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Pusey's Theorem

Heisenberg, Bell, Pusey & Co.

Purveyors of Quality Paradigms to the Discerning Magi.

Thought experiment.

1) Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Relationships show, and experiment confirms, that the measurability (and almost certainly the objective existence) of such pairs of  qualities as ‘Position & Momentum’, or ‘Energy & Time’, lie in a relationship of inverse proportionality to each other rather than in a simple either-or relationship. Thus more certainty or definiteness in one quality implies less in the other, depending on context or experimental set up.

2) Bell’s Theorem shows, and experiment confirms, that EITHER ‘Local Indefiniteness’, OR ‘Non-Locality’ applies, so either phenomena can exist in indefinite states or entangled phenomena can communicate non-locally, (faster than light).

(It does not rule out the possibility that EITHER Local Hidden Variables OR Non-Local Hidden Variables may exist.)

3) Pusey’s recent Theorem shows, (although we await experimental confirmation), that EITHER Wave Functions Have Physical Reality, OR All Quantum States (including non-entangled ones) Can Communicate, (‘Omnality’)

The physical reality of wave functions contradicts the widely held Copenhagen Interpretation that they consist merely of abstract mathematical formalisms that merely happen to give useful probabilistic descriptions. Communication between even non-entangled states might possibly explain the ubiquity of physical laws in the entire universe, and the so called ‘morphic field’ effect.

4) The application of a Heisenberg style inverse proportionality in place of the ‘either-or’ possibilities of Bell and Pusey yields the following schemata. A further hypothesis of Three Dimensional Reversible Time could reconcile ‘Local Indefiniteness’, Non-Locality, ‘Wave Reality’ and ‘Omnality’, by providing stochastic local and non-local hidden variables.

                                                      Local Indefiniteness




                                Wave Real ************************* Omnality





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