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Flying Sorcery

After a hard days slaving over esoteric and scientific texts in search of the secrets and equations of the universe I sometimes like to do stuff with my hands, so herewith, with apologies to HP Lovecraft and Eric von Daniken, a lighearted sculpture called 'Flying Sorcery', Fimo Elder Gods, Milliput Obelisk, Saucer in wood.

Maybe we should regard the Elder Gods as Lovecraft's personified premonitions about the powers that await us as we develop as a sentient race, such premonitions certainly scared the hell out of him, but perhaps we should regard them as challenges which we must confront eventually.

Lovecraft’s ‘Elder Gods’ have dangerous Promethean and Luciferian types of knowledge, knowledge with which we could easily destroy ourselves: - Direct power over the mind and the brain itself, power over the core processes of biology, the power of creating life and physical immortality, the understanding of the strange and secret geometries of the universe at both the cosmic and quantum levels, and the power to manipulate them, the powers of chaos and of creation itself

In response to requests for clarification of the previous post I append a brief extract from the forthcomming Esotericon:

Crowley joined the Golden Dawn and learned its system and accepted Mather’s teachings, but soon the considerably younger, richer, and more egocentric and aggressive Crowley broke with it. He published the core text underlying the entire system as his own work titled Liber 777. It seems that he merely added a small number of columns to the scholarly masterpiece that Mathers had spent years assembling and had kindly lent him. Crowley also slandered Mathers as an alcoholic in the introduction, an accusation not corroborated by anyone else who knew him, and Mathers by now moved in a circle of voluble literary figures.

Crowley added sex and drugs to the repertoire of techniques that the mystic or magician could use to attain altered states of consciousness, although these techniques had plenty of precedents in Shamanism and Tantra, but he never added any magical theory or attempted to tamper with the underlying PPM (Platonic Pagan-Monotheist) metaphysics. In the end he created a middlebrow misogynistic Victorian neo-satanism by simply replacing the solar based monotheism of PPM with a solar Satanism of the beast 666 by reversing all the usual ideas.

Thus he replaced the doctrine of Original Sin with his doctrine of True Will, he substituted Self Indulgence for Self Sacrifice, and he replaced Christ with the Crowned and Conquering Spoiled Brat of the Aeon of Horus. His theory of three Aeons, of Isis, Osiris, and Horus derived from Victorian anthropological fantasies about an ancient matriarchal female dominated Aeon which later research has thoroughly discredited. It would seem that until very recently the more brutal and bullying male has pretty much had his own way for all of history and pre-history. Nevertheless Crowley seems to have enjoyed himself, mainly at the expense of others, and his ideas continue to appeal to those who like him, grew up in a Christian household and then rebelled.  

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