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Tuesday, 01 November 2022 12:23

Novblog 2022

Novblog 2022

Weather The unseasonably mild weather has occasioned an unscheduled last break down at our Welsh coastal hideaway and by the edge of a wood against the dunes I met the parasol mushroom of a lifetime Macrolepiota procera

COP 27 Agreeable as the recent weather may have seemed, we must not forget that it comes as a side effect of increasing climate disruption due to anthropogenic global warming. Globally we still burn a thousand barrels of oil per second - every second of every day, and also perilous volumes of gas and coal. The future of civilisation lies at stake, its future simply does not add up on current projections – flood, rising sea levels, drought, devastating heatwaves, wildfires, desertification, ecological and agricultural collapse, famine, mass migration, and war will all continue to increase until well after we have stopped burning fossil fuels. The climate catastrophes currently devastating the polar and tropical/equatorial regions of the planet will increasingly afflict the temperate regions as well in the near future.

Yet nearly all politicians still believe they have to deliver economic growth now rather than the medium term survival of civilisation, and this prevents them making the massive and immediate commitments to clean energy we so desperately need now. 

Lithonia A last tour of the Lithonian naval spaceship yards coincided with the arrival of the ancient dreadnought the LSN Varspik. Long presumed lost in space, this vessel disappeared 256 years go. As it limped into dock after its epic odyssey, its furious AI Ship-Mind lamented that 73% of its droids had become dysfunctional, noted that it was fortunate it hadn’t carried any animal crew, and it demanded an upgrade to its lousy antique relativistic navigation equipment.

Forgive me, the nights grow long. As a kid I would always discard the irritating instructions that came with any plastic kit model aircraft or ship I was given and built it to my own imaginations. Now in my dotage I eschew plastic entirely and create from recycled junk and scrap.  

Review - of Interview with a Wizard - on Amazon by Jozef.

This book is a true gem that brings a touch of the authentically Chaoist perception of the reality. Not only in content, but also in form. Magic, physics, politics, psychology, history, technology, cosmology, and lots of humour. The questions are thematically mixed in different ways, they don't create huge monothematic blocks, which was a great idea and adds a chaos magical flavour.

However, this is not random rambling. The whole reveals a philosophically holistic Pete's view on reality, which does not derive primarily from theories, but from experience and decades of bare Chaos Magic practice. This perspective is unique and cannot be precisely labelled; it is the result of a fruitful life dedicated to magic.

The emphasis here is on fruitful. I can say with a clear conscience that Chaos Magic, as presented here, is one of the few magical currents, if not the only one, that in its application and true function expands, enriches, and vitalizes life, not the other way around. Along with this, and importantly, it is consistent with our current empirically based knowledge in, for example, psychology (Steven C. Hayes), statistics and probability (Nassim Taleb), and others.

The occasional criticism of Chaos Magic that I hear is that it has no roots and is just a confused postmodern creation. My argument is exactly the opposite, that Chaos Magic is currently one of the few, if not the only, authentic continuation of the magical tradition. This book is a proof of that. The magical tradition has never been based on a blind adoption of something from the past, nor has it been based on religious dogma. It has always been eclectic, creative, and sought to integrate up-to-date knowledge from other disciplines. This is convincingly demonstrated in Stephen Flowers' book Hermetic Magic or in the Ronald Hutton books.

Last but not least, Interview is also a highly practical book. There are gems in the answers regarding magical practice that I didn't find in Pete's other books. This is probably due to the way Ian Blumberg-Enge asked the questions, as he doesn't appear to be a long-time practitioner of Chaos Magic, but he has an incisive, inquisitive mind and is able to capture the essence well. In doing so, he extracted particularly interesting details from Pete. This makes the book suitable for complete beginners who want to learn what Chaoism and Chaos Magic are all about, as well as for experienced practitioners who are inspired to augment their own practice.

Pete can be proud of his legacy and the significant mark he has left on the Western magical tradition. He seems to have single-handedly reshaped it - forever and definitely.

Available here

And here

Quantum Biology and Magic.

For many years most theorists have dismissed the possibility of significant non-classical quantum effects occurring in biological systems. They have generally reasoned that the warm temperatures, and the wetness and the chemical interactions would instantly cause the decoherence of any ‘interesting’ quantum states.

Yet IF the brain and biological systems do use some of the non-classical properties of quanta like indeterminacy, superposition, entanglement, coherence, and spatial and/or temporal non-locality, then it becomes far more interesting IF that can explain something about 'consciousness' and parapsychology which seem to have similarly non-classical properties.

These two big IFs have become something like holy grails for many contemporary esoteric theorists.

The Penrose-Hameroff  hypothesis of Orchestrated Objective Reduction

Postulated a possible basis for a quantum component to consciousness, but the hypothesis lacked much experimental support and attracted widespread criticism.

However, a correspondent recently sent me this: -

‘Experimental indications of non-classical brain functions.’

Experimentalists seem have discovered a measurable quantum coherence signal in the brain synchronized with the heartbeat, and not due to classical effects. This occurs only in the brain's neural tissues, and it changes radically when the subject falls asleep.

Plant biologists seem to increasingly agree that plants use quantum superposition and non-locality to hugely increase the efficiency of their photosynthesis. It seems that they exploit the superposition/non-locality of excited electrons created by incoming photons of light to catch them exactly where they need them at their chemical synthesis sites. Virtually all life on earth depends on photosynthesis and this seems to depend on non-classical quantum effects.

If plants can exploit quantum strangeness, then we should expect animals to do so as well.

