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Firstly a review of The Octavo, with some additionally interesting material at the bottom of the page.
Secondly Kenneth Grant died recently at a grand old age for a darkside magician.
My brief Arcanorium obituary follows:
'So farewell then Ken, may you rest in the arms of the goddess 15, with your tongue firmly in cheek and eternally enjoying her trans-yutthogian kalas that you have adumbrated with such cryptic opacity, (whatever that may mean).
This Wizard's Isle certainly produces more than its demographic share of the world's magicians and occultists, and you take your place fairly well up in the halls of fame. Yet we probably thank you most for the aura of the romance of sorcery that your works presented rather than for any comprehensible content.
You probably did more than anyone to bring the works of Austin Osman Spare to wider attention.'
I can remember the days, hunting your latest in the bookshops of London's Charring Cross, at 4.99 a shot, and remaining largely mystified at the contents. Then they started to get remaindered at 2.99, then, out of print, they shot up to hundreds of pounds each, dunno quite what the fanatics pay these days.......... 
Thirdly in response to facebook inquiries and review jibes, to which I cannot respond directly, no, you will not find any images of me on the net so long as my 'genital herpes for anyone who even thinks of trying' spell still holds.

By: Peter Carroll On Monday, 07 February 2011 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(68269)

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