Above see Yog-Sothoth as rendered by the Artist for our forthcomming Esotericon and Portals of Chaos (EPOCH)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012 13:43

Oblate Spheroids

'the sun is slightly too round to agree with our understanding of its rotation'
The above article covers recent space based observations of the shape of the sun. Any large spinning object tends to bulge out at its equator, the earth's equatorial diameter for example exceeds its polar diameter by about 13 miles.
The sun seems to have less of an equatorial bulge than we would expect from basic theory.
This may actually offer supporting evidence for Vorticitating Hypersphere Cosmology which predicts a general fillip to orbital velocity of
Vo = (Gm/r - rA)^1/2
Where  A = Anderson decelleration.

This has the same effect as an increase in 'centripetal force' at large distances and could well lead to less oblateness in stellar sized rotating bodies.

Saturday, 11 August 2012 13:42

BoB, introductory talk

The Book of Baphomet.An introductory address delivered at the book launch, 4/8/12, Glastonbury, by Pete Carroll.

I’d like to begin by looking a little at the life and work of the man who brought the idea of Baphomet to the modern world,  Eliphas Lévi, born Alphonse Louis Constant (February 8, 1810 - May 31, 1875),

 He trained as a Catholic priest but resigned due to falling in love, he then started to write revolutionary politics/theology, for which he got imprisoned twice during the various political crises in mid 19th century France. After that he began an influential career in esoterics and magic, writing several books and visiting Britain where his ideas would eventually have a great impact on the Golden Dawn.   

He made a journey from CLERGYMAN, to RADICAL, to MAGUS.

Apart from a little light reading in witchcraft, Levi’s books provided me with my first introduction to magic.

It was largely through the occultists inspired by him that Lévi is remembered as one of the key founders of the 20th century revival of magic. He came up with four ideas which seem important: -

1) Astral Light theory. This departure from straight neo-platonic ideas at least had the virtue of making people think a bit more deeply about how magic might work.

2) The Upright and Averse pentagrams as symbols having different meanings.

3) The equation between the 22 Trumps of the Tarot and the Hebrew Alphabet and the elements, with this he opened up a huge field of syncretic speculation.

4)Baphomet, an image worth a thousand words.

This may look a bit Kitsch now, having appeared on rather too many black leather jackets, but the ideas it appears to represent graphically have had enormous impact, basically Levi hints that this image constitutes his vision of God.

Levi seems to have written about it in rather guarded, almost milquetoast terms, but remember he had already got himself imprisoned for writing too plainly about politics.

The Image of Baphomet he presents seems to exhibit 7 qualities: -


ANDROGYNOUS Includes the Female.

LUCIFERIC Torch, light bringer, forbidden wisdom.

THERIOMORPHIC Half human half animal, Pan-like, Pagan, incorporates the ‘lower’ selfs’

SEXUALISED Breasts and symbolic penis. Goats as horny/satanic.

MAGICAL Caduceus, magical gestures, waxing and waning moon.

SHAMANIC Horned, theriomorphic, wild.

This seemed like just about everything I wanted in a deity!I thus offered it as a central rite of the Pact, in the Mass of Chaos (B).

So where did Levi get the idea from? Well partly from historical myth and legend and partly from his personal feelings and imagination and mysticism one suspects.

The Catholic Church and the French King accused the Templars of Heresy, almost certainly falsely, and their inquisitors threw in all the usual accusations of sex, sorcery, blasphemy, and Baphomet worship.

Occultists admire the Templars on the basis that they might just have actually had a taste for sex and blasphemy and maybe magic. However their actual sin as far as western Christendom was concerned was LOOSING THE HOLY LAND, following their disastrous defeat at Hattin.

The accusation of Baphomet worship arose from a mispronunciation, Muhammad = Mohamed = Mahomet = Baphomet. The crusaders imagined that the Moslems worshipped some mad primitive savage deity/devil, and it seemed that their deity was beating ours.

The Templars were really accused of going native and sympathizing with the Islamic enemy. The blasphemy accusations arose because part of their training involved getting prepared to appear to renounce their faith if captured. The Vatican has recently accepted this.

All gods and all religions and all magical traditions get cobbled together out of bits and pieces of previous traditions. It’s all syncretic, scholarship confirms this, and Chaos Magic adopts it as a guiding principle without apology or evasion.

So, starting with Levi’s drawing, what have modern esotericists done with Baphomet?


 SEXUALISED           MAGICAL                     SHAMANIC          +  GAIANISTIC

 They have added GAIA, a sense of the sacredness of the Biosphere and Ecology, Life on Earth.

And that makes a rather pleasing Eight!

This new book by Nikki Ward and Julian Vayne resumes the fascinating history of the development of the concept of Baphomet from its earliest historical mention through its development by Levi and then to the cutting edge of its current manifestation.

Their brave and audacious exploration of the modern Baphometic current using full-on eroto-gnosis and extreme chemo-gnosis creates a tale which is destined to enter into esoteric legend.

I commend this book to you.

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