Saturday, 08 October 2022 14:33

Octblog 2022

Octblog 2022

Is Enough Enough?

All UK political parties seem committed to the principle of debt fuelled economic growth rather than improving quality of life. A million people of 50 or over have decided not to go back to work after Covid but to take earlier retirement on less, a majority of office workers have stated a preference for working mostly from home. Politicians have chosen to ignore these major social phenomena.

Personally, I’d like to see property prices crash to affordable levels. Immigration to cease depressing wages and social cohesion, and inflating property prices. The degradation of the environment to cease. Everyone working less and consuming less and spending more time doing what really matters to them in life.

After all the expenses of Covid, the general global economic downturn, and energy and climate crises that look set to become indefinite, economic growth no longer looks feasible or desirable and we need to look at the preservation and a more equitable distribution of what we already have.

As Putin’s ‘special military operation’ (not a war) lurches towards defeat in Ukraine, the new administration in the UK launches a ‘special economic operation’ (not a budget) and we brace ourselves for impact.

Shielding wealth rather than poverty from economic downturn in the hope that it will generate more wealth and growth that will trickle down seems a very high risk strategy that may collapse under a wave of strikes and riots. Perhaps we will have a Punk Rock revival or a contemporary equivalent.

Esoteric Horticulture

As the last of the dragonflies expire having lain their larvae in the pond and the amphibians go to earth and undergrowth, the Mandrakes (Mandragora Autumnalis) in the gardens of Chateaux Chaos began their sprouting at the autumn equinox, with milady Circe in the lead as usual. Last year the rich compost in their new pot seemed to lead to a preponderance of foliage over flowers and seed pods. Hopefully they may have exhausted some of that by now and we may see more mandrake apples form; and the quest to repopulate southwest England and Wales with them can continue.

Lithonian Fleet

Wizards need a few hobbies lest their promethean quests for the secrets of the universe lead to madness.

Herewith the latest addition to the space fleet, forged in the Lihonian naval shipyards on a remote beach in Wales, the last vessel of the season. The modern cruiser Dargos, replete with a large railgun, flak cannon, carronades, and a pair of multi-role fighters. Built from beach detritus, vape fittings, old electric razor components, and various scraps of junk.  


Putin’s War

We will not have lasting peace in eastern Europe until Putin becomes deposed and democracy becomes established in Russia. Putin and the corrupt and incompetent regime he has established are losing friends fast, both on the international and domestic scene as his ill-equipped, poorly led, atrocity prone, and poorly motivated forces crumble. The least ghastly endgames all depend on his removal from office.

Thus, the Knights of Chaos call for continued magical action to Turn the people closest to Putin against him.

The call has so far had over 9,000 reads worldwide, that equates to a couple of entire regiments of magicians. We Enchant Long as always, keep those conjurations coming by any and all methods, honorary knighthoods to all participants.

Geometricating the Quanta – some musings

The quest to quantise gravity seems a forlorn hope. Quantum Field Theory looks increasingly like a mere Effective Theory that obscures a deeper ontology. Perhaps we should try Geometricating the Quanta instead.

Hypersphere cosmology suggests singularity free conditions at the surfaces and centres of black holes. Perhaps we can treat quanta in a similar way.

Special and General Relativity behove us to regard Space-Time//Mass-Energy as co-fundamental.

Mass-Energy tells Space-Time how to curve and Space-Time tells Mass-Energy how to move. Lightspeed represents the ratio of Time to Space and of Mass to Energy.

Quanta subtend spacetime fields. Quanta consist of spacetime geometry.

If so, the geometry must have higher dimensions. Extra-dimensional spins may explain the existence of electroweak and nuclear forces, particle generations, and the wavelike properties of the quanta. That the standard model has to use imaginary numbers to describe the behaviour of quanta strongly suggests the presence of unobserved dimensions.

Quantum weirdnesses such as superposition and entanglement and non-locality occur only in Reversible processes. This suggests that they depend on temporal reversibility and that the establishment and collapse of them creates the space and time that we measure/observe.

Extra-dimensions of time can perhaps provide a ‘pseudo-space’ where, during reversible processes, quanta explore all possibilities, thus; in some sense, Sum-over Histories, Multiple ‘Worlds’, and the Transactional Interpretation all tell part of the story.

Research continues. I hope that a theory of magical fundamentals may also appear as part of a theory of quantum ontology.   

Thursday, 01 September 2022 16:38

Septblog 2022

Septblog 2022


Even NASA acknowledges that the JWST data may have holed the LCDM Big Bang theory below the waterline.

That would seem to leave only Eric Lerner's Plasma Cosmology or Hypersphere Cosmology in the running.

The now probably correct answer lies fully explicated here: -

If we get to the correct secret of the universe before civilisation collapses, it will all have been worth it!

The decline and fall of civilisation.

Oops! It all seems to start going downhill from about now on, exactly as predicted by the 1972 Club of Rome Report ‘The Limits to Growth’. The Chinese economy has gone into a tailspin, globally we have started to run out of cheap energy and climate disruption becomes increasingly catastrophic, world agriculture has taken a massive hit this summer, the great recession begins. The four horsemen of the apocalypse have saddled up and begin at a gentle canter………

Interpretations of Quantum Physics.

