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Back to school and college for many of us now that we get to the end of the holiday season, you can almost feel the psychic groan, not that we have had much of a summer in the UK, mainly cool and wet due to the climate disruption methinks.


The global financial mess will hopefully depress some of the excess economic activity which gives rise to this


I’ve spent a lot of time walking and surfing and reading in Wales and composing more poetry (it will appear here after Eisteddfod use).


Gaddhafi still isn’t dead; some considered it a bit extreme to call for that, but after what we have now seen of the inside of his regime it seems like an even better idea, and the sooner the better.


Arcanorium College now tools up for Semester 1 of its 6th glorious year.


As I explained long ago I didn’t set up the PJ Carroll facebook page, nor do I know who did, nor can I anymore interact with it because I’m refusing to give them a mobile number to confirm my existence.


Nevertheless I’ve transferred a couple of questions from it to here as they caught my interest: -


Xara Allen


peter can i ask what your thoughts are on kundalini and chakras. ive resisted that belief system so far having discounted it as just another model and not one that im asthetically or culturally attracted to so why bother with it... but ive been reading a fair bit of S Mace as he seems to ascribe some objective physiological basis to it....wondered wat your thoughts were tis all....?

The various oriental systems of chackras and meridians contradict each other in detail and you won’t find much corresponding to any of them on dissection. ‘Fake’ acupuncture, where the therapist puts the needles in at arbitrary points has equally beneficial effects to ‘real’ acupuncture apparently.

 Some modern methods of sports training urge the trainee to put all their mental attention into the muscle groups used in their particular event. Similar practices occur in martial arts where the practitioner visualizes ‘chi’ flowing to the striking or defending parts, or even outside the body entirely.

I tend to take the view that all such systems depend on simply drawing the attention of the practitioner or recipient to the areas of the body requiring attention and that the attention itself has a real and sometimes magical effect. Thus any system of representing the body in the mind by some sort of analogy will probably work, including such patently novel systems such as the kabbalistic middle pillar exercises. For simplicities sake I tend to prefer the Gnostic Pentagram or Gnostic Chaosphere practices which use just 5 ‘chackras’ with a simple vowel sound vibrated to each

Baron Feather

I've a question regarding Apophenion, p. 82. You write in the first paragraph "This strongly suggests that when enchanting a future perception on 'memory' of it having occured, rather than visualising a chain of events leading to its occurence." - Isn't this contradictory to what you write in the first chapters about "being" and "doing" (pp. 18-). I understand on p. 82 the suggestion to put a state into your spell rather than a process. I know, here it isn't the point, but in the whole of your book, especially when regarding the first chapters with this passage, it seems contradictory. Would you be so kind to explain?

Firstly let me say that I find no evidence of ‘being’ anywhere in reality except in our imaginations. Everything moves, everything changes from moment to moment even if our sluggish perception suggests otherwise.

If we assume from the quantum perspective that many possible futures exist in some sort of shadowy wavelike form then forming an image of one future favored version now may well encourage the future to manifest in that form eventually. You might merely call that making a plan or a wish, however some experiments indicate that the observer’s choice of what to observe has a tendency to make reality follow suit.


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