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Monday, 07 November 2011 21:31


The EU Synarchy, conceived with malignant intent and in economic ignorance, by elements of the european political class, now looks headed for precisely the disaster that UKIP, half the UK Conservative party, and other weird eccentrics predicted for it.

All conceivable short term futures for europe look pretty bad now, but the sooner countries extricate themselves from this nonsensical project the less they will suffer.

Some time ago I transferred the liquid assets of all my companies to a non-eurozone bank.

On a lighter note I attended the late samhain meet of a certain magical order for an invigorating weekend of rituals varying from the deadly serious to the intriguingly surreal. How satisfying to see it all still going strong some thirty years down the line.

Semester 2 of Arcanorium College's 6th glorious year officially begins today,  

I'm now working with the new lightweight style ash wood pocket wands, the metal ones were making holes in my clothing.


Monday, 31 October 2011 21:31

Thermopylae again?

The Greek government's threat to offer its people a referendum on the euro-bailout package before the finalisation of that package may yet lead to another glorious Thermopylae moment. If they say NO to the empire they will take heavy casualties but secure their freedom, and probably bring the whole empire down eventually.

On a lighter note I present my Samhain Eisteddfod poem here publicly, as its on a secular rather than an internal metaphysical topic. So celebrate this halloween with a poem about the most comprehensively dead person of my knowledge, an ancestor from some 34,000 years ago.

Paviland Man, some thoughts upon Europe’s oldest tomb.

Pavilander, what took you in your prime

Those thirty thousand years ago?

Was that mighty mammoth skull

Laid to rest with you by friends

Some token of your final fearsome prey?

So how on earth did you bring to ground

Eleven tons of muscle and tusk

With flint headed spears?

Or did you heave great boulders down

From the top of the cliffs

Or stampede them over it

With blazing fire torches

Whatever, it must have took cunning and guts.


For such a fine send off

You must have had love or respect

Precious grave goods and offerings of ochre

And what was that for, that blood of the earth

For strength in the next world

Or a token of honour in this one?

I’d guess you would have had children

By your age in those ancient times.

Though over a thousand lifetimes

Separates you from us currently here

You may live in our blood and our genes

But your language we can never know

Yet your tools and your ornaments and tomb

Say to us plainly and clearly

That you must have had thoughts just like ours.


Your friends they gave you the best plot

A high vaulted cave of a million years, facing the sun

Proud and bleak it stands in the bare cliff face

It has seen the seas draw back and turn into plains

And watched the seas return again

Though dolmens and barrows may crumble

Or be stripped of their turf and their stones

That cave survived the glaciers the floods and the storms

The invention of farming left it untouched

Kingdoms came and went, unnoticed

Our feeble buildings do not last like caves do

Our empires rise and fall again to dust,

Let us hope our last archaeologist

Returns you to your resting place

When this fragile civilisation crumbles - like the rest.

Friday, 28 October 2011 21:31


Well, it seems like busy week in my absence. Ghadaffi met a well deserved squalid end, hopefully this will serve as a warning to other tyrants, quit and run at the first sign of dissent. Summary justice will hopefully prove sufficiently cathartic to allow Lybians to forget about all the collaborators they could have spent years dragging through their courts to little useful purpose. After all it ended nazism not too badly, we just hung a few of the worst for show and let the rest off, and now Germany seems a nice enough place.

Just exactly what  the EU has cobbled together for the Eurocrisis remains unclear. I suspect the deal has many as yet unrevealed clauses, just how much power over its subject nations the EU Synarchy has actually purchased, we have yet to find out.

The protests at the financial crisis do seem to have raised consciousness a fair bit about the ludicrous state humanity has allowed its politics and economics to evolve into, but when will some brave political soul stand up and state the obvious, that the goal of constant growth represents not the solution but actually the underlying problem itself?

Whilst away I read Terry Pratchett's latest, Snuff. I'm pleased to report that despite that he now has to dictate because he can no longer type, he has lost nothing of the wit, style, wisdom, imagination and humanity for which we love him to bits. So read it.

Also whilst contemplating classical and modern pantheons of various gods and goddesses and daemons, and taking a carefull arms length peek into the realms of the elder gods, I came up with the concept of 'Theometry', the description and classification of deities and daemons from various pantheons, qualitative and possibly quantitative comparative theology if you like, using a bi-planetary schemata so that Mithras for example comes out as solar-martial, Odin as jupiterian-saturnine, and so on, this all seems to feed into the growing corpus of what may become The Esotericon and The Portals of Chaos, with the Elder gods representing supernal or stellar archetypes at the limit of human imagination.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011 21:30


With our 6th year now well under way, I'll post advance notice here of next Semester's courses at Arcanorium College, In addition to all courses in progress and in archive, members also have access to the magnificent library, common rooms, and bar where we plot and discuss psychic revolution and the unconventional arts and sciences. 

