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Recent research on Arcanorium College into Magical Thinking in general has thrown up some interesting insights into its contemporary use in Politics.

The supporters of the Trump presidency (and the POTUS himself) along with the supporters of Brexit have all become both applauded and condemned for their Magical Thinking.

Meme wars have raged in the noosphere as one might expect now that the Pandaemonaeon gets into its stride on the back of globalisation.

See this

And this

Note the references to Chaos Magic specifically.

Googling ‘Kek Frog God’ may provide some interesting surprises for those outside the American meme-sphere. In the next meme war we can expect to see far more of this  phenomenon.

I guess a lot depends on whether the applauders or accusers like Trump and/or Brexit, and whether they consider Magical Thinking deluded or effective or, more interestingly - both.

Either way it has worked pleasingly well as a guiding principle in my life.

I recently watched The Darkest Hour in which Churchill rallies Britain to resist a seemingly inevitable domination by Germany. It worked brilliantly at the time, (although I note that Germany has recently acquired the Skoda works for which it invaded Czechoslovakia and the remains of British Steel have just fallen to Krupp. Plus, they effectively own Greece now, and evidently still quietly believe themselves at least the economic master race).

British foreign policy has for centuries had two guiding principles - self-preservation and the prevention of hegemony developing in Europe. Let us hope that Brexit hastens the breakup of the EU. 

In its most ideal and heroic form Magical Thinking says, ‘We Can and We Will’ despite common sense, ‘the facts’, all evidence to the contrary, and all received wisdom and expert opinion: - because nothing has ultimate truth and anything remains possible. (NUTARP! as we say in Chaos Magic).

As Sturgeon’s Law states - Ninety percent of everything (and everyone?) consists of Bullshit. History consists of a ghastly mess of miscalculations, unintended consequences, and unanticipated events punctuated by the rare appearance of ideas that prove effective.

Humanity has a surfeit of experts, but no experts on the future. Yet I believe Britain could have a better future outside of a stifling, bureaucratic, synarchist, undemocratic EU, and that therefore it should try - whatever the short-term costs; and that Trump has not actually DONE anything catastrophically stupid yet despite the negotiable braggadocio, therefore we should wait and see if his alarming and refreshing new approach works. 

Humanity advances by challenging its beliefs about its limitations.

We Can halt global warming by going over to renewable energy sources.

We Can stabilise the human population at sustainable levels without genocide.

We Can stop economic ‘growth’ without reducing our quality of life.

We just need to summon the belief that we both Can and Will accomplish these things. The Knights of Chaos may sally forth again in support of any of the three above - if we can agree on strategy and tactics.

Rebel Physics. What underlies the large number coincidences of the cosmos? More than mere human numerology methinks.

Just as the current Apophenia 2 draws towards a close She gifted me another Yog-Sothianan insight:

The mass of individual matter particles* in the universe and their total number AND the ratio of the Planck scale to the Cosmological scale mutually define each other.

Herewith the calculation in orders of magnitude terms in SI units: -

1) From Hypersphere Cosmology; the mass, length (antipode), energy, and time (temporal horizon) of the universe all have the same multiple (the Ubiquity Constant U) of the Planck mass, length, energy and time respectively. The Ubiquity Constant has a value of 1060. This huge dimensionless number acts as the magic number from which all quantum-cosmic ‘coincidences’ follow.

2) From Beckenstein-Hawking; The information deficit of the universe as a gravitationally closed system has the same order of magnitude as the Ubiquity Constant U, in terms of bits per Planck volume which results in a deficit of the cube root of Ubiquity (1020) per Planck length. Thus, the universe has an effective grain size or pixilation at 1020 times more than the Planck length, rather than at the Planck length itself. and this does indeed seem reflected in the ‘size’ or wavelength of stable baryons*. Few lengths below this seem to have any real physical meaning.

3) The measured mass of baryons* comes out as 1020 times less than the Planck mass, yet this figure inserted into the DeBroglie equation of wavelength = Planck’s constant / mass x lightspeed also yields a figure for baryon wavelength commensurate with the above.

4) From 1), 2), and 3) the total number of baryons* (matter particles) in the universe comes out at 1080, or U4/3, a number which fits comfortably with estimates derived from the number of stars and galaxies in the universe and their masses.

5) That the above relationships seem exact now, suggests that either we live in a very atypical epoch of the universe or, more likely, that the expanding universe hypothesis remains a faulty interpretation of observational data which we could better explain using hypersphere cosmology.   

*Note that ‘matter particles’ or ‘baryons’ here means either proton-electron pairs or neutrons (which have the same mass, and which can interconvert) and which in a ratio of about 3 to 1 account for virtually all the mass of the universe at 1060 Planck masses, (1052 kg.)

Thus we can not only see the entire universe in a grain of sand, we can also see it in a single subatomic particle of matter.

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