Tuesday, 18 October 2011 21:30


With our 6th year now well under way, I'll post advance notice here of next Semester's courses at Arcanorium College, www.arcanoriumcollege.com In addition to all courses in progress and in archive, members also have access to the magnificent library, common rooms, and bar where we plot and discuss psychic revolution and the unconventional arts and sciences. 

Semester 2, November 7th - December 17th

Pete, Octarine Magic & Barbaric.

Res, Building Dreams. Tadhq, Gaelic Magic.

In the Octarine Magic & Barbaric course we will study pure magic rather than applied magic, this means that we will do practical magic for research purposes, to enlarge the scope of magical theory and practise itself, and to discover what we can or should do with it. Participants can take on a research topic of their choice and also develop tools and ritual to enlarge the Ouranian corpus. 


Two other members of staff will also conduct a 3 week course each at the same time, I know roughly what they will attempt, and it looks facinating.


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