Semester 2, November 7th - December 17th

Pete, Octarine Magic & Barbaric.

Res, Building Dreams. Tadhq, Gaelic Magic.

In the Octarine Magic & Barbaric course we will study pure magic rather than applied magic, this means that we will do practical magic for research purposes, to enlarge the scope of magical theory and practise itself, and to discover what we can or should do with it. Participants can take on a research topic of their choice and also develop tools and ritual to enlarge the Ouranian corpus. 


Two other members of staff will also conduct a 3 week course each at the same time, I know roughly what they will attempt, and it looks facinating.


Monday, 17 October 2011 21:29


The hunt for the origin of U, the ubiquity constant of about 6 x 1060 , which relates the Planck mass, length, and time to the corresponding mass, length, and time of the universe in Vorticitating Hypersphere Cosmology continues.

The size of the Ubiquity constant has implication for the degree of effective indeterminacy, and hence of magic, as shown in The Octavo.

Does it constitute an arbitary parameter of this universe or does something define it?

If the electron neutrino constitutes the smallest possible mass of a matter particle, then we might expect that mass to bear some relationship to a fundamental quantity, and the following relationship showing the Gravitational Fine Structure Constant for the electron neutrino, which consists of the ratio of the squares of the neutrino and Planck masses, may apply:

      Gmν2 /hc = 1/U

In which case the electron neutrino would have a mass of about 2.8 x 10-38  kg, corresponding to 6 x 10-3 eV, electronvolts. Now this looks like a very reasonable figure for a mass that we cannot currently measure accurately, but believe to have a finite value somewhere below 3 x 10-1 eV.

Should the measured value of the mass turn out to have this value, it would then seem a truly remarkable 'coincidence', indicating that the single spacetime chiral and generational spins of the electron neutrino in the HD8 model do somehow relate to the macrostructure of the universe and define its parameters.


Thursday, 06 October 2011 21:29


With the completion of the latest Knights of Chaos campaign all qualifying survivors have started to place their armorial crests in the Knight's Hall at Arcanorium College. I chose this one. First Earth Batallion will conduct another campaign later in the year.

If, as R A Wilson observed, 'Magic is what you do when you have exhausted the posibilities of common sense', then lets go for it and try saving the biosphere with sorcery as nobody else seems willing to try, and the resources of common sense seem sorely in need of some practical metaphysical assistance.

On another matter, I suspect that in addition to the usual cosmic limit of v ≤ c , relative velocity never exceeds lightspeed, another limit also applies, namely that m/l ≤ c2/G , the amount of mass per length in a spherical body, can never exceed lightspeed squared over the gravitational constant. I suspect this limit arises because such a configuration of mass creates a hypersphere (3-sphere) as its radius excess grows and that any further addition of mass would force such a hypersphere to expand. Ergo the univere cannot contain singularities.

Now two questions arise from this, and I'd appreciate email inputs here:

1) Can we develop a proof of m/l ≤ c2/G  from some other mechanism?

2) Assuming that m/l ≤ c2/G underlies fundamental particles (Planck scale hyperspheres) and the macro structure of the universe itself, ie that they both consist of hyperspheres, does anything prevent the formation of hyperspheres of intermediate size?


Greek Debts, an afterthought, we owe the Greeks so much, they gave us mathematics, theatre, figurative sculpture, many varied philosophies, proto-democracy, and the destruction of the tyranical Persian Empire, now hopefully they will give us yet another gift, the destruction of the hated EU.

Friday, 23 September 2011 21:29

Tachyonic Neutrinos?

Tachyonic Neutrinos?

I’ve had a hailstorm of enquiries about this latest bit of apparent strangeness from Cern,

See original paper here

This may all end up as a false alarm, however lots of questions remain about the pesky little neutrinos. If they do have a miniscule mass then they shouldn’t travel at lightspeed anyway, but at a bit less.

Neutrinos from supernova explosions seem to arrive here a bit after the photons, possibly indicating a slightly slower than lightspeed journey.

That they do seem to oscillate between electron, muon and tau varieties in flight suggests that they probably do have a small mass, and this indicates that they may behave as Marjorama fermions rather than Dirac fermions and thus behave as their own antiparticles.

