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With the completion of the latest Knights of Chaos campaign all qualifying survivors have started to place their armorial crests in the Knight's Hall at Arcanorium College. I chose this one. First Earth Batallion will conduct another campaign later in the year.

If, as R A Wilson observed, 'Magic is what you do when you have exhausted the posibilities of common sense', then lets go for it and try saving the biosphere with sorcery as nobody else seems willing to try, and the resources of common sense seem sorely in need of some practical metaphysical assistance.

On another matter, I suspect that in addition to the usual cosmic limit of v ≤ c , relative velocity never exceeds lightspeed, another limit also applies, namely that m/l ≤ c2/G , the amount of mass per length in a spherical body, can never exceed lightspeed squared over the gravitational constant. I suspect this limit arises because such a configuration of mass creates a hypersphere (3-sphere) as its radius excess grows and that any further addition of mass would force such a hypersphere to expand. Ergo the univere cannot contain singularities.

Now two questions arise from this, and I'd appreciate email inputs here:

1) Can we develop a proof of m/l ≤ c2/G  from some other mechanism?

2) Assuming that m/l ≤ c2/G underlies fundamental particles (Planck scale hyperspheres) and the macro structure of the universe itself, ie that they both consist of hyperspheres, does anything prevent the formation of hyperspheres of intermediate size?


Greek Debts, an afterthought, we owe the Greeks so much, they gave us mathematics, theatre, figurative sculpture, many varied philosophies, proto-democracy, and the destruction of the tyranical Persian Empire, now hopefully they will give us yet another gift, the destruction of the hated EU.

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