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EPOCH Launch

UPDATE 24th April 2014.The Esotericon and Portals of Chaos has landed!

The Glastonbury Occult Conference & Epoch Book Launch provided an interesting challenge as I had a mind-numbing head cold,……. and no book.

The printers have delayed things yet again because of a backlog and queue of other peoples screwed up and amended publications, however they now promise us delivery of books and cards by 10th April so we should start dispatching them from my depot on about the 14th April to bookshops and individuals.

See for details as they emerge.

Nevertheless the artwork that Matt brought along in both graphic and electronic display form drew gasps of admiration, an auction of a couple of prints from the Portals raised a splendid sum for charity, and the bound proofs of the book at least provided something for readers to thumb through, plus Prof. Ronald Hutton gave a splendid introduction to the work before I delivered my own snot-dribbling ramble about it.

Other highlights of the weekend included meeting the new style OTO at Glastonbury, now projecting a sort of Scientological glamour of suits and haircuts, tight and faultless organisation and fresh Thelemic fervour. A friendly debate entitled ‘Thelema & Chaos’ between myself and Sef Salem will commence on the Blog of Baphomet in a couple of weeks.

No visit to Glastonbury would seem complete without a night spent at The Covenstead B&B, a veritable museum of rare, exotic, and downright strange esoteric artefacts from many traditions and cultures, particularly witchcraft. Followed by breakfast in its Illuminati style dining room served by the host, the extraordinary Adele.

And just in case the recent minor flurry of excitement about cosmic inflation has got anyone worried I append this.

The recent announcement of the detection of anisotropies in the polarisation of the cosmic microwave background radiation by the BICEP 2 group hardly merits all the hyperbole that it confirms the principle of cosmic inflation which exists only as a phlogiston-like repair patch on the questionable 'Big-Bang' theory, and that somebody deserves a Nobel for it.

Along with an inflaton field, the BB theory also requires dark matter and dark energy to keep it afloat and we seem to have no credible mechanism or other observational evidence for these seemingly imaginary phenomena.

The anisotropies in the CMBR seem equally consistent with the hypothesis that the CMBR consists of trans-antipodal starlight that has become redshifted by the small positive curvature of a hyperspherical universe finite and unbounded in both space and time, and that the anisotropies do not represent the 'seeds' of galaxies yet to form after a big bang, but rather that they represent the heavily redshifted traces of galaxies that already existed to emit what we now observe as the CMBR.

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