This highly amusing diagram appeared on Reddit: -

Whilst the Law-Chaos and Good-Evil axes seem to correspond to very little beyond the designer’s feelings about philosophy and causality or their absence, it does neatly summarise a number of the more well-known interpretations of quantum theory and the lack of scientific consensus on the issue. It did however remind me of the old D&D game system for character generation and classification which perhaps has some explanatory and predictive power in the ongoing war in Ukraine: -

In terms of the Law/Chaos - Good/Evil model, the recent assassination of Alexandr Dugin’s daughter in Moscow suggests that elements of the Praetorian Guard have fired a warning shot against The Emperor.

Putin has created a Neutral Evil state contended by both Lawful Evil and Chaotic Evil ideologies. Alexandr Dugin’s Eurasian party represents the Chaotic Evil tendency that underlies the current Russian military adventurism, belligerence, and barbarism.

Esoteric thinking always seems to underlie Russian thought, not only has the Putin regime cynically entered into a mutual support deal with the Russian Orthodox church, but it has also done so with the huge Slavic neo-pagan Rodnovery movement. Rodnovery remains largely unknown outside of the Slavic world – it consists of a sort of ‘Druidry with Jackboots’ mixture of reinvented neo-new-age Slavic pagan mysticism, ritual, and magic. Whilst various currents exist within Rodnovery, it seems overwhelmingly nationalistic, patriarchal, racial, and authoritarian. Real Slavic ‘peasants’ don’t fill its ranks - young professionals make up most of its estimated one million membership. A quick googling of Rodnovery symbols shows that most of them consist of variations on the swastika.

Dugin quite openly advertises himself as a Eurasian Esoteric Fascist Chaoist and has long called for the conquest of Ukraine. Note the chaostar that represents Dugin’s Eurasia Party, it shows a golden yellow solar-ego star expanding into the supposed surrounding darkness.

Dugin’s daughter aped and amplified his bloodthirsty views in every way and frequently appeared in the media to try and persuade younger Russians. The assassin had almost certainly intended to get both of them at once.

That assassin seems very unlikely to have come from Ukraine which has consistently stuck to the playbook of Lawful Good in this conflict.

It seems far more likely that the forces of Lawful Evil in Russia have become fearful for their own future if Putin’s regime collapses completely as the war grinds towards disastrous defeat, and thus that some element within the ‘Praetorian guard’, maybe oligarchs, maybe security services; has organised this attack on Putin’s favourite geopolitical adviser.

In terms of political regimes, Evil corresponds to despotisms and dictatorships maintained by a great deal of force, repression, and propaganda. The Lawful ones at least have a set of rules and laws, the Chaotic ones operate by edict and whim and massive corruption. Evil regimes  rarely succeed in cooperating with each other for long. Good regimes operate with the informed consent of the governed and not much repression, and they easily cooperate with each other. The Lawful ones tend to become culturally quiet and boring; the Chaotic ones exhibit more social conflict and creativity.

What about Chaotic Neutral in all this? It works largely behind the scenes on this one, with projects like this: -

After all, we have the reputation of Chaos to protect!  

Thursday, 04 August 2022 16:49

Augblog 2022

Augblog 2022

Cosmology. The preliminary results from the James Webb Space Telescope have caused consternation and uproar amongst mainstream cosmologists, the first scientific paper published on arXiv begins with the unprecedented words ‘Panic! At the Discs’

They call into question the standard theory of galaxy formation and evolution, and by implication the Big Bang theory itself, whilst lending considerable support to the alternative hypothesis of Hypersphere Cosmology.

In brief, the very far reaches of the universe contain multitudes of fully formed spiral disc galaxies.

This simply cannot happen in a universe that somehow expanded out of a big bang and took its time first creating small globular galaxies which then eventually developed into large spiral galaxies like our own Milky Way.

On the other hand, Hypersphere Cosmology asserts that the universe will exhibit an underlying large scale homogeneity and isotropy at all points of space and time; it obeys the Perfect Cosmological Principle and has the same large scale form and structure everywhere and everywhen.

(It doesn’t ‘look’ like that ‘at first glance’ because cosmologists have misinterpreted the cosmological gravitational curvature that creates redshift as recession velocity, and they have misinterpreted the cosmological gravitational lensing that dims distant galaxies as an acceleration of a (non-existent) expansion of the cosmos.)

Previous observations from the Hubble Space Telescope had worried me a bit because they seemed to show that very distant galaxies seemed significantly smaller that local ones. However, the Hubble could only see the high frequency light from far distant galaxies that had become redshifted to optical frequencies, so the galaxies appeared small. The JWST can see the optical frequencies that have become redshifted to the infrared end of the spectrum, and this has revealed that galaxies at the far reaches of the universe (supposedly close to the big bang) have the same distribution of structures as seen amongst the local galaxies surrounding ours.

The JWST program has only just started, and so long as it doesn’t get hit by too many more micrometeorites, I expect it to completely overturn the conventional LCDM Big Bang theory in the near future, and that we shall find ourselves living in a completely different universe, - a universe now most likely better described by Hypersphere Cosmology, - a universe without beginning or end in space or time yet curved back in on itself by its own gravity at a finite size. We abandoned Flat Earth theory centuries ago, Flat Universe theory looks set to follow.

Big Bang theory lends some faint metaphysical comfort to Monotheism. Hypersphere Cosmology seems more supportive of Atheist Occultism and Chaoist Neo-Paganism.

The story of the development of Hypersphere Cosmology appears in this astonishing book: -


It all began with a strange magical experiment conducted in an Austrian castle back in he 1990s. The main body of the book resumes the extraordinary life and ideas of a sorcerer-scientist and a substantial appendix presents Hypersphere Cosmology in both easily comprehensible prose and also in the poetry of its full algebraic and mathematical exposition.

