Friday, 23 September 2011 21:29

Tachyonic Neutrinos?

Tachyonic Neutrinos?

I’ve had a hailstorm of enquiries about this latest bit of apparent strangeness from Cern,

See original paper here

This may all end up as a false alarm, however lots of questions remain about the pesky little neutrinos. If they do have a miniscule mass then they shouldn’t travel at lightspeed anyway, but at a bit less.

Neutrinos from supernova explosions seem to arrive here a bit after the photons, possibly indicating a slightly slower than lightspeed journey.

That they do seem to oscillate between electron, muon and tau varieties in flight suggests that they probably do have a small mass, and this indicates that they may behave as Marjorama fermions rather than Dirac fermions and thus behave as their own antiparticles.

Now we can model antiparticles as time reversed particles and a particle travelling backwards in time would give the appearance of travelling faster than light. The HD8, (hypersphere/hyperspin dimension eight), hypothesis includes the transactional interpretation of quantum physics and thus sufficient time symmetry to allow this.

Now just maybe neutrinos can oscillate through a time reversed mode as well whilst in flight and this could result in them appearing to exceed lightspeed.

Perhaps the effects of having a small mass which tends to reduce their speed to below lightspeed and a time reversal oscillation which tends to push their apparent speed beyond that of light both come into play in various situations.

It all looks quite intriguing, we await further data.

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