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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 11:06

Hypersphere Cosmology

Hypersphere Cosmology

An exhausting 30 day battle has just finished on the Cosmo Quest Physics Forum:

(See ‘Against the Mainstream’ section.)

This battle, fought mainly with n-dimensional algebra through many a sleepless night, ended with the massed advocates of standard cosmology at a standstill and throwing in the towel by invoking a 30 day rule to avoid a retreat.

During the conflict, worldwide mass googling of ‘hypersphere cosmology’ brought the following obscure scientific paper, published in June 2014, out of the woodwork and up the rankings:

‘On the Physics inside a Closed, Static, Rotating Einsteinian Hypersphere in Due Consideration of the Galaxy.’

Beneath the blizzard of algebra and differing notations in this paper, it seems obvious that its theory exhibits almost complete isomorphism with hypersphere cosmology as presented on this site, and previously published in outline form in a natural philosophy treatise - The Octavo 2011.

It would seem that the Natural Philosophy approach and the Hard Science approach have come to identical conclusions here.

Natural Philosophy theory tends to start with physical principles derived from reason and imagination and then tries to wrap some maths around them to check their validity. Hard Science theory tends to start from accepted physical principles and then tries to extend them by mathematics. 

Because we can think of far more physical principles and far more mathematics than the universe actually uses, both endeavours can run into problems. Both approaches require the reality checks of plausibility and experiment.

The hypersphere cosmology hypothesis began with the natural philosophical intuition that the physical principles implied by the initial conditions of the big bang theory remain totally implausible.

We can only rely on ‘The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics’ when they don’t lead to implausible solutions that require dozens of equally implausible patches to shore them up, like singularity theory, cosmic inflation, dark energy, and dark matter.

We may now confidently expect the replacement of all variants of the big-bang-expanding universe theory with variants of hypersphere cosmology theory within a few years.

This may upset a number of older physicists but it will provide plenty of work and excitement for the coming generation of bright young physicists.

It may also upset the Pope a bit, which seems a pity because the current one seems a nice humanist type, but nobody has infallibility, and maybe the idea of a deity who doesn’t start the universe with a cataclysmic explosion and who doesn’t end it all with a feeble entropic fade out or a crushing collapse, may catch on.    

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