Monday, 07 November 2011 21:31


The EU Synarchy, conceived with malignant intent and in economic ignorance, by elements of the european political class, now looks headed for precisely the disaster that UKIP, half the UK Conservative party, and other weird eccentrics predicted for it.

All conceivable short term futures for europe look pretty bad now, but the sooner countries extricate themselves from this nonsensical project the less they will suffer.

Some time ago I transferred the liquid assets of all my companies to a non-eurozone bank.

On a lighter note I attended the late samhain meet of a certain magical order for an invigorating weekend of rituals varying from the deadly serious to the intriguingly surreal. How satisfying to see it all still going strong some thirty years down the line.

Semester 2 of Arcanorium College's 6th glorious year officially begins today,  

I'm now working with the new lightweight style ash wood pocket wands, the metal ones were making holes in my clothing.


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