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Arcanorium Program

Arcanorium College announces its program for Semsters 6 and 7.

Semester 6. Jun 15th - Jul 28th
Pete, Elder Gods
Hyperritual, Measuring Magic

Semester 7. ~Aug 6th -  ~Sept  14th
Tadhq, Knights of Chaos 3.
Andriehvitimus, Chaos Vodoun

In Semester 6 I invite Staff and Members to asist in the creation of a Necronomicom worthy of the name, so far nothing in the field strikes me as entirely good enough. As this planet's premier magical institution we have the capability and the responsibility to do so, whatever the casualties.

Whilst the rest of the world is preocupied with watching the London Olympics on television the Knights of Chaos will mount a third annual campaign to save the biosphere and human civilisation by deploying  sorcery against those forces striving to destroy them. Every little helps. Willing Wands Welcome, apply to Arcanorium College online, as above.

Personally I find the Olympics tiresome, when you start taking sport too seriously it first becomes absurd and then grotesque, and berift of any sense of fun or sportsmanship. I may however give the ladies beach volleyball a few moments of attention, that looks like fun, and basically who cares who wins? The best time to see London incidentally, is in the 1970s, a slightly down at heel bohemian place full of Hippys and old bookshops. Since then the place has become poisoned by too much money. I used to crash in sleeping bags in properties that now fetch more than a million quid each.

I just re-noticed Dave Lee's review of The Octavo.

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