Friday, 08 June 2012 13:40

Scotland and the EU

Following a number of heated debates with my eldest who has gone native after marrying a fine Scot, I've taken a lot more notice of the arguments about Scottish Independence.

I'm all for the gloriously bogus Tartan Romanticism myself, castles, kilts, mountains, broadswords, haggis, Burns, the skrill of the bagpipes, love all that stuff.

However economically it doesn't make a lot of obvious sense. Politically, Scotland has become tainted by a subsidy induced sense of socialism which it probably cannot afford to maintain unless it gets ownership of all the North Sea oil and gas revenues.

Macro-politically, Scotland already has it both ways with a voice in Westminster and its own Parliament. That Westminster Parliament may soon allow us all a referendum on leaving the ghastly EU and we shall probably say yes to that.

And where does that leave Scotland? Hankering after an EU membership? Well they can have ours if they want one.

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