Sunday, 05 June 2011 21:21


The two courses of Semester 6 start on very soon, members can commence participation anytime during the first weeks.

Semester 6, Jun 6th -Jul 16th

Sorror Res, Chaos Monasticism. Frater Hyperritual, 3D Sigil Generator.

Semester 7 Jul 25th - September

Frater Stokastikos (me), Knights of Chaos 2. Frater Kite, Evocation and Invocation.

The Eye of Agamotto working seems to have had initial effects, I have penned a poem about the Sun, full of facts and figures, for delivery at a Midsummer Eisteddfod. As poems by scientists are frequently ghastly I'll try it out there first, before publishing it here.

Just ran up an instant Chalice for my personal Monasticism work. Take one rather tacky EPNS metal cup from a charity shop, file off the meaningless decorations tooled into the outside surface and keep the filings. Mix the metal filings with araldite or similar 2 part clear epoxy resin. Use this to attach a few semi-precious cabuchon shaped stones, Rusticate to taste with pewter oxidant for that neo-medieval look.

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