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Well we might as well throw this open to all aspiring Squires to the Order as well, as the situation looks so finely balanced. If you have read the book, just improvise a death spell, every little helps! This may well save several tens of thousands of unescessary casualties.  
I request that The Knights of Chaos now conjure for the death of the patently insane 'Colonel' Gaddafi,, a bullet from one of his own people seems the best possible outcome, this will almost certainly avert further civil war and save countless lives.

The Bristol temple of Cabal Heraclitus conjured sucessfully for a similar outcome for Nicolai Ceausescu in 1989, and obtained a result within 24 hours.

Download the image and do whatever you can, dear Knights and Dames, and aspiring Squires.

The Acting Marshall of the Knights of Chaos, Pete, 
By: Peter Carroll On Wednesday, 23 February 2011 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(24233)

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