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The hunt for the origin of U, the ubiquity constant of about 6 x 1060 , which relates the Planck mass, length, and time to the corresponding mass, length, and time of the universe in Vorticitating Hypersphere Cosmology continues.

The size of the Ubiquity constant has implication for the degree of effective indeterminacy, and hence of magic, as shown in The Octavo.

Does it constitute an arbitary parameter of this universe or does something define it?

If the electron neutrino constitutes the smallest possible mass of a matter particle, then we might expect that mass to bear some relationship to a fundamental quantity, and the following relationship showing the Gravitational Fine Structure Constant for the electron neutrino, which consists of the ratio of the squares of the neutrino and Planck masses, may apply:

      Gmν2 /hc = 1/U

In which case the electron neutrino would have a mass of about 2.8 x 10-38  kg, corresponding to 6 x 10-3 eV, electronvolts. Now this looks like a very reasonable figure for a mass that we cannot currently measure accurately, but believe to have a finite value somewhere below 3 x 10-1 eV.

Should the measured value of the mass turn out to have this value, it would then seem a truly remarkable 'coincidence', indicating that the single spacetime chiral and generational spins of the electron neutrino in the HD8 model do somehow relate to the macrostructure of the universe and define its parameters.


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