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Ah, Beltane has passed, the sun shines, ten thousand toadpoles graze the pond at Chateaux Chaos once again, and the gardens sprout their glories. The mandrakes however have gone to sleep again, methinks I must have the autumnalis variety.

EPOCH, The Esotericon and Portals of Chaos has received a rapturous reception, we have dispatched them to every continent except Antarctica, and the Americans have ordered them by the hundreds, have a look at the reviews and customer comments: -

This Thursday we have the elections to the sham European parliament. I’d recommend voting UKIP in the UK, or for similar alternatives in other parts. Don’t worry, the UKIP nutters will never come to power in Britain, but one may as well exploit the opportunity to protest at our continued membership of a grossly undemocratic, unelected, unaccountable, corrupt, and incompetent European Union, if only to encourage an eventual referendum about leaving it.

Matt Kaybryn and I will deliver a talk on EPOCH in Bristol on June 11th, in support of Sef Salem’s Visible College. (Flushed with the success of his Glastonbury Occult Conference he has decided to have a go at more widespread conference organising, and despite our err, ‘metaphysical differences’ we shall make the ecumenical effort.)

For details see here: -

For details of our metaphysical differences see this ongoing debate: -

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