Now we can model antiparticles as time reversed particles and a particle travelling backwards in time would give the appearance of travelling faster than light. The HD8, (hypersphere/hyperspin dimension eight), hypothesis includes the transactional interpretation of quantum physics and thus sufficient time symmetry to allow this.

Now just maybe neutrinos can oscillate through a time reversed mode as well whilst in flight and this could result in them appearing to exceed lightspeed.

Perhaps the effects of having a small mass which tends to reduce their speed to below lightspeed and a time reversal oscillation which tends to push their apparent speed beyond that of light both come into play in various situations.

It all looks quite intriguing, we await further data.

Saturday, 17 September 2011 21:28

The Perfect Cosmological Principle

The Perfect Cosmological Principle.

Copernicus overturned the Ptolemaic astronomical assumption that the earth lay at the centre of the universe, and did, like the other planets of the solar system, orbit the sun. Newton considered that the stars also consisted of distant suns similar to our own, because they emitted the same sort of light.

Long after the death of Copernicus we began to speak of The Copernican Principle which states that the earth, or indeed the solar system, does not occupy any sort of special or privileged position within the universe.

With the development of telescopes able to collect light and other forms of radiation from galaxies enormously distant from the Milky Way galaxy in which our solar system resides, it became apparent that the universe appeared more or less isotropic (the same in every direction) and homogenous (made of the same material with the same sort of distribution everywhere).

This led to the assertion of the Cosmological Principle, which states that the universe looks more or less the same everywhere on the large scale. To see this homogeneity you have to look on the scale not of galaxies, but on the scale where the clusters of galaxies and the voids between then begin to look like a fairly uniform sponge cake.

Now the contemporary conventional Cosmological Principle does have one imperfection, most cosmologists currently believe the universe has Anisotropy in Time. They interpret the galactic redshifts and the cosmic microwave background radiation and the relative abundances of hydrogen and helium, to mean that the universe must have expanded from a much smaller and denser version in the distant past. Thus they hypothesise that  about 13.4 billion years ago the universe erupted out of a tiny, probably subatomic sized, condition of almost infinite density and that ever since it has continued to expand and cool and increase in entropy, exhibiting large scale homogeneity at all stages as it does so.

A Perfect Cosmological Principle on the other hand states that the universe will have the same large scale general characteristics not just everywhere, but also everywhen; it has always looked and will always look like it does now on the large scale, giving it spatial and temporal isotropy.

As the expanding-universe hypothesis began to take hold, the Perfect Cosmological Principle became associated with various steady-state theories which attempted to reconcile the idea of expansion with spatial and temporal isotropy. Inevitably this led to awkward ‘fixes’ like the hypothesis of continuous spontaneous creation of matter to fill the expanding space, and gradually the idea got dropped.

However the Perfect Cosmological Principle has recently re-appeared in the Multiverse hypothesis. Partly because current theory cannot address what happened before the big bang, partly because it cannot address how the extraordinary starting conditions of the big bang with its staggering density and miniscule entropy arose, and partly because it cannot address the question of how the universe comes to have its particular fundamental constants; theorists have hypothesizes that all possible universes must exist. Just ‘where’ or indeed ‘when’ these other universes exist and what separates them from this one remains an open question but the presumption exists that universes can maybe multiply by creating black holes or singularities that somehow burst out as new ‘white holes’ or big bangs ‘elsewhere’ to create new universes with perhaps a different set of physical laws and constants.

Thus in some ways the Multiverse hypothesis restores the Perfect Cosmological Principle, as a sufficiently vast multiverse consisting of zillions of universes would presumably exhibit spatial and temporal homogeneity and isotropy on an unimaginably vast scale.

The multiverse idea does begin to look like an unnecessarily extravagant hypothesis, particularly when a simpler one exists to solve many of the questions to which it supposedly supplies an answer.

Consider the Vorticitating Hypersphere Cosmology (VHC) as elucidated in The Apophenion and The Octavo. In this we inhabit a universe which has finite and unbounded extent in space and time and complete spatial and temporal homogeneity and isotropy. Thus it contains all of the space and time which exists and this space and time curves back round on itself under the influence of all the gravity (spacetime curvature) of all the mass and energy within it.

In VHCosmology the universe does not expand, the redshift of distant galaxies arises purely from the spacetime curvature of the hypersphere and remains proportional to distance.

In VHCosmology the apparent acceleration of the apparent expansion of the universe arises as an optical illusion caused by the large scale lensing effect of the small spacetime curvature of the hypersphere of the universe.

