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On returning from my weeks surfing trip and family holiday I note that the previous post on Knights of Chaos seems to have attracted a lot of attention, almost as much as the Designer Religion article of some time ago. I wonder if this has arisen partly because of the activities of that nutter in Norway who claimed alleigance to some sort of Knights Templar organisation?

I have to say that his actions seem insane to me. If you feel intensely about immigration or population growth elsewhere, why massacre your 'own' people to make your point known?

I met a  of facinating historian and a political scientists whilst away. The historian, with the crusades as her speciality, opined that the Templars almost certainly had no serious or interesting heresies, the Pope and the French king merely needed the wealth of an order which had ceased to have any real function after the failure of the crusading effort. It would seem that the mere innuendo of heresy has given them an attractive glamour for many anti-catholic groups including occultists and fringe freemasons. However it seems that the Templars themselves remained devout and pious dupes till the grim end.

The political scientist opined that in the UK and many other places immigration and population remain 'The Elephants in the Room' which no mainstream politicial will address. The centre left does not want to appear racist, the centre right continues to want to stimulate capitalism with cheap labour and population growth, and neither side wants to risk the unpopularity of saying to people limit your family because the planet cannot support a whole lot more people, or much more consumption and economic growth either.

Since debate on these subjects has become a concensus taboo for mainstream politicians, it comes as no surprise that extreem opinions ferment on the sidelines, unmoderated by engagement in mainstream debate.

Personally, I'd describe the UK as full to capacity already and I don't think we should allow any more permanent residents, whatever their creed, ethnicity, or supposedly indispensible skills. Sixty seven million seems more than enough for this pocket handkerchief sized little group of islands, another ten or twenty million will not make anything better in the long run, and sucking in capable people from elsewhere just denudes their country of origin of its skill base.

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