Fifteen years ago I became convinced, from my researches in another field, that time must have a richer structure than that offered by the single dimension that we commonly ascribe to it.
Thus I went looking for evidence of multidimensional time concealed in the data of fundamental physics. I think that I may have found it.
I present my hypotheses in two major parts, HD8, (Hyperspin 8-Dimensional), shows evidence for multidimensional time in particle physics, and VHC, (the Vorticitating Hypersphere Cosmology hypothesis) shows evidence for multidimensional time in cosmology. .

In both of these hypotheses time has the same dimensionality of 3 as space, and spacetime has an overall small positive curvature to give an hyperspherical geometry and topology to a universe which remains finite but unbounded in both space and time. A single equation describes the vorticitation of the entire universe and all fundamental particles within it.

The overwhelming majority of alternative theories in physics attack only a limited number of the interpretations of observations that constitute the paradigm of the Standard Models of Cosmology and Particle Physics.
HD8 attempts to challenge the entire foundation of the Standard Models with a coherent alternative that remains unfalsified by experimental and observational data at the time of writing.

Whilst the hypothesis of 3 dimensional time remains unfalsified, I intend to devote my time to exploring its implications in parapsychology and starship design, neither of which have much of a chance within the standard models.

This site also contains various papers on matters of philosophy, magic, politics, ecology and technology.

Peter J Carroll. Winter 2008/9.
Chancellor of Arcanorium College.
Past Grandmaster IOT Pact. (Retired).

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