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Just a few odds and ends that have caught my attention this last week or so: -

The mandrakes I unearthed about 2 months ago, these ones

have all produced little white and purple sprouts at the top after their visit to the Midsummer Druidry Grove and a rest on my altar, it seems a rather odd thing for them to do in September, my Royal Horticultural Society consultant recommends repotting them now, any further suggestions?

Herman van Rompuy, the nonentity holding the apparent presidency of the euro-shambles has asked the EU Audit Commission not to make the appalling inadequacies of EU accounting so public because it may lead to further erosion of confidence in the EU.

The EU stands underpinned by a malignant but bumbling synarchist conspiracy between elements of the European political class and big business. Any notion of government by the people and for the people never entered into their calculations, and it seems they cannot even do their calculations anyway. To hell with the whole rotten enterprise.

It looks like we will have to wait till 2015 for the LHC to fire up again and attempt to confirm the discovery of the ‘Higgs Boson’. I doubt very much that the weak signal obtained around 125 GeV represents a particle from a field that gives many other particles their mass, I just don’t buy the Higgs Mechanism. GR explains mass more elegantly.

The new particle may consist of something like this in HD8 notation:-

Spin          Colour         Electrocharge*          Generation

+1              +1                     +3                            +3?

-1                -1                      -3                              -2?


In other words, something like a spin zero meson, but one whose particle and antiparticle components cannot exist separately because their internal colour plus electrocharges do not add up to 3 or 0. Such a meson like particle does however obey this condition overall, perhaps conferring fleeting stability, and it could break up into virtually anything, as observed.


(* Electrocharge 3 = the charge on the electron, a more useful notation methinks.)


I note that this paper of a year ago has now achieved over 40,000 hits:-


That seems to have put the cat amongst the pigeons.




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