In VHCosmology the CMBR consists of trans-antipodal light in thermodynamic equilibrium with the interstellar medium, and thus it represents the universe’s overall (rather chilly) constant temperature.

In VHCosmology the entropy of the universe remains constant on the large scale because neutrinos act as their own antiparticles and so do neutrons according to the supplementary HD8* hypothesis of 3-dimensional time which describes the quanta. Thus the universe has no single lowest energy state into which it can decay and neutronium annihilates to energy rather than imploding into singularities.

In VHCosmology the cosmic hydrogen-helium ratio merely represents an equilibrium established an un-specifiable time ago by the mechanisms of stellar nucleosynthesis and neutron annihilation.

In VHCosmology the universe does not have a beginning or an end, it just goes round and round in its own spacetime without the constraint of having to do exactly the same things in detail each time. The universe did not come from nothingness, we have no reason to consider nothingness as somehow more fundamental than something-ness. On the contrary, everything we can observe has become created from something else.

Phew. So why spend 20 years working on this unpopular set of ideas which may yet become falsified?

Well, the quest to develop a mechanism to explain magic led to questions about the conventional view of one-dimensional, one directional time. This led to a quest to interpret quantum physics in a 3-dimensional time framework which resulted in the HD8 hypothesis, and this in turn led to a questioning of conventional standard cosmology.

Finally the quantum and cosmological hypotheses came together in one single simple equation:

W = (2piGM/Vh)^1/2

This describes the ‘spins’ of all the hyperspherical fundamental quantum particles which make up the universe and the spin (vorticitation) of the entire hyperspherical universe.

Does that look like a Perfect Cosmological Principle? I dunno, but it reminds me of what Hermes Trismegistus said, ‘As above, so below’. Plus geometricating the quanta seems like a better idea than trying to quantize gravity.

So having reconciled my scientific beliefs with my magical beliefs without doing fatal damage to either, I feel that I can proceed with the magic.


Peter J Carroll.

Friday, 16 September 2011 21:28


As you may know, I hold the chair in The Department of Sorcery and Alternative Science at Arcanorium College, www.arcanoriumcollege.comand also act as the Chancellor of the college.

Thus on behalf of the Staff,  I proudly announce the program for the forthcoming first semester of our 6th year. Membership of the College entitles participants to access to all courses, the common rooms and bar, and the extensive library, plus our ever more vast archives. If you want to participate in the creation of magic in the 21st century and to find out where it came from and where it may go, you have come to the right place.


Arcanorium College Year 6, 2011 - 2012.

Semester 1, September 19th - October 28th.

Lecturer: Hyperritual, Course: Automagica Theoretica.

In this six-week course we will consider a theory of automagic devices from the perspective of automatic machines. There will be reading assignments and much reflection and discussion. We will attempt to sort out some models by which we can construct automagic devices either individually or as part of future courses (Automagica Practica) in the Dept of Magical Computing / Magical Computer Lab.

Lecturer: Al, Course: Seventeenth Century Magic.

This course takes an in-depth look at the 17thC magical worldview and its principles and practitioners and their magical workings, and it will involve practical work with various forms of Geomancy both traditional and modern.

Friday, 09 September 2011 21:27

Another review

Reviews by Shade Oroboros

The Apophenion: A Chaos Magic Paradigm by Peter J. Carroll,
Mandrake 2008, 160 pages, illustrated,
footnoted and indexed.

 In the wide wonderful world of Chaos Magick, it is kind of a big event when Peter Carroll writes a new book. This one does of course have many magical elements, but it is actually devoted to addressing profoundly fundamental issues: the nature of existence, time and space, the structure of the universe and the (un?)reality of the Self. The man has clearly been thinking vary hard about stuff, specifically Relativity, Quantum Theory and Chaos. On the way he discards the very notion of ‘being’ in favor of Panpsychism, trashes the concept of any individual ‘consciousness’ by redefining ‘mind’ as a verb rather than a noun, proposes a new personal pantheism, reexamines causality in magical terms, and completely blows off the current theories of the Big Bang theory of the universe in favor of a new physics model of Vorticitating Hyperspherical Spacetime.

 I am nowhere near doing justice to his thesis, and definitely lack the math skills to grok his appended equations. But as far as I can follow his thought, it seems to make more sense than many other theories, largely works for me, and is well worth some very serious consideration. I have the lurking feeling this all this is important.

 Apophenia, by the way, is the goddess of finding unsuspected meaning, patterns and connections.

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