Wednesday, 15 June 2016 20:52


EU Referendum, 1 week to Independence Day!


A vote to ‘remain’ means giving up most of the power of our hard-won democratic votes forever, for after that, voting would become basically pointless.


Britain sends just one appointed representative out of 28 to the almighty European Commission which already decides about half of our laws and will soon decide on most of the rest. Voting for the sham ‘European Parliament’ has no effect whatsoever, as it has no actual power.

So a vote to remain means permanently devaluing all our votes to just one twenty-eighth of their current value.


If we remain in we basically surrender our country to Brussels and Germany and we will not succeed if we press for reform, they have already made that abundantly clear.


The economic arguments cut both ways, nobody really knows, but plainly Britain can survive and prosper independently.

The EU has anyway proved a terrible economic screw up for most of its members, with low growth and high unemployment driving hundreds of thousands to our shores. Britain thankfully never joined the euro.

Vote for Independence on June 23rd.

Vote Leave. 

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