Sunday, 09 June 2013 13:54

Mandrakes & Time

Herewith a clutch of Mandrakes grown in the greenhouses of Chateaux Chaos. A colleague from Greece, the wizard Xarisal, sent some seeds, two of which we germinated and which grew well but without flowering for the first year, however in this their second year they produced some leaves and then shed them so we unearthed the roots and dried them. Rather oddly 2 seed have produced 3 roots.

They have come at a useful time as my daughters and their friends approach the age at which reproduction becomes a consideration. We used to have a dried mandrake on a thong which we lent out to friends who hoped to become pregnant, it seemed to work astonishingly well but it got lent on subsequently and somehow lost. These days with late pregnancies, sometimes after many years on oral contraceptives, fertility can present a problem, but with a mandrake root around the lady’s neck things seemed to progress sort of ‘first shot first cycle’.

Maybe the mandragorine alkaloids diffuse into the skin, or maybe it works by suggestion, or maybe it works by magic, it certainly seems worth a try before IVF.


As a follow up to the previous post, have a look at this book: -

Time Reborn: From the Crisis of Physics to the Future of the Universe .Lee Smolin

So far I’ve only had time for the reviews.

Time doesn’t really exist for physicists who believe in determinism because the past and future remain singular and fixed. Only the second law of thermodynamics suggests some sort of time going in one direction, all other physical laws and equations seem completely time symmetric.

In recent conjurations Yog-Sothoth and Hastur have intimated that Entropy does not in itself lead to the reality of time, but Probability does. As space consists of a volume with some places in it unoccupied by particles, so does time consist of a volume with places in it where some particulate events don’t happen.

Addendum in response to enquiry: Cogitating still upon the above, perhaps this may clarify: -

We get used to the idea of some parts of space not containing particles, but what about some parts of the VOLUME of time not containing particles/events either, ie stuff that didn't happen, we need some stuff not to happen to allow probability, however the whole volume of space and the whole volume of time lie full of wave functions perhaps?

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