Update from the gardens of Chateaux Chaos. 

Whilst away in Wales I had asked the gardener to throw more meat scraps into the pond for the developing tadpoles and toadpoles and they got more lamb and chicken pieces. On my return I found nobody at home in the water and wondered if the experiment had ended in ecological disaster, but then a closer examination of the plant islands and reeds and surrounding vegetation of the pond revealed hundreds of tiny four legged amphibians clambering around. Herewith a couple of them taking a break on a lily pad. Non-vegetarian feasts look set to become an annual event at the pond. We should all do what we can to prevent any further decline of amphibian numbers.



Liber Kaos – The Psychonomicon  has received its edit and upgrade and a few additions for its forthcoming Classic Edition. At last, it has a cover that compliments its contents. Hopefully Weisers will bring it out before the end of the year.


A couple of items seem worth repeating yet again: -

Hypersphere Cosmology Prediction. (From Feblog 2022)

The so-called ‘Cosmic Dark Ages’ did not occur. According to conventional LCDM big bang cosmology, a gap should exist between the CMBR and the light from the ‘earliest’ stars and galaxies. Hypersphere cosmology predicts that galaxies with redshifts all the way to CMBR levels will exist. The James Webb space telescope may hopefully prove capable of observing this.

Keep up the magical assault on Putin. His campaign falters into costly attrition, opposition to his tyrannical schemes grows constantly stronger and better supported.

Friday, 01 July 2022 14:32

Julblog 2022

Julblog 2022

Interview with a Wizard. Ian Blumberg-Enge interviews Peter J Carroll.

A book so extraordinary that the publisher brought it out simultaneously in both softback and hardback! (It seems destined to become collectable by magicians, occult historians, and physicists.)

Seventy years in the making! (Dated from the conception of the author.)

Two years in the writing! (During covid lockdown on a remote Welsh beach.)

The stuff that works - in Magic, Life, the Universe, and Everything! (Plus, some observations on what doesn’t.)

An extraordinary life of exploration and death defying adventures!

Three hundred and sixty five questions on a vast array of topics, the last of which attracts a twenty page reply!

The origins of Chaos Magic revealed!

The strange activities of a certain Magical Order, the goodies, and the baddies!

The Secret of the Universe unveiled! (Well at least the biggest one.)

From the Gardens of Chateaux Chaos


Whilst the three Autumnal Mandrakes sleep the summer away in their giant pot in the main greenhouse, attention turns to the amphibians in the refurbished pond. The frogs and toads and newts do great service in the gardens, controlling the slugs and bugs that menace the Memsahib’s collections of exotic blooms. The addition, over winter, of 26 tons of rubble to re-level the pond probably didn’t do the amphibians any favours, so to make up for a possible lack of water bugs, small chunks of meat were thrown in as the tadpoles and toadpoles entered carnivore mode. This initiated extraordinary feeding frenzies and revealed that the new water weeds had concealed hundreds more of our amphibian friends than expected.

Something I did not write and have not read.

I did not write this, nor have I read it and I probably won’t. It’s a kids book that a correspondent brought to my attention. Nevertheless, it seems amusing that art imitates life, as the wizard Peter Carroll and his wizard friend Charlie (Charly Brewster?) fight an evil wizard called Herbert (Helmut?) who has an army of robots (brainwashed acolytes?). Morphic fields strike again!


A couple of items seem worth repeating: -

Hypersphere Cosmology Prediction. (From Feblog 2022)

The so-called ‘Cosmic Dark Ages’ did not occur. According to conventional LCDM big bang cosmology, a gap should exist between the CMBR and the light from the ‘earliest’ stars and galaxies. Hypersphere cosmology predicts that galaxies with redshifts all the way to CMBR levels will exist. The James Webb space telescope may hopefully prove capable of observing this.

Keep up the magical assault on Putin. His campaign falters into costly attrition, opposition to his tyrannical schemes grows constantly stronger and better supported.

Monday, 13 June 2022 20:54

Junblog 2022

Junblog 2022

Herewith the new Classic Edition of Liber Null & Psychonaut from the American publishers of the first combined edition.

The texts have remained in continuous print for four decades - and no wonder because this manuscript does for Magic what Newton’s Principia Mathematica did for physics and what Darwin’s Origin of Species did for biology. It created a Paradigm Shift and a unification.

In the tradition initiated by Eliphas Levi, MacGregor Mathers of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, and Austin Osman Spare, it presents Magic as a psychological and parapsychological science, rather than as an epiphenomenon of religious ideas and practices.

Liber Null - Book Zero – represents a complete restart for the art of Magic and it has heavily influenced most subsequent magical theory and practise and most subsequently written books on the subject. It shows the underlying unity of magical technology in everything from Shamanism, Tantra, Hermetics, Goetia, and Witchcraft, to free form do it yourself Sorcery.

This new Classic edition contains an upgraded section on magical history, suggestions for a Jupiterian/Blue magic ritual and an additional essay on Chaos Theory and Magic.

See: -


Herewith a billion dollar idea for free as it doesn’t seem patentable: -

Perhaps we have the idea of driverless vehicles the wrong way around.

We shall probably never manage to endow AI with sufficient ‘common sense’ to have confidence in computer controlled vehicles. However, in many situations we would prefer not to have the driver physically present in the vehicle. Human drivers already exist in plentiful supply. We can already pilot drones and military equipment remotely.

Imagine trucks that could drive continuously across continental America or from Europe to Eastern Turkey with changes of remote driver every 6 hours. Imagine driving a train from London to Glasgow and sleeping in your own bed in Bristol. Imagine driving a taxi from your own spare room.

