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With reference to the previous post, it all gets worse and worse for Rupert, one wonders how much he will have to pay Rebecca to keep himself out of jail?

Anyway, to more important matters; THE KNIGHTS OF CHAOS.

Rapacious short term interests despoil our planet, we have massacred the fish and filled the oceans with filth, we have cut down the forests and degraded the land, we have exterminated many thousands of species; we have embarked on a massive combustion of fossil fuels that threatens a fatal climatic catastrophe for the remaining species, including ours.

Whilst a broad scientific consensus accepts that current policies will lead to planet-wide ecological disaster later in this century, most people choose to turn a blind eye, whilst short term vested interests in politico-economic; commercial-industrial; and religious organizations continue to promote ever more indiscriminate growth in consumption and population

Many pagan, esoteric, new-age and alternativist  organizations have now committed to the cause of saving this planet’s biosphere from the ravages of climate catastrophe, overpopulation, overconsumption, , and the general degradation of the environment, which will lead inexorably to the collapse of the biosphere and the end of civilization during this current century if humanity does not change its ways. Some work with publicity and persuasion, some work with other forms of information warfare, some work with consciousness raising or prayer.  We applaud all their efforts.

However one niche in the resistance array seems neglected. The world’s Wizards and Sorcerers have yet to make a coherent contribution to the cause of saving the biosphere and civilization. Perhaps they feel a bit embarrassed about this because their Magician forebears largely initiated the whole scientific revolution; the technological offshoots of which have provided humanity with so many opportunities to act with such power and myopic stupidity.

Nevertheless, it now seems imperative for us to act. History shows that a small handful of Wizards has often had an effect out of all proportion to their numbers; we can change the future if we want to. Never underestimate the power of metaphysics and parapsychology, for all cultural paradigms and beliefs and ideals, and all thoughts and ideas depend on them.

We thus extend a planet-wide invitation to anyone with magical abilities or the suspicion that they might have them, (we all do actually, most people just don’t realize this) to join us in the next campaign of The Knights of Chaos (First Earth Batallion). We will use direct psi-attack on a number of political, corporate, and religious targets for the purposes of neutralization or behavior change, doing nothing illegal (or indeed believable), by the standards of westernized societies.

We have in place a Grimoire resuming a suitable god-form and an array of eight servitors with groundsleves from previous preliminary campaigns, plus a number of ‘kills’ in the bag from those campaigns, but we need to do much more. The primary techniques employed come from the traditions of Chaos Magic, i.e. gloves off, believe in what works on a practical level, nothing sacred, everything possible…….

The Knights and Dames of Chaos and Applicants to the Order will commence another campaign at www.arcanoriumcollege.comstarting on 26th July 2011. (This site levies a small registration fee to maintain itself and to discourage frivolous activity and dilettantes.)

Now seems a good time for all Wizards, Sorcerers, and Magicians of the world to come down from their Ivory Towers and cease conjuring for personal wealth and power or arcane knowledge and interesting incubi or succubi, or you may not have much of a planet left on which to enjoy them.

We have naught to offer in the short term but blood, sweat, and tears, severe a challenge to your skills, a sense of comradeship, the satisfaction of knowing that you did your bit, and maybe a few titles and medals*. 

Alternatively just wait till you’re sitting in the ruins of civilization contemplating the last tin of canned food whilst your kids ask ‘Why didn’t you do something back then!?’

Stokastikos 127, The Acting Marshall, Knights of Chaos.

(*Above see a Battle Honour Ring of the Knights forged by our Adeptus Mechanicus)

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