Wednesday, 07 November 2012 13:44


A few oddments.

Obama Wins, Apocalypse probably Averted. Let us celebrate the triumph of the lesser of two evils, barking mad religious nut case backed by financial- military-industrial faction fails to become POTUS. My thanks for all supporting conjurations from all KoC First Earth Batallion Sorcerers.

Scottish Independence War rages in my household. My eldest has married into the highlands and gone native with all the passion of a recent convert. Little but tartan romanticism makes some Scots want 'freedom' from the UK and err, independent EU membership, this sounds patently barmy. Scotland would gain more freedom as part of a United Kingdom that freed itself from the non-democracy of the EU Totalitarian Synarchy.

All arguments for the EU seem either defeatist of fatuous. The argument that it will end wars in europe seems the most absurd of all. We no longer have wars in europe because european countries have become democracies and democracies do not fight each other. However the apallingly non-democratic EU seems designed to create internal strife.

The previous 'Pioneer Anomaly Un-Solved' post here two posts ago seems to have hit a nerve and attracted a great many reads. The Nasa team could have saved themselves a great deal of work on those telemetry tapes if they had simply looked at experimental photon thrust research.

Commencing 12th November I shall lead a course entitled 'Physics for Mystics and Magicians' on a course by Sorror Res, entitled  "The message of the medium: Exploring the magick of memoires through the aeons" , will accompany it.


I went on a cultural tour of Italy a couple of weeks ago. The Medici stuff in Florence impressed me greatly but the Vatican struck me as the most grandiose pile of bad taste on this planet, I felt moved to write a little poem......


Vatican Willies

I went to the Vatican

To see the Pope’s art

It was all very grand and over the top

An orgy of marble and porphyry and paint

The Christian material looked really quite ghastly

All simpering saints and suffering sinners

And bits of dead people in gaudy gilt boxes

But the classical stuff looked heroic and grand

Warriors and gods and legendary beauties

Strutting their stuff as nature intended

But their willies were missing; the popes cut them off in the past

The guides speak guardedly

Of occasional mysterious restorations

So maybe there lies in some secret chamber

The Pope’s private penis collection.

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