Thursday, 13 December 2012 13:44

Seasonal Greetings

Seasonal Greetings for the Mayan end of the world on 21/12/12, and for the festive season thereafter on 25th December to mark the birthdays of Horus, Jesus, Mithras, and various other minor deities.

I have made no plans to immolate my children and livestock with an obsidian knife atop a pyramid in the grounds of my estates, and I note with relief that the Druids here plan to celebrate Solstice here on Sunday 23rd, as we prefer weekends. As an act of faith I’ve also booked a trip to Guatemala next year to see what all the fuss WAS all about, hopefully it will be completely tourist free by then.

Nevertheless I have prepared an e-Christmas card entitled Miskatonia for the edification of any aliens visiting this planet post-apocalypse. It shows all the most popular interstellar tourist destinations and saucer landing sites: - Thule, Stonehenge, The Great Pyramid, Arkham, Agarthi, Shambala, Atlantis, R’yleh, Puma Punku, The Mountains of Madness, Uluru, Dogon-ville, and Mount Shasta in relief, all connected by appropriate planetary ley lines. Acrylics and mixed media on canvass. Note that for aesthetic reasons I’ve shown the long route from R’yleh to the Mountains of Madness in the trans-Antarctic range

It seems unlikely that we shall have either immediate apocalypse or enlightenment on 21/12/12. Overpopulation and Anthropogenic Climate Change seem to offer a far greater threat to civilisation and the survival of humanity than anything currently in view of our telescopes. However we can perhaps hope that enlightenment about this slow burning apocalypse will become universal after 21/12/12. If you must immolate something on this day then stick some pins in the images of family planning opponents and climate change deniers.

It looks like the mouldy old C of E has done a deal with the government, women bishops in return for gay marriage exemption. It won’t last you know, sooner or later someone will mount a challenge in the infernal European courts where the State Religion of Political Correctness trumps all other forms of belief. After that, activists will solicit a refusal of marriage from a Mosque and go to Europe over that and win. Then we shall have some entertaining and invigorating riots in our northern cities. We can only make our own laws stick if we quit the blasted EU.

A gay has held the Britannic Archbishopric of my old order, and a woman currently holds it now; for true liberalism and theological flexibility choose Neo-Paganism.

Heaven only knows why women and gays want involvement with the ghastly genocidal tyrant of the monotheist god anyway; He hates women and gays, just read His appalling book. It all went terribly wrong for Him when He split up from his missus, the Israelite goddess Asherah.

Well I’ve had a tumultuous year, married off my eldest daughter to a fine highlander, acquired a factory and moved operations there, started converting the old commercial premises into a block of flats, visited Italy, un-solved the Pioneer anomaly, given a couple of courses on Arcanorium College, wrote half the Esotericon, and surfed rather badly as usual in Wales. It’s amazing what you can do if you don’t watch television.

All the best for a chaotically creative 2013. Regards, Pete.

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