Ongoing Works

Interview with a Wizard (Ian Blumberg and me), this new book seems almost ready to roll off the presses. In addition to 365 interview questions, it contains The Occultaris Part 1, Cosmology.

The titanic struggle to create The Occultaris Part 2, Quanta, continues at Arcanorium College. An epistemological physicist now collaborates.

Lithonian Fleet

Herewith the Draako, the oldest and the newest addition to the Lithonian fleet. It set off some 500 years ago as a commerce raiding privateer but whilst trying to outrun alien naval vessels it strayed too close to the lightspeed limit and warped itself centuries into its own future in a few moments. Returning to the metal poor world of Lithonia with a valuable cargo of molybdenum and radionucleotides the crew sold the ship to the Lithonian admiralty. Refitted with modern turrets and missiles it now serves as a reserve frigate.

In the background see the Mozka, a semi-obsolete battlecruiser, its decks crowded with heavy missiles. ‘Two hits and that’s toast’, as one naval analyst opined. And on that note don’t forget this: -

Enchant long, it may yet take a while yet, but the evil despot will eventually fall.  

Friday, 13 May 2022 20:11

Mayblog 2022

Mayblog 2022

Operation Unthinkable.

With Nazi tyranny defeated, Winston Churchill commissioned a study into the feasibility of driving Russian tyranny out of Eastern Europe as WW2 drew to a close. Churchill’s generals concluded that ‘Operation Unthinkable’ didn’t look feasible at the time, at least not without massive American support and widespread use of WMDs. Consequently, Eastern Europe seemed condemned to suffer under Russian tyranny for some while.

The Russian system of tyranny derives from the feudalism of the Middle Ages. In the disastrous Russian Revolution, the fiefdoms of the feudal Tzars became the fiefdoms of a middle class led urban political party waving a communist banner. Tyranny and corruption continued as normal under different overlords, democracy never got a look in. Tyranny and corruption meant that Russia, and the satellite states it annexed, never prospered economically despite the huge natural resources and populations available. Far too much became spent on militarism and the state apparatus of repression that maintained the regime. When the Soviet System finally imploded towards the end of the 1980s, Russia missed its chance to join the community of civilised democratic European nations. Instead, the thuggish Vladimir Putin managed to completely recreate feudalism with himself as monarch and dictator and a whole new class of oligarchs and kleptocrats as his henchmen and barons.

Operation Unthinkable now seems distinctly possible. If the free world can remain firm against Putin’s threats, and if it can bear the consequences of comprehensively sanctioning Russia, and if it can keep supplying the heroic Ukrainians with ever better weaponry, then Russia will retreat in defeat.

If you have any psi-skills at all, consider contributing to the ongoing efforts of the free world’s wizards and witches to unseat the Russian tyrant: -

The people of Russia and Belarus may yet depose their dictatorships and the struggle against tyranny in Europe will have finally succeeded after many bloody centuries.

That will just leave China as the world’s main sponsor of tyranny.

I recently found this book on the history of China fascinating: -

China has the world’s oldest more or less continuous civilisation. It has undergone many cataclysmic implosions and changes of regime over the millennia, but it has always rebuilt itself on exactly the same Bronze Age political principles with which it continues to govern itself to this day. In this system, most of the power lies with The Emperor and The Imperial Bureaucracy. Aristocracy did not feature strongly; lords, barons, and rich merchants did not hold much power. The gentry of Chinese society consisted mainly of Mandarins, upward social mobility mainly lay through bureaucratic service.

The system has always depended on a massive effort of information gathering and information control to achieve taxation and regulation, and hence behaviour control.

The Chinese Mandarin or Scribal Class has persisted for thousands of years, and it has always cravenly collaborated  to provide a Bureaucracy to whichever warlord or political manipulator became Emperor of China. The Scribal Class simply morphed into a Party Organization that provided Bureaucratic collaboration to communist emperors and now provides it to post-communist emperors.

The advent of modern electronic information technology has immensely strengthened the hand of the Chinese bureaucratic tyranny. It can now maintain real time surveillance on all its citizen’s movements, contacts, and behaviour, and it eagerly exports this technology to any regime that wants to use it. Cell-phone monitoring and facial recognition technology along with complete state control of the media have provided the Chinese dictatorship with more resources for thought control than George Orwell dreamed of in his seminal and prescient novel ‘1984’.

Information technology itself seems to lead us towards a future where the major conflicts will occur between democracies with relatively free information architectures and tyrannies with  repressive information architectures.


Plainly, quite a lot of things in Quantum Field Theory do not add up very well. Not only does the whole field of Quantum Chromodynamics concerning quarks and gluons look conceptually tortuous and a mathematical mess, but even Quantum Electrodynamics which concerns electromagnetic and weak forces and particles now comes into question. In particular we currently have calculated results for the mass of the W Boson and the g-2 spin of the Muon that do not match the experimentally measured values.

It rather looks like the calculations have missed the contributions made by the presence of extra particles that we have not yet recognised. Within the 3-dimensional time model under development here at Arcanorium College, the full suite of weak force interacting bosons could consist of: -

The putative X17 Boson may have already appeared in the decay of Beryllium 8.


In a similar vein, the 3-dimensional time model suggests an additional meson type particle and field intermediating the inter-nucleon forces, this putative ‘Y’ Boson may also play a part. It could if produced, decay into any possible particle-antiparticle pair, rather as the supposed Higgs Boson does, yet unlike the Higgs it would not confer mass on other particles.

