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Received Today:

1) How To See Fairies -Discover Your Psychic Powers In Six Weeks by Ramsey Dukes, Aeon Books Ltd, ISBN 13 978 1 90465 837 5

This looks like a real treat from our own Lionel Snell, Magus Extraordinary of Arcanorium College and goodness knows what else. The book originates from his fairly recent Arcanorium course, but on a first skim it appears to contain a great deal more of his inimitable wit and wisdom as well. Review to follow.

2) New Scientist magazine, this weeks edition contained 3 articles that particularly interested me, one on dreaming, another on our false sense of singular self, and another on paranormal experiences. For once I actually bought it rather than skimming it in WH Smiths during lunch.

3) Grim news from Japan. However I did feel somewhat reassured by the map of techtonic plates provided in New Scientist in connection with something else, how lucky we seem in these Britannic isles to live so far from a plate boundary. Nevertheless it does bring home the fragility of humanity's position in nature. If the earth were the size of a soccer ball, the solid crust would correspond to no more than a coat of paint upon it. Underneath that its molten hell all the way down. Ten miles up and we enter the radiation blasted vacuum of space. We are going to have to work very cleverly to survive longterm, nature and most of the gods don't seem very friendly.


By: Peter Carroll On Friday, 11 March 2011 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(30988)

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