Friday, 28 October 2011 21:31


Well, it seems like busy week in my absence. Ghadaffi met a well deserved squalid end, hopefully this will serve as a warning to other tyrants, quit and run at the first sign of dissent. Summary justice will hopefully prove sufficiently cathartic to allow Lybians to forget about all the collaborators they could have spent years dragging through their courts to little useful purpose. After all it ended nazism not too badly, we just hung a few of the worst for show and let the rest off, and now Germany seems a nice enough place.

Just exactly what  the EU has cobbled together for the Eurocrisis remains unclear. I suspect the deal has many as yet unrevealed clauses, just how much power over its subject nations the EU Synarchy has actually purchased, we have yet to find out.

The protests at the financial crisis do seem to have raised consciousness a fair bit about the ludicrous state humanity has allowed its politics and economics to evolve into, but when will some brave political soul stand up and state the obvious, that the goal of constant growth represents not the solution but actually the underlying problem itself?

Whilst away I read Terry Pratchett's latest, Snuff. I'm pleased to report that despite that he now has to dictate because he can no longer type, he has lost nothing of the wit, style, wisdom, imagination and humanity for which we love him to bits. So read it.

Also whilst contemplating classical and modern pantheons of various gods and goddesses and daemons, and taking a carefull arms length peek into the realms of the elder gods, I came up with the concept of 'Theometry', the description and classification of deities and daemons from various pantheons, qualitative and possibly quantitative comparative theology if you like, using a bi-planetary schemata so that Mithras for example comes out as solar-martial, Odin as jupiterian-saturnine, and so on, this all seems to feed into the growing corpus of what may become The Esotericon and The Portals of Chaos, with the Elder gods representing supernal or stellar archetypes at the limit of human imagination.

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