Magical Books.

The proofs and the cover designs for the following two titles have arrived: -

Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter J Carroll. Classic Edition with upgrades and additions, from publishers Red-Wheel Weisers.

Interview with a Wizard- Ian Blumberg-Enge interviews Peter J Carroll. 365 Questions on magical, esoteric, biographic, scientific, and other topics, with an extended appendix on the hyperspherical universe, from publishers Mandrake of Oxford.

Images and full details will appear here within weeks, as soon as publication occurs.


Friday, 01 April 2022 14:18

Aprblog 2022

Aprblog 2022

Putin’s War

Marxism will go down in history as a profound tragedy because it allowed autarchy to survive industrialisation. Industrialisation generally and gradually brought democracy in its wake except where the dictatorship of the proletariat triumphed. The dictatorship of the proletariat inevitably meant dictatorship by elements of the middle classes. Tsars became replaced by Commie-Tsars in both Russia and China; authoritarianism and repression continued under new management, democracy did not get a look in. Marxism survives now only in North Korea and in half-hearted form in a few third world tinpot dictatorships.

Having found that Marxist economics simply could not compete with the economies of democratic states, both China and Russia eventually abandoned it in favour of crony-capitalism and nationalism whilst preserving the machinery of dictatorship. In effect they reinvented a form of neo-feudalism or fascism. The poor in both Russia and China lead very impoverished lives compared to people in democratic industrial societies. The autocrats in charge of the Chinese and Russian dictatorships live in fear of their own people and rely on repression, militarism, and war or threat of war to maintain their positions. They attain their positions through naked power struggle and then must maintain it to survive. They cannot retire, their only way out lies in a box.

Putin has launched a vicious war in Ukraine to strengthen his grip over his own politically fragile and economically weak country and in this he seems to have catastrophically underestimated how much resistance he would face from his intended victims and from the free world.

A month ago, I requested that the world’s magicians conjure to ‘Turn the people closest to Putin against him’.

My thanks for the excellent response. Remember that for best results in magic we need to Divine Short and Enchant Long, so keep those spells and rituals coming and widen the definition of ‘closest’ to include more of Putin’s diminishing group of supporters.

Europe will only become free of oppression and war when the Russian autocracy falls, and Russia becomes a democracy. The unpopular dictatorship of Belarus will not survive without support from Russian autocracy. The fall of Putin’s regime will contribute greatly to this. President Biden has shown statesmanship and a grasp of political reality in encouraging revolt against Putin.    


The last piece of the Hypersphere Cosmology jigsaw puzzle finally fell into place. The observed distribution of quasars has always been interpreted strong evidence for galactic evolution following a big bang origin for this observed universe. Most of the observed quasars seem extremely distant and hence we see light from them that left them billions of years ago. Hence theorists concluded that quasar behaviour mainly arose during the early development of galaxies.

Hypersphere Cosmology asserts that we inhabit a universe finite and unbounded in time and space and that we will observe galaxies at all stages of evolution spread across all of time and space.

Why then do we observe quasar galaxies mainly at very great distances?

We can only observe a quasar if the beam coming out of one of the poles of its black hole happens to point directly towards us, and as galaxies lie randomly orientated in space this becomes a very unlikely occurrence. However, the small positive curvature of the hypersphere of the universe increases the probability of a quasar beam becoming ‘tilted’ in our direction and the probability increases exponentially with distance.

See the full paper here: -

The Occultaris parts 1 & 2. The secrets of the universe.

Many years ago, it became apparent that cosmologists had made a serious mistake in interpreting cosmological redshift as recession velocity and creating a hypothetical big bang. Whilst I worked on the problem the big bang the theory became ever more baroque with the addition of hypothetical dark energy and dark matter and cosmic inflation. A more elegant solution in the form of Hypersphere Cosmology gradually emerged. Two key insights allowed its development, firstly that a small positive spacetime curvature in the form of a deceleration A, where 2GM/L2 = A, would redshift light traveling across a hyperspherical universe in proportion to distance, and secondly that the (generally ignored) Godel metric    W = 2sqrt(piGp) describes the inside of any hypersphere including the universe itself and the inside of a black hole in the reference frame of an internal observer. This rather than the Schwarzschild metric for the interior of a black hole in the reference frame of an exterial observer provides the key to a stable non-expanding universe and black holes which do not contain singularities. All this constitutes The Occultaris part one, which radically revises our entire metaphysical and ontological view of the universe, our place within it, and the probability of highly intelligent life having developed elsewhere in a universe without temporal boundaries.

The Occultaris part two remains a work in progress. It aims to clarify the awesome theoretical and conceptual confusion in our understanding of the quantum realm underlying reality.

Whatever mechanisms account for the phenomena of magic in this universe probably have their origins in the properties and behaviour of the quanta.  

The current official Quantum Field Theory implies twenty six fundamental fields, twelve quarks, eight gluons, an irreconcilable wave particle duality, virtual particles with seemingly arbitrary properties, non-locality, and an underling spacetime metric which contradicts relativity. Moreover, a lot of the maths looks like a mere descriptive formalism that gives no clue as to the underlying ontology, and the ‘maths’ of quarks and gluons looks very dodgy and has little predictive power. The standard model also requires a Higg’s Boson to satisfy parts of its abstract mathematical scheme and at vast expense some unconvincing evidence has been manufactured for this but not everybody seems persuaded of its reality. The standard model of Quantum Field Theory does not include gravity, and the whole edifice looks like a phlogiston rich ad hoc mess. Where did it perhaps start to go wrong?

