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Psybermagick - Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick

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Paperback: 132 pages
Publisher: New Falcon Publications; 1st Falcon Ed edition (January 1, 2000)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1561840920
ISBN-13: 978-1561840922

A witty and iconoclastic commentary on magick and modern occult subculture by one of the founders of Chaos Magick. PsyberMagick contains astonishing, controversial and revolutionary ideas on the theory and practice of magick, the structure of the universe and the nature of the mind. It holds many surprises as it challenges many of the conventional assumptions and paradigms of magick.

Filled with practical techniques, PsyberMagick give you the means to undo the fallacy of "being" and reach "sideways" into imaginary time to accomplish magic(k). Done in the style of Aleister Crowley's Book of Lies, and humorously illustrated by S. Jason Black, this book is a must for all Chaoist and Western magicians.


PsyberMagick will stimulate outrage, chaos, confusion, and insight in anyone who studies it closely. -- Alan Wicca

This book is a magickal classic and a must read for all aspiring magicians. It is funny, sometimes offensive, witty, challenging and best of all very useful. There are only 1/2 dozen or so working magick rituals in here but they are very very powerful. And the rest is very mind expanding.

Very, very funny, sometimes scattered, commentary. Although several reviewers have emphasized its unsuitability for novices (for one thing, you won't get all the jokes), the section on Abysses, read and considered early on, will save considerable trouble & provide a good antidote to solipsism.

Something here to offend everyone; much that appears trivial has a sting in its tail, and yours ...

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