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Free Trial Membership for two weeks.

Arcanorium College has Staff and Senior Members drawn from Adepts in the Magical Arts from all over the world, all of them have distinguished themselves by their publications and their leadership in significant magical orders.

Arcanorium College has recently decided on an experimental change to its Modus Operandi. Instead of the usual six week semesters it has decided to try a rolling program of ongoing workshops and forums without time limits. However the vast archive resource of past courses remains open for study and research.

The range of archive topics currently embraces Sorcery, Divination, Tantra, Runes, Neurolinguistic Programming, Chaos Magic, Thelema, Enchantment and Results Magic, Alternative Physics, the History and Culture of Magic, and Magical Software Design.

Members may attend as many of the ongoing working groups as they wish.

The College also features an extensive Library of Archives with links to many rare tomes, Common Room areas for news, debates, and socialization, and workshop facilities with online magical tools which remain open at all times.

Membership follows quickly after registration. The College does not accept members under 18 years of age. The College levies a modest registration fee which covers expenses and the cost of maintaining the online facilities and which discourages frivolous applicants. Arcanorium College works not to make a profit, but to provide a forum for the pursuit of The Great Work of Magic.

The Chancellor, Peter J Carroll, BSc, BM, KoC, may grant a free two week trial membership to suitable applicants. Apply by email to pete’at’ but replace ‘at’ with @.

Write a note about your interests and intentions, in support of your application. Include the email you wish to use for membership, the user name you wish to use, and a password of 8 characters.


Arcanorium College conducts its discourse to the highest standards of civility and will delete any trial members who abuse the privilege of membership.

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