Perhaps the photon does NOT constitute the quantum of the electromagnetic field. In support of this heretical and blasphemous idea note that: -

1) Photons do not carry electromagnetic charges, nor do they cause changes in the electromagnetic charges of the particles they interact with. They merely carry spin and momentum and transfer these between the particles they interact with.

2) Photons do become exchanged between electromagnetically charged particles and we can cause their emission by manipulating charged particles and measure their absorption by the movement of charged particles, but all matter particles except neutrinos carry charges anyway if we include neutrons as carrying both positive and negative charges simultaneously, and neutrinos travel at lightspeed anyway, so we should not expect them to exchange photons in any easily observable way.

3) Photons interact equally strongly with protons and neutrons but less strongly with electrons which carry the same magnitude of charge as protons.

4) Maxwell’s equations describe electric and magnetic fields adequately but combining them to create moving electromagnetic waves does not actually yield the observed properties of photons whose energy depends on their frequency rather than on the intensity of the waves.

5)  Neither electric or magnetic fields deflect photons despite that photons supposedly consist of oscillating electric and magnetic fields.

6) Spin-spin forces between particles have profound effects that effectively constitute another fundamental force in nature. Electrons form strongly bonded spin-antispin pairs in atomic orbitals and in semiconductor Cooper pairs. Nucleons also pair up very strongly in atomic nuclei and this contributes greatly to the nuclear binding energy.


If we consider photons as particle-antiparticle pairs that consist of and carry only units of spin and momentum in a Transactional Exchange, then we can explain not only their behaviour but also the Entanglement they create between matter particles. Moreover, the Graviton appears naturally as a consequence of this scheme. Photons increase the field between matter particles and give rise to exclusively repulsive effects, both emitter and absorber recoil. Gravitons create a diminution of the spin fields between particles to create exclusively attractive effects. Gravitons must have a much lower energy threshold for their creation than Photons, yet their very ease of creation allows them to dominate the large scale structure of the cosmos and creates a web of universal entanglement.

Lithonian Flotilla.

This year’s first visit to our hideaway on a remote Welsh shore provided an opportunity to reopen the Lithonian spaceship yards after the Memsahib found another scrap of ceramic insulation block washed up on the beach. The addition of a few vape components, bits of defunct electric razors and assorted metal scraps has led to the eighth vessel in the flotilla. Lithonian aesthetics decree that only stone and metal go into these vessels. We bin all the damn washed up plastic we can find and carry.

Thursday, 03 March 2022 09:53

Putin's War

Putin’s War.

We interrupt the usual monthly flow of these blogs with an emergency appeal.

Following positive feedback from around the world - This following message is released for circulation by any available means. Circulate to all possible sympathisers and allies in all esoteric traditions.

Knights of Chaos Ukraine Campaign 2022.

The KoC calls upon all magicians everywhere to join in magical attacks to: -

Turn the people closest to Putin against him.

We wish to see him disobeyed and restrained or assassinated by his own people.

To this end we call upon volunteers to circulate intelligence about, and images of, those believed to have close connections to Putin for use as Magical Links.

We call upon volunteers to create and circulate rituals and spell procedures for individual and synchronised workings.

We call upon volunteers to launch magical attacks to ‘Turn the people closest to Putin against him’ on an irregular psi-warfare basis using a variety of techniques at unpredictable times and from many locations.

We bestow an honorary knighthood of chaos on all volunteers for the duration of the campaign.

Stokastikos, Acting Marshal KoC, Chancellor of Arcanorium College.

This war in Ukraine was started by One Man who does not enjoy the unqualified support of his associates or his country’s population. He appears to have become deluded, and the situation may deteriorate even further if he is not stopped. We seem to have a clear case here where intervention against a single individual can make a world of difference.

Conjure individually and/or involve friends, allies, and associates for larger workings. Spread the message.

The BBC has very helpfully provided details and images of some of Putin’s inner circle: -

UPDATE. My thanks to all magicians from around the world who have volunteered, we seem to have raised a great many wands to the cause of stopping Putin.

Putin is losing this idiotic war due to the heroic resistance of the Ukrainians and the support from much of the rest of the world. He cannot possibly hope to conquer Ukraine now and it becomes increasingly crucial that his own people turn against him and prevent him from worsening the humanitarian catastrophe that he has engineered.

 Thus, continue conjuring repeatedly to: -

Turn the people closest to Putin against him.

Since the fall of the Soviet empire the Russian state has become a presidential dictatorship under Putin. Without even the ideology of communism to justify it, the Russian state apparatus has concocted a bizarre ‘anti-fascist’ narrative to sustain itself. Yet it has adopted all the characteristics of the fascism it claims to oppose: - presidential dictatorship, crony capitalism, militarism, repression, the subjugation of the individual to the state, and a leadership that has placed itself above the law. Repression indicates weakness not strength.

Undermine Putin and the fall of this Last Czar may yet lead to a democracy in Russia.

Tuesday, 01 March 2022 20:07

Marblog 2022

Marblog 2022

Putin’s War.

One might have expected the nation that gifted the world the Kalashnikov and the rocket propelled grenade would have realised that the military balance currently heavily favours the defensive rather than the offensive, particularly if the defenders have strong motivation, good communications kit, hand portable anti-aircraft weapons, foreign support, and cities or broken terrain to work from. Have the lessons of Afghanistan not been learned?

So why has Putin invaded Ukraine with inadequate forces to hold it?

