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The Esotericon & Portals of Chaos

By Peter Carroll and Matt Kaybryn

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The Epoch - Hardbound Folio Book & Altar Icon Card Deck.

A New title from writer Peter J Carroll with Artist Matt Kaybryn.

The Book: This fully illustrated and illuminated hardback opens with a detailed historical resume of magical and esoteric thought (where it came from and where it may go) before presenting the reader with three complete grimoires.

The Deck: A Cartomagical tool for the 21st century, the Deck presents54 glorious Altar Icons spanning the three Spheres of Elements, Bi-Planets and Stellar god-forms.
Hardcover: 216 pages
Publisher: Arcanorium College (21 Mar 2014)
ISBN-10: 0992848822
ISBN-13: 978-0992848828

" This really is a pantheon for the present day: up-to-date technowizard
artwork, a commentary which soars over millennia of tradition, picking out
what is useful and relevant at the present, and icons which sum up what
deities from the whole span of Western and not-so-Western culture have
cumulatively come to mean. This is a book to which goddesses and gods,
historically so sensitive about their images, should be happy to belong."

Professor Ronald Hutton - Fellow of the British Academy










" Not content to release a new grimoire, the Chancellor of Arcanorium College has produced three. Oh, also, one of them is a Necronomicon.

Elemental, Planetary, and Lovecraftian grimoires are joined by an accompanying tome of digitally and painstakingly rendered icons. The  Portals of Chaos, and its Chaobala systemisation, marks a particularly cohesive collection of Carroll's work. But it also contains much exciting new material. Exploration of bi-planetary sorcery - a central component of Renaissance magic somewhat absent in modern occult discourse - is a particularly important feature.

Epoch is a useful resource both for those just starting out and for experienced magicians.There is something here to excite and challenge
occultists of many different dispositions and practices. "    Alexander Cummins - Author of 'The Starry Rubric'

"The enormous scope of the theory expounded within, coupled with the extraordinary pictures (which are better than anything of this ilk since Freida got down with her paintbrushes), provoke many thoughts as well as providing a neat summary of some complex ideas. Simultaneously a history and a prediction, it casts a spell covering spacetime and beyond, allowing your magick to have results." Nikki Wyrd -Author of 'The Book of Baphomet'

Pulled together, it is a fantastic cohesion of ideas in need of cohering, doubly so because the cohesion makes no claims to antiquity and doesn’t have to fit with either Neoplatonic emanations or Sanskrit body centres. Getting your head around the Chaobala is getting your head around a substantially updated magical cosmology. If that kind of thing is your jam, this kind of book is your toast. Gordon White - Runesoup

Without a doubt the Epoch will have great influence on the chaos magick paradigm and modern magick in general for years to come. I think every magician, even if they have their own correspondences, should examine the Chaobola system for its elegance and breadth. James Wilber - Scroll of Thoth

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