Wednesday, 02 October 2013 13:55


The EU has taken its first Political Prisoners, elected Greek politicians from the Golden Dawn party.

(Incidentally there seems no connection whatever between the Greek Golden Dawn and the old British esoteric order of the same name.)

No matter how distasteful we may find the opinions of the far right Greek Golden Dawn we must accept that their views arise in direct reaction to the economic and migration policies of the EU which have royally stuffed the Greeks.

Theoretically the EU would supposedly bring nothing but economic benefit and harmony. In practise it has brought the exact opposite.

The Greeks should have quit the EU when the latrine first intersected with the windmill back in 2008.

In fact all counties except Germany should quit the EU, only they profit from it by using a currency grossly undervalued for their economy.

The freedom to form anything other than an 'approved' political party will eventually disappear if the faceless bureaucrats of the EU have their way.

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