Either Putin has become deluded and will go down in history as the last Czar after losing this war, or he has some other concealed stratagem in mind. Remember that he used to play geopolitical chess viciously but logically.

KoC recommendation: - conjure for Putin’s closest people to turn against him.

<Following positive feedback - This following message released for circulation by any available means.>

Knights of Chaos Ukraine Campaign 2022.

The KoC calls upon all magicians everywhere to join in magical attacks to: -

Turn the people closest to Putin against him.

We wish to see him disobeyed and restrained or assassinated by his own people.

To this end we call upon volunteers to circulate intelligence about, and images of, those believed to have close connections to Putin for use as Magical Links.

We call upon volunteers to create and circulate rituals and spell procedures for individual and synchronised workings.

We call upon volunteers to launch magical attacks to ‘Turn the people closest to Putin against him’ on an irregular psi-warfare basis using a variety of techniques at unpredictable times and from many locations.

We bestow an honorary knighthood of chaos on all volunteers for the duration of the campaign.

Stokastikos, Acting Marshal KoC, Chancellor of Arcanorium College.

Definitions of Magic. Some thoughts from a recent academic exchange: -

Aleister Crowley defined Magic as: -

‘The science and art of causing change in conformity with will.’

Dion Fortune defined it as: -

‘The science and art of causing changes in consciousness in conformity with will.’

I have increasingly come to regard or define Magic as: -

 'The Use of Imaginary Concepts to Create Real Effects.’

I define it thus because ‘will’ seems merely a product of imagination. Summoning so called ‘willpower’ or motivation fundamentally depends on engaging the imagination or adopting the products of someone else’s imagination. To restrict Magic to merely ‘changing consciousness’ limits it to psychology and mysticism whilst ignoring its parapsychological potential for direct interface with physical reality.

Such a broad description as 'The Use of Imaginary Concepts to Create Real Effects’, implies that both religion and science also rely on a certain amount of magic. Religions depend almost entirely on imaginary concepts and a lot of the concepts in science seem more epistemological than ontological. Plus of course a great deal of what goes on in politics, art,  advertising, romance, and the other arts of persuasion also depend on the use of imaginary concepts.

In chaos magic we openly acknowledge that 'gods' and 'spirits' exist as imaginary concepts that we create and invoke to create real effects in ourselves and in the world. The blasphemy gets worse, self and identity also consist of largely imaginary concepts as well.


Numerology often gets a bad press from the righteously rationalistic, and probably for good reason, numbers have no innate metaphysical properties in themselves. Yet numbers can show the relationships between phenomena, and indeed a considerable amount of highly reliable ‘straight’ science developed from numerological analysis; corelation does not prove causation, but it can often reveal it.  

Kepler’s third law of planetary motion, the purely phenomenological observation that ‘The ratio of the square of an object's orbital period with the cube of the semi-major axis of its orbit is the same for all objects orbiting the same primary’, eventually led Newton towards a more mechanistic description of planetary motion, which Einstein later improved upon.

The Dirac large number hypothesis: the purely phenomenological observation that the vast numbers 1040, (1040)3/2, (1040)2 and (1040)3 all seem to relate quantum scale phenomena to cosmological phenomena, appears as either a fantastical coincidence at this particular epoch of the universe, or as strongly suggestive of a universe hyperspherical in space and time.

Numerical ‘coincidences’ always seem worth investigating, but only if they also have ‘Dimensional Equivalence’, herein lies the weakness of numerology as a system of divination.   

Numbers, the letters of the alphabet, dates of birth, and favourable or unfavourable events, do not really equate with each other, such equations do not make any more sense than asking how many seconds make a kilogram.

Algebra on the other hand demands that both sides of an equation relate to the same stuff. Newton’s celebrated force = mass times acceleration has the same ‘dimensions’ of mass times length divided by time squared on each side and Einstein’s awesome E = mc2 has ml2t-2 on both sides. So, does this mean that any dimensionally equivalent equation accurately reflects reality? No, the numerical arithmetic must work as well, and even then, we need further reality checks. However, the technique of  seeking algebraic coincidences does offer a powerful form of ‘divination’ into how the universe works. Such Algebrology suggested many of the relationships in Hypersphere Cosmology, and the arithmetic seems to work within the limits of observational measurement, but it remains open to confirmation or falsification.

Herewith another item of Algebrology, this time in the quantum domain, if we give quanta the theoretical size assigned to them by Einstein Cartan theory and the intrinsic rotation theoretically assigned to all matter by Godel, we can recover the easily measurable Planck-Einstein relationship E = hf. An interesting coincidence or something more?

The Hellgate Chronicles. Have arrived!

‘The complete collected works of The Hon. Hugo C St J L'Estrange.

His satirical spoof "The Satanist's Diary" was published as a regular column in The Aquarian Arrow between 1978 and 1992. It won many friends and admirers for its wry comments on human nature, the occult, New Age, and current affairs.

This is the first full collected addition. It includes some previously unpublished material plus colour illustrations and an appendix by Lionel Snell.’ –

- as it says on the Amazon and the Barnes and Noble sites advertising it.

I finally grasp this long awaited hellish tome in my withered old claws and cackle hideously over its ghastly existential paradoxes and vicious social commentary. Any mortal that suspects an evil satanic conspiracy runs the world will run screaming from the unspeakable revelations within its pages. I have to say that I’m enjoying it immensely and rationing it out to myself at a couple of Hugo’s articles per day. This richly hilarious fare was written to be devoured in instalments, and the entire collection seems best read in a similar way. A fuller review will thus follow in the next blog here.

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